The Hazeroth Abyss Incursion

I've been posting photos from my games so far onto the Discord, but of course that's only a small part of things.
Shouldn't be too difficult to copy what you post here over to there if you'd like me to?
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Cheers bud. I really should put some of this up on the discord too... might volunteer one of the others to do that as I find posting on phones a pain
The webclient of Discord is really good! You are on the BFG discord?
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You are on the BFG discord?
I am indeed, very handy for the lore chat and for any rules queries! just find longer posts and pics are awkward as sin. Part of being a luddite.
I am indeed, very handy for the lore chat and for any rules queries! just find longer posts and pics are awkward as sin. Part of being a luddite.
I do agree that, as old school, I have a preference for forums but the picture sharing in Discord is just really great. Plus it's smartphone friendly. And as said the webclient of discord works really good.
And here are the records unsealed of the 1st month of the Hazeroth Incursion. Chaos have claimed two regions, the Orks and Imperials one each. The Tyranids were unable to secure any further harvesting grounds, while the Tau seemed to be inactive at this point in the campaign.


At this time its worth noting that Imperial quartermasters deemed the value of the sector in terms of resource output against resource to hold as being circa six standard months, at which point the progress of the allotted battlegroups would be assessed. If they held more than any other faction, they would have warranted further investment and the full might of the imperium would be brought to bear, securing the sector. If, however they had not managed to secure enough planets and one of the other factions had more then the sector would be deemed not to be worth the investment of further imperial strength and the sector would be abandoned to the heretics and Xenos until such time as conditions were more favorable.
-Excerpt of the heretical 'Treaties with the Xenos'-

One example of Imperial commanders looking to shore up their positions can be found in the records of the Hazeroth abyss incursion. The Admiral of the fleet based at Synford requested a fleet of Astartes [Ref. Blood Angels fleet dispositions 23-22.26Alpha-Epislon] to push towards the incursion and take them away from his base of operations. The Emperors Angels were judicious in their persecution of the Emperors foes, securing Threnos and pushing on to secure Cyprian's Gate. While this is sound strategy, using the Blood Angels as the shock troops they are, it also allows the Imperial Admiral free reign to secure his grip over Synford and manoeuvre politically to secure himself. With little-to-no military progress, he dispatched envoys to invite the Tau to expand out secure the imperials western sector, thus shoring up a buffer of Xenos who would not destroy the worlds they claimed. This foresight and diplomacy is questionable at best, and it is only the authority of one such as a High Admiral who could even consider such overtures. The successes of this strategy are not relevant to the lessons within, only the consideration of when it is worthwhile to open diplomatic channels with the Xenos, and how to be in a position to maximise the benefit. Thus we can see that the aim was to remove the staunch Imperial forces who would never countenance such a move, while using them to their full potential, and create the room to negotiate without hinderance.


So this is round 2 of 6. The attacks are shown above. Tau have sprung into action, pushing for Clove and Stygian Prime, Our imperial player is MIA, but the Marines are still waging their crusade for the imperials into Cyperian's gate. Chaos are pushing on all fronts, trying to take Mara, Idumea and Heterodyne (the attack to the bloodfell system is a cartographers error). Meanwhile the orks are trying not to get boxed in, by taking Samson IV from the chaos. If this attack goes well, it could mean the Chaos empire becomes scattered and potential targets open up for a lot of mayhem. The nids are still trying to progress to Malice to get out of their cul-de-sac.

The games are being played this Thursday, and then it is a bit up in the air if we have round 3 in Dec or Jan, so might be a little bit of time before the next round, so we'll be aiming to make this one a good one!
Okay, been a while and I am very behind in my write ups. Here is the latest update to the campaign record. Pics will be uploaded this week (hopefully).

I have a few pictures from the Orks/Chaos/Tyranids game.

Three Hiveships on the field meant a loooooooot of attack craft. At one point I ran out of my own plastic counters and the clubs card Tyranid markers, and had to use a few of the unused Imperial card markers. Got to love double launch limits.

Unfortunately we had to call things early. Another turn or two would probably still have been a win for me, but a bloodier one as it could have cost me a Hiveship.
The blockade run victory for the Space Marines was a surprise to both commanders. Having decided to aggressively engage the Chaos forces rather than leg it as fast as they could, a devastating first volley almost totally destroyed one cruiser while the other was then lightly damaged by ordnance.

Putting all power to the engines, the Imperials legged it past the Chaos ships and left the sector as soon as they could having caused only minimal damage. Had the inexperienced Chaos commander manoeuvred slightly better, or been able to roll a ruddy 7 or less on two dice in three attempts for reloading ordnance, it would likely have been a Chaos victory.

Instead the Marines escaped with one damaged cruiser and one lump of space debris with an engine and basic life support. Rumour suggests it was later borrowed by a mob of rebel grots and driven haphazardly around the sector until eventually being crashed into the satellite moon of Phyrr known as Canal-Near-Tescos XIII. It may since have been recovered and repaired.