The Misadventures of the "Buttercup" - A 5 parsecs from home story


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Jan 14, 2016
Campaign Turn 9

The crew pays out another 2 credits, 1 for upkeep and 1 to cover the interest on the loan for the Buttercup.

Westley and Indigo fix up the Jump Belt and Seeker Sight respectively. Lala and Kerbin both head out to see the sights Atarion III has to offer. Lala manages to find a personal trainer (and nets a couple of XP points), but Kerbin falls in love with the place and talks about staying here when the crew moves on.

I can pay a story point to avoid this. Luckily I've got loads of these.

Daphne goes trading, and manages to make a couple of credits profit, despite the import restrictions, and Fezzik and Montana spend their time in the range becoming better shots.

Having accepted both job offers last turn, the crew head off to do Huxley Corps job. They still need all the friends, and money, they can get. Unfortunatley, Indigo and Lala miss the shuttle, and will arrive some time later.

3 Krorg had wandered into one of their out of town facilities, and needed to be driven off before they damaged anything or ate any of the workers.

Krorg are big bearlike creatures who are really tough in melee. I didn't have any big bears, but I did have 3 giant toads to hand that had just been finished for a Yakcomp.

The crew seize the initiative, and move to better positions while Westley takes a long range shot at one of the beasts, but misses.

Daphne uses her Jump Belt to boost onto the gantry, and takes down the first Krorg with her Plasma Rifle. Both remaining Krorg scramble up the gantry to Daphne, but luckily can't quite make contact. The others move up the adjacent buliding to get clearer shots, but only succeed in stunning one of them.

The stunned Krorg moves back down to ground level to clear it's head, while the other beast charges Daphne!

Both land blows, but Daphne's glances off the creature's thick hide, while her armour saves her from injury. Backing up a bit, Daphne levels her Plasma Rifle at the beast and makes short work of it while Kerbin catches the last one with his Shotgun.

The crew get 9 credits for their trouble, and also manage to pick up a dose of Combat Serum, and a Novelty Stuffed Animal. They also picked up yet another lead about Sigma Industries.

Westley uses the experience to improve his Reactions, and Daphne gets tougher. They also get the Buttercup outfitted with some Auto-Turrets, which should prove handy if they ever need to make a dramatic exit again.

Finally the crew manages to sell off some more cargo making another 2 credits (what import restrictions?), and Indigo gets in a big argument with the rest of the crew about missing the shuttle and not even turning up for their last job, and so won't do anything helpfull next turn.


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Jan 14, 2016
Campaign Turn 10

With the coffers still looking fairly flush, the crew pay out another 2 credits, 1 to keep them in food and ammo, and the other to cover the interest on the loan against the Buttercup.

Kerbin boots up some old training programs from the Buttercups memory, and finishes them feeling extra lucky. Westley tinkers with the broken shock-attachment and manages to get it working again. Daphne and Fezzik hit the local markets, and manage to come away 7 credits up, and also pick up a hot tip about the work Sigma Industries have been doing in a complex just out of town. Meanwhile, Lala and Montana do some exploring of their own, and manage to grab an extra Blade for free, and pick up some paid work from the Sector Govenor, which they promptly accept.

As the new job didn't need doing straight away, the crew decided to investigate the Sigma Industries complex first. Just as they are putting the finishing touches to their plan however, the Black Diamond gang attack. Apparently, Westley had crossed them previously, and had left them out of pocket and looking like fools, so now they wanted payback.

The gangers attack in the early morning murky gloom, hoping to use the poor visibility to their advantage, however the crews motion sensors pick them up on approach deny the gangers the element of surprise.

Everyone spent a couple of turns moving here as no-one could see far enough to shoot.

Daphne propels herself into the cover of some barrels using her jump belt, and drops a ganger with fire from her Plasma Rifle. This unfortunately gives away her position, lighting her up for the rest of the gang to return fire, and she promptly goes down from the sheer number of hits. Having given away their own positions now, the rest of the crew all manage to shoot another ganger each, except for poor Montana who misses her shot.

Lala manages to take down another ganger before they can return fire, but they must not have been expecting such resistance as their shots all go wide. Westley finally takes down Diamond Jill, their leader, and Fezzik empties his shotgun at the remaining ganger, leaving the crew holding the field.

The Black Diamonds decide payback is not worth the cost, and will not oppose the crew of the Buttercup, at least for now.
The crew scrape together 5 credits from the aftermath, along with a damaged Hyper Blaster and some damaged Frakk Grenades. They also pick up a curious data stick one of the gangers had dropped that contained more information on Sigma Industries. Apparently they had been employing the Black Diamonds on the side for odd jobs and they had kept records as insurance.

Daphne was only stunned during the fight, so recovers quickly afterwards and is soon out and about making friends with the locals.
Finally, the crew get a double blow of bad news. The droids from Lambda Securities have finally tracked them to Atarion III and will cause trouble from now on, and Lagbruk has been completely lost to the Converted, with Unity troops forced to pull out in defeat.


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Jan 14, 2016
Campaign Turn 11

The crew pay out 2 credits again, 1 for upkeep and 1 against the interest on the loan on the Buttercup.

Westley repairs another shock-attachment, but the Hyper Blaster they picked up last turn proves to be nothing more than a molten hunk of junk, and ends up in the trash. Lala and Kerbin go trading, and manage to make another couple of credits as well as picking up some extra medical supplies. Fezzik spends some time in the local gym, and Montana spends some time hopping from bar to bar, hoping to pick up some more leads but to no avail. Daphne books the crew onto a long haul shuttle over to the other side of the planet, in the hopes the Security forces tracking them will head off that way and not trouble them for a while.

The crew decide to continue with last turns plan to investigate Sigma Industries facility. This means they failed the job for the Sector Governor that was thrust at them last turn, but there's not much they can do about that now.

The gloomy murk was back, cutting visiblity right down, and everything was going smoothly, with the facilities decommisioned servers booting back up and files downloading, when a Brat gang arrived, probably attracted by all the blinking lights, and started shooting the place up. The crew needed to get rid of them, and quick, before they attracted the wrong kind of attention.

The Brats high tech gear must include signal scramblers or something, as the crews motion detectors failed to alert them in time and they could not seize the initiative.

The Brats move in, and the crew take up defensive positions, with Fezzik heading onto the roof of a nearby building to investigate a curious item there.

Fezzik grabs the item, just as the Brats get close enough to see him and start shooting. Somehow, they all miss, but their muzzle flashes light them up for the crew to return fire. Daphne circles around a building while the rest of the crew open fire. Westley manages to take down one of the Brat Fury Gunners, and Lala drops another Brat with her shotgun. Indigo rushes forward and lets rip with her Rattle Gun, taking one of the Brats out of the fight and stunning another. Montana moves up to offer her support, but misses her shot. The remaining Fury Gunner and the Brat accompianing him decide they have had enough of this and break and run.

The Brats open fire again, and Fezzik needs to use a Stim-Pack to stay on his feet, else otherwise their shots all go wide again. Fezzik retaliates by throwing a Frakk Grenade into the middle of the group of Brats approaching his position, but only manages to injure one of them.

I'm unimpressed by the grenades. I'd imagine they'd work better against weaker targets, but the weaker the enemy, the easier they are to pick off before they get close enough.

Daphne jumps in and engages a Brat in melee, but fails to injure them, but knocks them back enough for Indigo to catch them with her Rattle Gun. None of the shots penetrate his armour, but the sheer force of the attack means he wont be moving again too soon. Lala takes down the last Brat with her shotgun, leaving just their leader, who proves immune to everything else the crew can throw at him!

Next turn, the Brat leader finally succeeds in injuring Fezzik, before finally going down under the combined fire of Lala and Montana.

The Brats decide that, all things considered, it was a fair fight and don't become rivals. More importantly, the crew have now gathered a large amount of evidence pointing to a top secret lab run by Sigma Industries (the next quest mission will be the finale of this quest arc).

The crew make 3 credits and pick up a few odds and ends, including a communicator and a couple of doses of still.
Poor Fezzik ends up back in the sick-bay with another crippling wound, although the auto-doc must have leant from last time as he only needs 2 credits of emergency medical treatment and wil be back on his feet in 4 turns.

Back at the Buttercup, the crew learn the Black Diamond gang have had a change of heart and are gunning for them again, while Kerbin sinks into a melancholic funk (and will earn no XP next turn).


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Jan 14, 2016
So, real life has gotten in the way for a bit, but don't worry, the 'Buttercup' is back!

Campaign Turn 12

The crew pays out 2 credits, 1 to keep them in supplies, and the other to keep the debt collectors off their back.
Fezzik is cluttering up the sick-bay again, and has 3 turns left.

Westley attempts to fix the damaged frakk grenades the crew had accumilated (I have no idea how this works. Do I roll for each grenade? Do I roll for the lot? I decided to roll for the lot in the end, just to make life easier), and manages to get them working. Indigo and Lala go exploring. Lala manages to find a personal trainer (and gains a couple of extra XP points), while Indigo trades in some contraband, which makes 5 credits profit but also manages to seriously annoy somebody powerful, so the crew now has another rival, a black ops team!
Kerbin trades in some surplus kit, and comes away with a shock attachment, and Daphne and Montana head out in opposite directions to lay a false trail and confuse their rivals.

The crew manage to avoid their rivals thanks to the false trails, and set off to investigate Sigma Industries top secret research facility.

This is the final mission for this quest, so the risks are greater, but so is the pay off at the end.

It turns out that Sigma Industries had been dabbling into genetics, and had been performing illegal experiments on live subjects until it all went horribly wrong. Some of the more stable of the test subjects banded together under the guidance of a wandering Precurser, and were not too happy about the crew nosing around their home. To make matters worse, a toxic storm had rolled in, meaning even the slightest scratch could prove fatal.

The crew seize initaitive and scramble down the slope into cover, while Indigo and Montana open fire (and miss).

The Precurser heads to the top of the nearest building and misses Indigo with a long range shot.
Indigo returns fire and drops a mutant with her rattle gun, while Montana pins another.
The rest of the Mutants swarm forward, and one takes a pot shot at Kerbin but misses.
Kerbin takes out one of the approaching mutants with his shotgun, and Daphne pins the close combat specialist closing in on her position. Westley tries to take down the Precurser, but misses.

The Precurser moves in and trades fire with Daphne, resulting in both of them being stunned. Kerbin drops the other close combat specialist, leaving Indigo unable to get a clear line of sight to a target.
Daphne draws the mutants fire, getting pinned again for her trouble.
Westley finally hits the Precurser, causing him to dive off the building to avoid injury (luck isn't as much fun when it works against you). Lala scrambles to the top of the shipping container to catch him with her shotgun, while Montana stuns another Mutant.

All this fighting has disturbed the local wildlife, as 3 vent crawlers have been attracted by the noise and promptly attack.

Lala is unnerved by the sudden appearance of the vent crawlers and her shot goes wide. Indigo and Daphne fare better however, disposing of a vent crawler and another 2 mutants between them.
One of the vent crawlers charges one of the remaining mutants, who succumbs to the toxic air despite his thick hide saving him from the crawlers razor sharp claws. The other vent crawler charges Kerbin, who trips on a loose cable while attempting to dodge and manages to roll away completely unscathed (thank you luck!).

The final mutant shoots the crawler attacking his friend, stunning it.
Kerbin blasts the vent crawler attacking him at point blank range, while Westley runs to secure the loot cache and Montana pins the other crawler.

Indigo stuns the last vent crawler out of action, while Kerbin trades shots with the final mutant, who comes out a lot worse for wear and leaves the crew holding the field.

The mutants are happy enough the crew have gone and don't become rivals (although I'm not ruling out the Precurser making a comeback)

In all, the crew manage to scrap together 17 credits worth of supplies from exposing Sigma Industries, and also come away with a Camo Cloak and a set of Stealth Gear.

Westley and Lala improve their reactions from the experience, and Daphne enrols in (and passes) emergency medical training.

The crews reputation is definately spreading, as they are offerd a new job from a secretive group, and also pick up a new rumour about some shady goings on.


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Jan 14, 2016
Campaign Turn 13

With Fezzik still in the sick-bay, the crew decide to hang around for a little longer. They pay out 2 credits to keep themselves in food and ammo, and to keep the debt on the Buttercup down.

Indigo has a nice long chat with a local about the hunting in the area, and picks up another story point for the crew, while Montana hits the gym and manages to increase her luck.
Westley and Lala head out to track down leads on one of their rivals to hopefully put an end to some of the nonsence, but come back empty handed, and Kerbin and Daphne lay false trails of their own.

The rumour the crew picked up at the end of last turn proves to be more concrete than initially thought. The ship Marmaduke vanished without a trace while transporting a small fortune in credits, and while treasure hunters have picked the area clean, the facility that it launched from was deep in hostile mutant territory and generally considedered too dangerous to explore.

The crew decide to head off and investigate (this means their new patrons job can't be done, as it was time sensitive). The false trails prove useful, as none of the crews rivals manage to intercept them.

Arriving in the early morning gloom, the crew needed to head into the center of the facility and "aquire" an old data terminal containing flight plans and cargo manifests. One of the facilities servitor/workers also happened to be nearby, and might be able to divulge helpful information if persuaded.

The mutants were packing rifles (not too useful in the low visibility) and shotguns, and were accompanied by an Agent tooled up with all the latest gear. Someone somewhere wanted whatever was on that data terminal kept secret.

The crew seize the intiative and scramble into defensive positions, while Lala makes a break towards the POI.

Lala "interviews" the person of interest, and gains another story point for the crew. Westley and Daphne take shelter behind some crates. With any luck, there wont be anything explosive left in them.

The mutants move in, but the crew are still too far away to see through the murk.
The rest of the crew move closer while still sticking to cover.

Westley and Daphne move in and open fire on the Agent, but both somehow manage to completely miss. Lala moves around to attempt to flank them.
The Agent shoots Montana, stunning her. I don't know what part of her past has resurfaced, but the Agent is here to settle the score.
The mutants close in and open fire on Daphne on mass, forcing her to dive for cover. (Luck was used to escape injury here).

There's bad news for the crew, as the fighting has drawn even more mutants to the area and the crew are now outnumbered 2 to 1.

Westley shoots the Agent, who dodges the first shot, but the 2nd catches him full on in the chest. Daphne attempts to thin the herd of approaching mutants, but misses again. Lala has better luck and takes one down with her shotgun, while Indigo lays down cover fire from a nearby roof, stunning the mutants leader in the process.
The mutants return fire, stunning Lala and forcing Westley to dive for cover.
Kerbin shoots the mutant leader, wounding him (they were pretty tightly bunched at this point. How I wish I'd brought some greandes).
Now the crew are managing to shoot back, one of the mutants nerve breaks and he runs.

Lala and Daphne both manage to stun another mutant each.
Daphne draws the brunt of the mutants fire again, and is forced to use a stim-pack to avoid injury.
Indigo and Montana manage to stun a couple more mutants between them, and Westley drops one with plasma fire, causing another one to flee.

The gloom starts to clear. A bit late at this point, but visibility is now 12".

The crew finally appear to have their aim in, as Indigo drops two mutants with a hail of bullets, and Westley and Daphne take care of another each.
Daphne finally succumbs to the mutants shooting, just before Kerbin and Montana can finish the last couple off, leaving the crew with the field.

Fortunatley, the mutants do not become rivals.
Sadly, the data terminal proved to be junk, and contained no useful information. The crew do manage to scrape together 5 credits payment for the information they did get, and also manage to find a personal trinket and a set of combat armour in the crates they'd been hiding behind.

Luckily, Daphne was only stunned, and would not need to join Fezzik in the sick-bay.

To make matters worse, routine maintenance on the Buttercup goes wrong, and she suffers 2 points of hull damage.
Fezzik spends his time in the sick-bay doing some side deals, and makes an extra 2 credits.