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What next?

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4mm They work but painting them seems to cause a lot of warping - I have to keep them weighted down at the corners when not in use to stop them curling up, they also seem to be effected by moisture and temp. Sometimes they fit the board sometimes they don't it's infuriating!!! I'm wondering if I'd have been better with MDF tiles.
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If you varnish the cork this will help stop deflection due to humidity and moisture ingress. (Remember to varnish the sides as well if you do this). Floor tiles are generally made with "male" cork which is the initial harvest from the cork tree and generally the poorest quality. More expensive (and better) floor tiles are made from "gentle" cork and come from second and subsequent harvests.

MDF will warp as well as cork if it gets wet but not as much, and the thicker the MDF the less warpage. 9mm or 12mm would be best.

For a Belt n Braces solution glue an MDF panel under the cork to prevent warpage.

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More armada action shots as Ackbars Home 1 takes down both the Imperial Class Star Destroyer and Imperial Gladiator Muhahaha "it's a trap" Ackbar slash etc

Sorry think I clicked the wrong button or something so all of those pictures have posted twice - too much hassle to fix on my phone.
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It's all still set up so will get a few wide shots - any other requests?

Ps can you spot all the yak tribe comp winners there's 3 somewhere on that board?
Impressive set up indeed. I like how balanced the terrain seems to be from the wide angle shot. Not much to argue what side to start from.
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Action shots from yesterday.

6x4 is too big for an 8 man vs 9 man gang fight. Only really used the bottom end near to the large lake. Will probably only use 4 x 4 normally and not put in the cork tiles at either end we were just seeing how big it could go.



And Alonso's grave? Just because.