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What next?

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@Jembo17 Alonso's explained somewhere in this long ramble of a thread.

Basically an uber Ganger killed by falling masonry who returned as a special character for hire in a campaign. His graffiti about being alive is kinda a running joke over all the terrain.

Edit see page 2 for full details.
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New year new scenery, time to dust off the trusty plog and commence the madness!


But what could it be?
Went to an armada tournament today and came 3rd!! Played the winner in the first round and lost 6-4 on a pretty dodgy decision I should have asked the ref for a 2nd opinion on (fire arc that was on the line and therefore legal says clockwork now he's read the rules (n)) but still pretty stoked.

Here's a snapshot of one my corvettes doing a New Hope.

Soooo what used to be an environmental friendly activity in recycling old cd cases has taken a new turn because a) I haven't got enough for this project and b) mrs clockwork will kill me if I steal any more of hers! Mainly b)


Edit - Much weaker these cheap eBay CDs. One dies for every four I can use.
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