N18 The Macoutes: short storys.


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Apr 19, 2023
I will be posting short stories of the results of the necromunda campaign I'm participating. First time playing and long time not writing. Hope you enjoy.

So? - asked Proctor Neemla without removing his eyes from the stack of paper in his desk as the thudding of hard cased boots announced the arrival of Subjugators to the precint. The stench of charred skin and hair gave away they had met resistance. The brief moment of silence gave away Callougard's patrol had failed. Fazed by these realization, he proceeded to pave the way for further derision.

It IS done right? A single riffraf, alone, against 5 armed and trained enforcers. Surely converting him into a stain of the underhive was an even simpler task than scrubbing the latrines.

He paused as he allowed the words to cleave though their skin, for the simple flogging that would endure afterwards wouldn't quell his dissatisfaction. -What could possibly a ragtag collection of unhinged zealots offer against the forces of Lord Helmawr? Can you imagine the travesty that these would mean for the good name of the Law and Order? Can you imagine the ideas those scallywags will get from these and how the other rapscallions will - they had flamers with them - one of the enforcers interrupted. Captain Callougard chastised him with his eyes and returned his gaze to Proctor Neemla while avoiding direct eye contact to avoid further confrontation.

Without missing a beat, Neemla continued. - Actions shouldn't go unpunished. Consecuences is what keeps society functioning and it's one of the pillars on why Necromunda stands stoic though the passage of time. Your failure to impart justice will not be shared with the precints hierarchy. I will cut the lack of action like one amputates a gangrenous extremity. I expect you will discipline your each under your command Callougard, with no less than twenty whiplashes to ensure that they have a clear understanding of how we honor our role and - but they did get consecuences, the cap-tn took one of thems eyes off with his staff. Ere, I even picked it up for ye-.

Callougard's red was visible even though his shadowed face, he struggled to keep his hand away from his baton as Neemla interrupted the scene - perhaps, perhaps it's just a matter of reorienting our efforts.

He turned around and reached for a bottle of liquor with all the telltales of a dubious origin. He proceeded to fill a cocktail glass halfway, took steps around his desk until he was in front of the unnamed enforcer. He took all the additional efforts to avoid reading his number tag and even more to ensure everyone present in the room noticed it. With his glass at the height of his chest, he continued.

-Perhaps, we should reorient all our disciplinary efforts to this subject who hasn't even figured out one should not spoke unless addressed directly. And even more to figure out you require a name or some form of reference to even be acknowledged being worthy of attention.

He took the eye from the enforcer and pierced it with a toothpick and garnished the glass. He lightly stirred the drink while moving away from the group. - We take uncivilized actions to bring civility to uncivilized men. Order and balance must be achieved, no matter the cost and I will ensure this lessons are engraved into each one of you, though skin, since and bone if necessary.

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