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What next?

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2 of the mega blocks are 3 inches high if you discount the bit that joins.

I think a cd case is about 5 inches + the blocks that are about 1 inch wide.

Therefore each "Mega Module" TM pending :) is approx 7x7x3 inches @King Redwart.

2 floors would stack togeather, one upside down so it shouldn't take up too much space when not in use. If people are interested I can do a step by step tutorial for the next few floors?
Waiting for more floor!

Ladders and a spot of detail - not too much because I'm planning on another 6 floors!

:( No bits have turned up in the post today, production stalled. Really must work on the just in time procurement method!
Waiting for something to experiment with myself, you're not alone! It's a little strange. Tracking says I should receive it today, but the DHL guy in charge passed hours ago.

I'm really curious how these buildings will look finished. It is all about details, I guess. I'm not a big fan of this style of ladders, but that's personal taste. On the other hand, I will need someone having spare chicken wire asap before I run out my usual ladder material. They just sell it in packs these days and those are enough for a fence it seems.

I like how you have any floor in one megablock color. It wouldn't matter painted, would it? But I'd probably do it just alike.
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Nah they could be multicoloured however that's just my OCD, however I shall not be using the pink ones! Even though it's going to get the black spray paint treamment soon.

I struggle with ladders I don't like chicken wire ones myself, most of my stuff doesn't have them we just say they can climb any vertical surface. The MDF ones are the best solution between look and price for me.
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I think the MDF ladders are a good trade off between cost and aesthetics. For me the paper clip glued into cotton bud tube pieces are some of the best homemade ones I've seen but I'm guessing they take a bit of time.

Thinking of ways to "jazz up" those wooden ladders...add some rivets!!!
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