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What next?

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You can never have too much protection when around Slaanesh.

Or Nurgle.

In fact not using enough protection around Slaanesh gives you Nurgle!!!
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Important milestone achieved I’ve got all of the structure complete. I’ve also blended the joins and bodging with some fine sand.

Next up Im printing some new wings for the Skaven, the current ones are too delicate and keep breaking. I also think I’d get away with them being a bit bigger.

After that there’s quite a bit of greenstuff to get done. All the Skaven will need new hoods. Plus quite few need work on their feet after being debased and I need to model a few bricks and fill some joints here and there.
Ready for paint!

Changed the Skaven wings and added back green stuff hoods to cover the surgery, added a Beastman banner and new arm, and done lots of other green stuff tidying up. Also added a couple of rats running around and a fallen burner complete with spilled coal.

I’ve also quickly knocked up some 3D printed stone bricks in TinkerCAD, and added them to the crater, with a pinch of fine sand to blend it all together.

All fairly minor stuff in terms of the “look” but it took a good few hours plus I love adding tiny details.
A Digitial Conversion Tale

In the Path to Glory Chat @Tiny shared a likely looking gentleman for his Warband that had a claw spear, great idea! so I’ve nicked it in the usual despicable Troll fashion. TBF it’s as GW intended (I think) so it’s not one of my worst crimes against originality. I also agree with the good @CaptainDangerous the original Beastmen pole axes look like they are on the wrong way round.

But where to source the parts? EBay has some Daemonette claws for £5 including P&P but will they be the right size?

@Tiny helpfully stepped in and found me this STL file. It’s STC conversion time!

I then cut off the claws in Meshmixer, and drilled a hole and flattened the cut with TinkerCAD, and finally resized to suit in Chitubox. Which got me here:

Original axes removed and pegs added with a paperclip. Unfortunately I think the claws could be a bit bigger so I’m printing bigger versions to try as I type.

Never catch on this 3D printer lark.
Unfortunately I think the claws could be a bit bigger so I’m printing bigger versions to try as I type.
Fortunately the original claws look like they'd work great as left hand replacements for the beastmen...

The witcasm cost of putting that observation into the universe was, of course, swapping my beastmen halberd heads and the fifth beastman model hanging out at the regional mail distribution center this week instead of getting settled in with a re-basing, subtle conversion and priming as planned. Oh the gods are fickle!
🤣🤣🤣 @Punktaku it’s just like a knife and greenstuff! TBF I’m new to Meshmixer but I’m sure I could have done most of it with it, but you tend to need a separate 3D printing software to turn it into a supported file regardless, in this case Chitubox.

Tiny conversion project worked anyhow.

Now what else can I do to avoid painting!
hmmm I seem to have gone for a particularly time consuming method for the stone work, top right picking out individual bricks in different shades, bottom left after a dry brush and black wash. Think I’ll go in again and give it another dusting after I’ve got it all looking the same as the bottom left.

4 hrs in (log being kept just in case I enter the comp)