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Jan 23, 2015
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**Sounding the Yak Horn**

It is time finally to embark on a miniatures thread. In the past I felt, with both the Wiseman Industries terrain thread and also our ongoing Sector Zero GG campaign thread, it was too much admin! But things have quietened down on those fronts of late.

In preparation for a game against @Fold and his yakday painting competition winning Roid Rage, I've been attempting to get my Orlocks, especially those enlisted in Kelos Wiseman's 77 club, looking a bit more characterful, a bit more John Blanchy, a bit more desperado-unhinged. I love the original Orlock models but as they've hardened themselves into the gang they've become I wanted to make them a bit less generic with more shades of early necromunda/ confrontation.

Before that however I'm gonna open up this thread with a model not by myself but by @The Duke!

I turned thirty three in May and the Duke with his characteristic generosity gave me this exceptional mini as a token of friendship. It now takes pride of place on my shrine, a wrathful protector deity overlooking the room, and feels like a fitting way to open this new thread.

My camera is no match for an iPhone, especially with close range, and so the photos do not do this full justice, but you can see what a gem it is. The blending is perfection and the eyes contain the perfect mix of compassion and malice. :D:mad::eek:

Very soon to return with first images of the House of Iron: Seventy Seven Social Club.
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Wow, what a lovely birthday present! (seriously impressive work there @The Duke )

By the way, I have stuff in my scenery bits collection that is older than you @Llewy

I am looking forward to seeing your models - if they are anywhere near as awesome as your terrain, they will be a treat for the eyes.
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Thanks for the vote of confidence boys - much appreciated!

Another detour before the Orlocks, and weirdly another present from the Duke. This is a Wyrd Beastmaster conversion based on a Radagast Lord of the Rings model that he gave me - this time unpainted - three years ago, for my 30th birthday I think... Also some giant rats converted from three old citadel ones I found on ebay.

He's called Vitto the Black, and is (in name only) a rat catcher guilder of the lowest order. His face is almost entirely covered in hair and, very shy, he rarely goes near even the smallest civilisations, as on a good day scraggy kids will throw bits of metal at him, and on a bad day much worse. Away from prying eyes however he is able to flex his real skill, the ability to mix his mind with the bestial minds of giant rats and call on them to do his bidding (mostly to catch smaller rats for him to sell to Hive Guys, but when he's really down on his luck he's been known to hire himself out to one of the gangs in the sector).

The three rats were all bulked up considerably with greenstuff spines, warts and fangs also added.

Here is the original Radagast model:

His nobility only slightly blunted as the ostracised grim-dark equivalent: Vitto the Black.

He holds a bell to frighten the rats out, and staff with various bit of mutilated tech including a damaged servo skull for good luck. Props to @spafe who gave me a couple of these bits but I will talk more about that next time.

I've been obsessed for awhile with inq28 and aos28 and the more I pore over some of those guys cool work the rougher - more impressionistic - and darker my own stuff becomes, while sadly not yet holding a candle to their achievements which are completely insane!

The rat catcher cages on his back were inspired by this ace drawing which I guess is John Blanche(?) and constructed from a couple of off-cuts from ork epic towers, plasticard rod, and the bottoms are actually old earphone buds:

fantastic work as usual fella. Also loving the little backstory/blurb you created for him.
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Thanks guys, really appreciate your comments :D

I've actually had a lot of time the last week or so but I haven't been able to break the ice on my resistance to painting up the 77s. I finished these conversions a couple of weeks ago and was hoping to paint them up and post them on here 3 or 4 models at a time. That will have to wait as I think I should share the conversions so as to chivvy myself along with the paintjobs.

The real life yak story to some of these is a spontaneous offer from both @spafe and @ClockworkOrange to send me some bitz. I'd posted on the forum requesting inspiration and weblinks for cool things to add to my Orlocks to make them look a bit less homogeneous and stand out a bit. They rose to the muffled sound of the yak horn with typical flair and generosity. In general I'm still mostly in the process of kustomizing models I bought in the 90s and occasionally buying something metal off eBay. I've never bought any of these cool plastic sets with bitz to spare, and that means my pretty lackluster bitzbox had reached a point of total depletion, despite over the last few years the unflagging generosity of @The Duke and also @Ptrix. Within a week or so, Spafe and Clockwork turned this state of affairs upside down, both bolstering my supplies for cool conversions by a considerable amount. I'm super grateful boys, the Yak never fails to impress!

I've got 27 Orlocks to do. Here are the first 10, all paid up members of the 77 social club, when off duty most likely to be found at the 'Only Ok' Saloon.

Kelos Wiseman:


Radon Joep:

Drake Nismith:

Johnny Totem:

Casey Raider:

Matic Milkeyes:


Django Django:

Hasta luego amigos :D
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Despite tremendous resistance to picking up my paintbrush, I've managed to get the first four of the cohort past muster. Here's the first, one of the gangs two heavies, Radon Joep.

Radon Joep can't believe his luck. He knows it's one of life's finer pleasures to be entrusted with buff equipment. The day Kelos Wiseman handed him a flamethrower and an autoslugger, he presumed he was gonna have to choose between them, but Kelos taught him that both have their uses, and Radon Joep was a quick learner.

It might seem crazy to run into a fight strapped up in metal plates and burn everything to the seventh hell, and to be fair it is. But Radon Joep is one of the oldest of the 77s, he's seen most types of crazy the underhive has to offer, and he knows from experience sometimes you just gotta fight fire with fire.

Out of the heat of the battle he's gruff, surly, twitchy - a hardened shell for a gentle spirit. He's as keen as the next man for a can of Second Best, but when he's got one, he'll peck at it for hours, content to leave the bragging and the brawling for the younger men.
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