The Great Xmas YakFeeeea....(Cancelled)


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Oct 30, 2016
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Cancelled due to COVID-19

The Great Xmas YakFeast 2020
Early December 2020 TBC

Warhammer World, Nottingham, Uk

Unlimited TBC

Free TBC


Code of Conduct:
-Respect the enemy crushed under your boot
-Bask in the reflected glory of your conqueror
-The dice gods are fickle, do not get upset when their plans manifest against you
-Violence, threats, or insulting language belong in the hive, not in the room
-Any rules conflicts will be decided by arbitrators
-Arbitrator decisions are final

TribeMeet T-shirts and Yak Merch:
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The Great Xmas YakFeast 2020
A casual Christmas meet-up of any and all yaks who can brave the winter weather and make the journey to Warhammer World Nottingham! A Meal at Bugman’s, a festive pint or two, and a chance to spread good cheer amongst your fellow Yakmen!

I don’t know if this is something folks would be interested in, but I’d like to propose a gathering of yaks, that is less about getting the games in, and more about chilling out in good company, with good food, good beer and maybe a game of necro on the fancy gaming hall demo tables if there’s time!?

Looking at their current opening times, I think a Friday would be best, and possibly one of the first two weeks of December?
But theres a lot of time between then and now to work out details, so I’m just curious to what you think of the concept?
If people like the idea, we could maybe reserve a block of tables, both in the restaurant and gaming hall, and make a day of it?
And if yaks really like the idea, maybe we could book the meeting room at the Long Eaton best western and have a late night THUNDERCUBE tourney.........
Or maybe the best western might be a good place to host the meet-up?

im really interested in hearing your thoughts!

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Opening post updated.
Thanks for the blind faith in my madness fellas! You never know, with afew beers in us, we might be carolling!