The Misadventures of the "Buttercup" - A 5 parsecs from home story


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Jan 14, 2016
Introducing the crew of the "Buttercup"

From left to right:

Westley, a human agri-worker who grew up in the Sigma research station. Currently on the run, from what he won't say, but some suspect the Dread Pirate Roberts himself.

Kerbin, a human artist from the sprawl of New Philadelphia (think Necromunda but flatter, and a little more connected to the outside world), searching for his long lost childhood sweetheart.

Lala, a human bounty hunter from the gleaming spires of Alpha Secundus, trying to live outside the restrictive laws of civilised space.

Indigo, a human who left the fledlging colony of Noveau Yorkium crewing on the starship Selenity, and is now out to see the universe for themselves.

Daphne, a human trader from the primitive world of Orungum, on the hunt for glory amongst the stars.

Fezzik, a Feral primitive from the subjugated colony of Rawwk. Looking for political allies to free his people from their oppression.

Stat wise, only Daphne gets a combat boost, but most of the crew get increases to speed and Savvy, which will hopefully help keep them out of trouble.

Gear wise, I rolled up enough weapons to give nearly everyone a back-up. Fezzik gets a Boosted Arm, and Lala gets a Displacer. A Scanner Bot, an Analyzer and a Fake ID are all kept in the ship as they don't need assigning to individual. The crew also has a princely sum of 21 credits to their name.
The "Buttercup" herself is an old, worn out freighter (in good company, with the Millenium Falcon and Serenity) with an outstanding loan of 25 credits secured against it.

Note: I've decided to do this with whatever was "to hand". Expect half built scenery, unpainted miniatures I've grabbed straight of the work bench, and other, similar nonsense. At a minimun, nothing will be consistently based, as you can see from the starting crew above.
Campaign turn 1

The crew start their journey together on Lagbruk, a refinery world (this means it's cheaper to leave, but they've only just got here, so we won't do that yet). More importantly, Fezzik's resistance connections mean they already have a job lined up, if they want it. Other than that, there's nothing special about this place. You don't even need a license to work as hired guns.

Basic supplies cost a credit, and the loan on the ship has interest added every turn, so we'll pay that off, leaving 19 credits.

Westley and Lala head into town to trade some trinkets and odds and ends for something more useful, and come back with a crate of medical equipment, and Indigo and Daphne explore some of the more colourful backstreets, and manage to get a broken gunsight and some damaged combat armour that "should" be fixable. To marr their success, Daphne eats some dodgy street food on the way back and has to spend the next campaign turn in the sick bay. Kerbin and Fezzik go looking for work, and get a job offer from the local mayor, with the promise of more to follow if they're successful.

The crew also investigate a couple of rumours (generated during charachter creation), but these turn out to be nothing, at least yet.

Deciding to help the resistance (the pay was better, and also the government job has no expiry date), they head out into the desert to clear an old supply dump of a Sand Runner infestation. Sadly, Daphne, the only one with any combat experience (and also the best weapon), is stuck back in sick-bay and will be sitting this one out.
Arriving, the crew appears to have struck lucky. There are only 3 sand runners to contend with, and they only need to take down 1 of them, the alpha, to get paid.

I got the rules wrong here, and completely missed the chance to get the drop on them.

1st turn, everyone moves closer, and Westley manages to drop a lizard with a well placed shot from his rifle.

The next turn, Kerbin takes down the alpha with his shotgun, and Westley eliminates the last one before it can get close enough to do any damage, leaving them in possession of the battlefield.

Happy with their results and no nonsense attitude, the resistance pay 6 credits. The crew also manage to salvage 7 credits worth of junk from the battlefield, bringing their total to 32 credits.
They also find an old war medal, which they might be able to return to it's rightful owner later.

Afterwards, Westley manages to settle some old business (probably related to what he is running from), and earns some extra experience, and then promptly injures himself performing routine maintenance on the "Buttercup" and has to spend time in the sick-bay.
Campaign turn 2

Feeling flush after last missions success, the crew pay 3 credits off of their ship loan alongside the 1 credit upkeep.
The Buttercup is easily patched up following Westleys' mishap, and both Westley and Daphne get cleared to leave sick-bay. Too late to do anything useful about town, but they'll both be ready for a mission later.

I assume this is right. They spend 1 turn in sick-bay, and this is where the turn ticks over and the number left is reduced.

Indigo and Lala attempt to patch up the damaged equipment, with no luck. Kerbin and Fezzik trawl the local markets, hoping to pick up some better guns, but come away with a motion-tracker and more medical supplies.

Still nothing useful is coming from any of the rumours the crew has picked up.

As no-one looked for work this turn, job opportunities are limited. They decide on the local government job, delivering a package deep into Gildur territory. Unfortunatly, a squad of Feral mercenaries had been hired to guard the area, and would have to be either avoided or dealt with.

Ferals are a human/animal hybrid species, and can actually be quite civilised. These ones all had a lasgun equivalent, except for the one with a flamethrower.

Choosing to tackle them head on, Daphne dropped one straight away with a long range plasma shot, and Fezzik stunned another.

A hit that fails to wound stuns, and if you can pile enough stuns onto someone they get removed as a casuality. Wounding is easier than hitting, or at least has been so far, so this is the first I'd seen this.

The mercs retaliate, taking down Fezzik in a hail of laser fire, before Lala manages to drop another by blasting away with her shotgun in a blind panic. The rest of the crew stun more of the mercs, but don't manage to injure anyone.

The next round the crew manage to wound the rest of the mercenaries, leaving them in possesion of the battlefield and able to deliver the package at their lesure.

Luckily the Ferals decide it was a fair fight, and don't become rivals looking for revenge. The crew get paid 5 credits, and manage to pick up a dose of Kiranin Crystals and a 2nd Plasma Rifle, along with a guaranteed job next turn. The bad news is that Fezzik's injury turns out to be a big deal, costing 5 credits (so the entire pay packet!) in emergency medical treatment, and 6 turns recovering in the sick-bay.

With the experience gained from the mission Westley and Lala both decide they need to up their fighting skills.

Afterwards the crew manage to make a new business contract (they get another Patron), and Lala and Daphne have a massive heart to heart about relying on each other and not puttting themselves at risk eating dodgy food.
Campaign turn 3

Ouch, last turn was expensive. If credits are that easy to lose, I can see how ships get repossessed. We'll just pay the upkeep cost for now, so we now owe 24 credits for the Buttercup.

Fezzik has 6 turns in the sick-bay. A med-patch will drop this by a turn and we've got loads, so we'll use one, and then the turn counter ticks over. 4 turns left.

Westley finally repairs the Combat Armour, but the Seeker Scope proves irrepairable, and Indigo gives up in frustration, chucking the thing in the trash. Lala comes back from exploring the markets and back streets brandishing a worn, but fixable, Seeker Scope that someone was just throwing away...
Kerbin hits up some contacts in town to get some paid work for the crew, and winds up with 3 potential jobs on offer.

The "Busy" benefit from last turns successful job means they automatically have a new job for me this turn. I assumed this is in addition to the 2 I rolled for from Kerbin's Find A Patron task.

Daphne suits up in the Combat Armour and Westley swaps his Colony Rifle for the new Plasma Rifle, and they're ready to go.

Deciding to take the offer from Nat-Tech, they had to escort a scientist to an abandoned research facility to collect some data. The place wasn't entirely abandoned though, 2 Gene-Renegades were making use of the facility and were none to happy about being disturbed.

The crew make short work of the criminals, allowing the scientist to do her stuff in peace.

I'd post more of a report, but it was pretty much a case of move in, shoot, go home. 2 was the lowest number I could face, and they had the worst weapon option going as well. It was over before I even thought about taking pictures.

Luckily, the Gene-Renegades decide the crew are not worth the hassle, and don't become rivals.
The Buttercups coffers are increased by 8 credits (including a bounty for taking out some dangerous criminal elements), and the crew also manage to salvage a couple of stim-packs from the lab, so they now have enough for one each.

All the shooting practice is starting to pay off, and Daphne, Kerbin and Indigo all get better at fighting.

Finally, the crew manage to shift some cargo that was sitting around, netting another 5 credits, and Fezzik uses his time in Sick-Bay wisely, and manages to drum up some more offers of work via the vid-link.
I'm currently running about a week behind with the reports, but I remembered to take a few photos for the next one. At this rate I might have to start staging action shots though. Long distance engagements normally mean half the shot is out of focus :rolleyes:
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Campaign Turn 4

Upkeep costs 1 credit, and running the numbers on the ship loan, it's not worth paying anything at this point, so the crew now owe 25 credits.

Yes, there's the cash to pay this off, but I've a feeling it'll be needed for other things.

Fezzik is still in the Sick-Bay, but he uses another Med-Patch to shave another turn off of his recovery time. 2 turn to go.

Westley tries and fails to fix the damaged Seeker Scope (what is it with these things?), and Kerbin comes back from his shopping trip with a damaged Shock Attachment to add to the pile of things to fix. Lala puts some time in with the Buttercups onboard training computer and hones her reflexes. Meanwhile, Indigo goes blundering around the local bars and cantinas. If we had any rivals, this would be a problem, but we don't, so she just comes back with a sore head later.

Luckily, despite all the blundering, they manage to get a solid lead from all the rumours they have been chasing.

This starts a quest, which is a series of linked jobs with a better payoff at the end.

No-one went looking for work this turn, but there are a couple of jobs left over from last turn, and we can do a quest job now as well. The only urgent job is for our contact in the local government, so we choose that one.

The local govenors office has had trouble with Skulker brigands preying on the good folk of the area, and will pay well for them to be driven off.

Skulkers are rat-men, think Skaven, in spaaaaaace, or Mantics Veer-Myn. I didn't have any of these, so I used Cawdor gangers instead for that ragged look.

Most of the Skulkers have pistols, so all they can do is creep forward through cover while the crew takes pot shots at them with their rifles. Daphne takes up a sniping position on top of a building, hoping her armour will protect her if they get into range.

Straying into range, Westley draws all the Skulkers fire, but somehow escapes unscathed. Kerbin finally manages to wound one with his colony rifle, and Westley manages to stun another as it darts between cover, allowing Daphne chance to take it down.
Westley finally injures the opposing sniper, but the return fire chips the stonework dangerously close to his head (I now know why luck is so expensive). Daphne, having finally gotten her aim in, vaporises another, and the remaining grunt breaks and flees, leaving just the lieutenant.

The next round, Westley finally manages to get within close range of lieutenant, injuring him and leaving the crew in possesion of the field.

Pleased with their good work, the govenors office pays out 7 credits for their trouble, and picking through the battlefield afterwards, the crew find a curious data-stick, a phased combobulation module (that will come in handy if they ever decide to upgrade their ship), and a rattle gun (think big machine gun, like a heavy stubber).

Westley uses the experience gained to improve his combat ability some more, and Indigo works on her smarts. Stopping by Ned's Ammo and Gunz on the way back to the ship, the crew buy an infantry laser to add to their long range firepower.

All these extra weapons prove useful, as Indigo's colony rifle had become damaged during the fight and needed repairs, and a wide-eyed young Feral was waiting for them back at the Buttercup wanting to join up after hearing of their exploits. After a quick discussion about being a gun down in their recent fights, the crew accepted Vizzinni onboard, at least until Fezzik got out of sick bay.
Campaign Turn 5

Upkeep should now be 2 credits as the Butercup has 7 crew, but we don't count Fezzik while he is in sick-bay, so just 1 credit to pay here.
We're still not going to pay off anything of the ship loan, so that goes up to 26 credits owed.
Fezzik is still in the sick-bay. As we can only take 6 crew on missions, there is no point in rushing his recovery any more with the med-patches, so he still has 1 turn until he's better.

Westley and Indigo spend time tinkering with the broken gear, managing to fix the Colony Rifle and the Seeker Scope respectively.
Kerbin spends his downtime in the shooting range, increasing his combat.
Lala picks up some more "well used" equipment in the form of a 2nd suit of combat armour and a jump belt. These will both need fixing before they can be used however.
Vizzinni manages to snag a damaged cargo crate, and can offload the contents for an extra 6 credits.

Nobody looked for new work this turn, so the crew has 3 options available.
Olar Sask, a wealthy industrialist, has a small task he would like assistance with, and will pay well for the help.
There are always jobs of opportunity on offer, but the pay is never as good.
Finally, as the crew are now on a quest, there are missions available to advance this.

The quest job felt more thematic, so we went for that one.

Rumour has it that Sigma Industries had stumbled onto something big before they were suddenly shut down, so the crew head off to investigate their abandoned lab facilities. Nobody mentioned the suspiciously well-armed security droids guarding the area, and the crew weren't the only ones with an interest in the area.

The mission was to move through the area held by the droids and exit the opposite table edge.

After spending a couple of turns creeping forward using buildings as cover, Indigo manages to catch 2 of the security droids down a narrow alley with her Rattle Gun.

Lala rounds a building right into another 2 droids, but manages to disable both by wildly basting away with her shotgun in a blind panic. Vizzinni catches a face full of acid from one of the specialist droids, and the other drives Westley back across the central plaza.

Indigo lets rip at point blank into the droid that got Vizzinni, and manages to disable it under the sheer weight of bullets fired.

Indigo's Rattle Gun hit 3 times, but failed to wound each time, but each hit causes a stun, and 3 stuns removes you from play as if injured, so it all worked out.

Westley takes down the last of the regular droids with his Plasma Gun.

Lala manages to make it across, and exits the table, and Daphne gets into position behind the last droid and near to the person of interest, and the crossfire between Daphne and Westley finally finishes it.

Lambda Security Industries are not happy about the casual destruction of their property, and will send more security droids after the crew in future.

They become rivals, so every turn, instead of doing what I want, there's a chance the crew will have to deal with them instead.

Investigating the SI labs, the crew get a couple of clues of locations to check out next, and also manage to salvage together 3 credits and a couple of damaged guns that can go in the pile of things to be repaired.

The person of interest turns out to have been investigating the same rumours as the crew of the Buttercup, and is able to fill them in on a little of the backstory of SI and their research.

Unfortunatly, Vizzinni's wounds prove to be fatal. This upsets Lala so much that she decides she needs a break from all the mindless violence and refuses to fight for a while.

The Buttercup gets refitted with better Living Quarters, and the crew also splash out 5 credits to get blades for everyone who hasn't already got one.
Is there a reason why you don't pay off the loan? My accountant-sense is going off because of all those un-invested credits.

What else is there to spend credits on?
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Is there a reason why you don't pay off the loan? My accountant-sense is going off because of all those un-invested credits.

What else is there to spend credits on?
It's not that I'm panicking about the credits.

There is no chance of the ship being repossessed until you owe 75 credits. The interest does go up at 30, so I might start paying again then.

If not, it's extra tension for the narrative, always staying one step ahead of the bailiffs
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Campaign turn 6

Upkeep is still 1 credit, and we'll let the ship debt increase again, so we now owe 27 credits.

Sorry @Biggle_Bear

Fezzik finally manages to leave sick-bay this turn. He can't do anything right now, but can pick up a gun later.

Indigo patches up the Combat Armour, but Westley doesn't quite understand the complexities of the Jump Belt, so it stays broken.
Kerbin and Daphne go recruiting, and bring on board Montana, a negotiator from a nearby mining colony. Hopefully she knows how to shoot straight and, more importantly, how to duck.

The way I read the character generation rules for additional crew means you generate everything as you did at the beginning, but get none of the physical 'stuff'

Montana comes with a job offer - to scout out a new refinery location for Akkon Biofuels, which she talks the crew into taking on straight away.

The crew manage to shake off the Security Droids tailing them and head off to the site, to find it already crawling with Converted Infilitrators. All they had to do was get through them and return to make their report.

I ended up deploying in front of the burger kiosk. Obviously the crew stopped for lunch on the way.

Daphne kicked things off by dropping their lieutenant with her opening plasma volley. Fezzik narrowly avoids heading straight back into sick-bay, but luckily the long range return fire misses. Indigo shreds another in a hail of rattle gun bullets and Fezzik manages to hit the heavy shooting at him, stunning it. Kerbin takes out another with his shotgun, and Montana proves her worth by sniping the converted heavy and leaving Westley with no visible targets.

I didn't realise I had so many open fire lanes until the shooting started.

Next turn, Fezzik catches one with his shotgun, and Daphne stuns the last Infiltrator as it charges Kerbin, allowing Westley to catch it in a crossfire from some ruins.

Impressed by their work, Akkon Biofuels pays out 7 credits, and more importantly, gives the crew of the Buttercup some more background into the scandal surrounding Sigma Industries. They also manage to salvage a small stash of 3 frakk grenades.

From the experience, Fezzik improves his combat ability, Westley improves his Savvy, and Kerbin gets tougher.

The crew manage to pick up a Camo Cloak for 3 credits, and overhear a useful bit of information in the cantina about Sigma Industries. Finally, Montana spends some time reflecting on her adventures since joining up with the Buttercup, and gains some extra XP.

All this should prove very useful as the squad of Converted Infilitrators they tangled with earlier turns out to be the first wave of a full on invasion!
Freaking love how organically the story unfolds...the random chart rolls really work in telling a neat story/coherently following a path. Hell of a great rule set.

Can't wait for the next.
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Campaign turn 7


Lagbruk is being invaded, which means the crew need to leave ASAP. Yesterday would have been good, as now they are cut off from the Buttercup and need to fight their way back to her.

I've got 7 crew who can fight now, but can only ever use 6 of them, so Lala is going to miss this battle.

The crew seize the iniative and take up defensive positions. The Converted Infiltrators all have short ranged weapons (a mix of pistols and shotguns), so the plan is to try and pick them off before they get into range.

Westley takes aim from the cover of some ruins and makes short work of one of the shotgun toting Infiltrators. Daphne moves into a better position in the cover of some crates and takes out one armed with a handgun, and Kerbin hits their Lieutenant but only manages to stun him.

The Infiltrators move in, but are still just out of range to return fire.
Indigo's Rattle Gun chews through a stack of crates to injure the Infiltrator using them as cover, but both Montana and Fezzik miss their shots.

Fezzik finally manages to wound the last shotgun Infiltrator with his own shotgun (I really should have given him one of the grenades we picked up last turn, he could have probably got 2 or 3 here), but the next Infiltrator just moves up and returns fire.
Montana perches precariously on the edge of the building to snipe at the Infiltrator shooting at Fezzik, causing it to duck for cover and allowing Westley a clear shot. The others have no targets in sight, so move into better positions.

Invasion battles are supposed to be a 6 turn defensive action, and there is only 1 enemy left. There are optional battle events you can roll at the end of turns 2 and 4 however, so I decided to make life more interesting.

Fezzik misses the remaining Infiltrator, but Daphne manages to clip him with Plasma fire.

Is that it? It's turn 3 and the crew hold the field, but I can still roll a battle event after turn 4, and I still have 2 reinforcement rolls to make from the last event, so we'll keep going.

Daphne moves to the upper level of the large building, just as enemy reinforcements arrive, right in front of Kerbin, and open fire. Luckily, they miss, and an enraged Kerbin charges into melee. Despite hitting twice, Kerbin fails to do any damage, so Fezzik has to finish it off with his shotgun.

Loser gets pushed back and winner gets a follow up move, leaving a clear shot for the next crew member.

For the 2nd battle event, an enemy Gun Slinger arrives. Unluckily for him, this is right below Daphne's vantage point, and she promptly vapourises him.

My first Unique Individual shows up, and last all of 2 seconds despite high toughness and Luck.

No reinforcements arrive this turn, and as that's it for random events, so I'll end this now on turn 5.

The Buttercup takes off without further incident. On to the next world!

The crew use the experience to increase Montana's combat ability, and Indigo gets a point of Luck. Lala assisted in the evacuation, and also gets XP (I used a story point for this). Hopefully now she's come to terms with the violent universe they live in.
Campaign Turn 8

The Buttercup's crew pay out 3 credits for fuel and supplies, and leave Lagbruk to the invaders.

Atarion III seemed the logical next destination to investigate into Sigma Industries. Unfortunatley, while trying to slip in unnoticed, the Buttercup ran straight into an Unity patrol cruiser, who promptly confiscated the Kiranin Crystals and Montana's Handgun as illicit "contraband". To make matters worse, upon landfall they find the entire planet is under a trade embargo, and so they will not be able to sell any loot here, and the crew will need to pay out for a contractors license to undertake any work. The only good news is that the heavy Unity presence wil deter any would be invaders, and a quick flash of their Fake ID gets the license fee waved.

Lambda Securities were too caught up in the invasion of Lagbruk to be able to track the Buttercup here, but Westley must have really an old ganger contact here as they are already here out to get them.

The crew pay out another 2 credits, 1 for upkeep, and another to keep the debt on the Buttercup at 27 credits.

Westley and Indigo fix up the Beam Pistol and Jump Belt respectivley. Lala trains up in the gym, and increases her luck. Montana and Fezzik go exploring, and manage to come back with another damaged Jump Belt and damaged Seeker Scope. Kerbin and Daphne go looking for work as the coffers are starting to look a little low, and manage to come back with 2 potential jobs, one for Huxley Corp, one of the major corporations, and one for Vortex Dynamics, a privately owned organisation.

The job for Vortex Dynamics needs doing straight away, and as both pay the same, they go for that this turn. All the crew have to do is get through some punks loitering outside their local offices.

Indigo and Westley have pressing business elsewhere, so are not available for this fight.

After a brief gun battle, the punks decide they're obviously outgunned, and leave to cause trouble elsewhere.

Punks are what's probably the easiest enemy type. They only hit on 6's, have low toughness, and a really high chance of breaking. Everyone ran after the first turn of shooting.

The crew get paid a whopping 7 credits for their community service, and also pick up a shotgun one of the punks dropped while running away.

Daphne uses the experience to improve her luck.

The crew get back to the Buttercup to find the ageing life support system badly needs upgrading, and will cost 6 credits to replace. They pay this straight away, memories of being caught on Lagbruk being all to fresh.
Finally, Indigo decides she is in need of a makeover (I should probably find a new mini for her now. Other than that, this has no effect).