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What next?

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@Ben_S he is a 3D printed clone at about 120% his original size so that he looked right behind the table.

Beastman and Skaven started out as originals but they’ve had some 3D printed parts added.

I’ve been working on the bases whilst I decide on colour schemes for everyone. Don’t look that good until I drybrush them in the next step, but that’s enough for today.

I know most normal people would make and paint the army display base after painting the army, but that’s not how the Troll rolls…. also it’s strange how you speed up again after a week or so at it 🤣 6 batsmen complete.

I’ve also had to adjust Tyrions claws, I’ve knocked them off a couple of times in the raised position, so I’ve adjusted them to be stuck to the base. You cant really tell but It’ll stop much cursing later.

I was planning on painting him last, but Mrs Troll kindly granted me an hour or so of free time on the most romantic of days 🤣 so I got some base coats on Tyrion.

Looks very rough at the mo but an all over Nuln oil wash should make the Dwarf bit look more er Chaos Dwarfy. The Scorpion bit is going to get an all over purple flesh wash to match the Beastman and then some spot highlights. I’m aiming for a colour scheme that has the traditional reds and blacks but also ties into the rest of the warband.

The black on the hat is still very wet, as is most of him, and time is limited so washing will wait till tomorrow.