N18 The Far Realm (HoS) - 1k Starting Roster


Jun 3, 2018
Brisbane City QLD, Australia
The Far Realm

New campaign starting in afew weeks.
• Tactics cards are selected as per mission from a pre-built deck of 15 cards.
• Each week there will be 3 scenarios available to be played.
• Modified Law and Misrule

I guess my overall narrative was a gang of delaques who operate out of a nightclub/twist dive selling and buying secrets and trafficking in psykers. Wanted to keep the true by including some psykers through the gang. Thinking of taking a break from House of Faith and dabbling with House of Shadows as i haven't played Delaque since n17. I've thrown together this list but not sure what to spend my last credits on or how I want to build my leader.

Normally I would go Web gauntlet/plasma spring up but want to try something different. I really wanted to lean into the psychic powers thing and still really like the idea of it but no power really stands out to me. I do like the idea of support leader and was thinking maybe overseer with Spatial Psychosis or something.

Normally I would go a Phantom with Overwatch and Long Rifle but I've heard great things about Executioner shotgun and Overwatch.

Psy-gheist i know the accepted build is for melee but again would love to work towards a psychic streak.

Not necessarily looking for WAAC but something semi-competitive and thematic and wondering if there is anything I've glazed over or even if there are weird things people have theorised but not tried I'd be happy to give a whirl.

TL;DR: Lets get weird.
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