N18 The fire of Grace. A story of the necromundian 105th


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Dec 30, 2017
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"Go for a walk they said."
Round after round bounced off the corner of the tank she was hiding behind.
"The fresh air will help clear your head, they said."
Debris flew in every direction as a mortar shell erupted on the other side of the tank. Rocking its, already heavily damaged body.
"Yup, great fracking idea guys," the giant 9'2" tall Terran female yelled at no one in particular. "Not like there is a war goning on, or nothing. If I ever get out of these shackles. . . OWWWWWW!?" The smell of burnt hair along with the equally unpleasant smell of burnt flesh cut her rant short. As a stray bolt round from the last volley from the Orks streaked accross the top of her scalp.
One of her jailers, an armored member of the order of the blody rose look at her with distain, "Calm thyself mutant!" she spat,"With every idle word you alert the xenos scum to our location. It will be notated in the evidence already against you, that you sought to bring down destruct. . . . " her speech and thoughts cut short as she was lifted through the air by her supposed caputered and non -repentive mutant prisinor. The Sister Superior suddenly found herself eye to eye with the 9 foot woman.
"Listen here Sister," Grace said from between clenched teeth, "I've been through more DNA testing then most astropaths. I am no forsaken mutant!" Grace was visibly upset about the comment. She stared at the Sister Superior, "I realize that you have your Bolter ready to rip my insides out, but we are about to be over run by orks. At least give me something to fight with!"
The blood curdling scream of a swarm of war hungry Orks broke the drone of the battle. As one they lifted their mouths to the sky and from the collective mouths erupted a great Waagh! Grace dropped the Sister Superior, kicked at the access panel on the Leman Russ. Which creaked open, as the machine spirit sputtered back into existence.
The battle sisters looked in disbelief as Grace rubbed the side of the tank, and talked soothingly to it. "You still got some fight in you, don't ya," the tank reacting to her words by moving the side panel heavy plasma cannon back and forth. "I'll take that as a yes!"
Then the unthinkable happened. The turret turned towards the Orks, the power coils warming up, as the side panel kept rocking back and forth until the cannon shook lose. "By the Omminshia!" A skatari erupted, "the sprit has given itself to her to use. I will get help!" And with that it sprinted off back along the firing line drawing the fire of the Orks for a brief time.
The battle sisters taking the time to show their prowess with their bolters, taking a few of the less aware of the greenskins with some well aimed shots. The sisters repentia coursing headlong into the milling masses of Orkoids. The green and crimson bathing those seeking absolution, whether the vermillion tide be their foes or their own they cared not. The Repentia Superior caught Grace watching them. "What do you see, when you look at them," she sneered at her, "can you, even understand
. . . "
Grace whipped around with tears of adoration, and fury in he bright blue eyes. Cutting the sisters verbal abuse short. Grace then finished the sentence, "Can I even understand their sacrifice!" Her teeth vibrating as she did what she could not to scream. "Wouldn't have enlisted for war then sister. Certainly didn't watch everyone I trained with back home on Necromunda get vaporized or worse by the Orks in the process of landing here. Just to be sneered at and have MY FAITH IN HIM QLUESTIONED!"
"BOOOOOM!!!!!!!!" The blast that erupted from the main turret of the relic ornate, Leman Russ Exterminator stopped everyone in their tracks. The heat of the exterminator plasma canon searing a trail of blackened husks as the intense heat of small sun flew across the battlefield. Sparks erupted from the turret as it vented for the last time. Arc's of plasma energy dancing across the hull, until they connected with the plasma cannon with the dragon head on the side sponsor of the broken down tank.
As the smoked cleared the skitari returned with some of the tech preists,.just as the plasma cannon was cooling.
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