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What next?

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They'll look lovely, lots of fantastic conversion potential in Warcry. Out if interest, which unit are they again in the Deutsch Afrika Korps? I mustn't have the book they're in.
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Undercoated with Leadbelcher, and then in a slight change to the video Nuln Oil Wash and drybrushed with Leadbelcher and then Vallejo Silver Plate on the bits that’ll hit the light.

Bases undercoated with Choas Black and highlighted with some grey acrylic poster paint that I use for all my bases (old school 🤣)

I think they are looking rather cool already let’s see what happens when the Troll messes with Contrast Paints.

There’s a few imperfections from the surgery, more noticeable now I’ve painted them, but I have a gore based plan to cover those up.
Reckon I’m about 4 hours into the “speed” paint, yea I could have done some things better, like the skin, but for the time invested I think these boys are looking rather spiffing. Presenting Iron Golem Orange Yak Ludus progress shots!

Ludus (plural ludi) in Latin could refer to a primary school, a board game, or a gladiator training school.

So I’m going for a gladiator school sponsored by Orange Yak in Imperial/low Gothic….my head cannon has that as why they all have the same uniform armour and weapons, the Ludus is one of many that provide Pit Slaves to the CUBE! Also going to see if I can make some Orange Yak sponsorship water transfers for them at some point, might also make a Proximo/Oliver Reed type manager character.

Fluff (early days yet)

Like many THUNDERCUBE! Ludi the Orange Yak Ludus has a proud history stretching back centuries. All of the Ludi are sponsored by multiple different Hive companies, but their biggest sponsors are known as title sponsors and the guilders who run them make big credits selling the naming rights.
Just about ready to get my FYSC over the line for April, a few minor tweaks to the paint on the Orange Yak Ludus, some grass, transfers maybe, defo hazard tape on the CUBE Base, sticking the stand signs on and done!

Grand reveal coming with the Ludus under the bright lights of the CUBE!
And now for something completely different! @Stoof is practically having an aneurism that I haven’t started them yet, and has painted several “Ash Wastes” Armies to compensate, so it’s time I painted the Die Wüstentrolle!

Something tells me that this batch paint might be a bit tedious 🤣 I want to get all 50! of them painted during the month of May.

For me Audiobooks are your friend 🤷‍♂️ Even then it’ll still be a bit of a slog, maybe an hour a day and then do something else.
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Silly fecking Troll 😡🤬😡😭 I’d seen Luke APS/Geek Gaming use Superglue in the past for this, I normally use Bluetac. It seems my Superglue must be a tad stronger than his!! Good job I checked before priming. No real cost to me I suppose other than time, I’ve already got lots of spare bases. Grrrrrrh, I share this as a warning that even the most hardened of nerds can feck up sometimes!

This is what I managed to save.

Yeah I’ve seen a few videos where he’s attached models to tongue depressors. Can’t say I’ve paid attention to what glue he used though. Or just can’t remember.
I do remember him mostly supergluing models feet to multibases, so if it’s strong enough for that I’m not surprised it’d weld a base to a stick.

I wonder if it’s the flat bases? That’s a fair bit of surface area for even a small blob of superglue to spread over.

Sorry to see you’ve had to spend an afternoon sawing bases though - not fun.
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