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I want to create this thread as a resource where I'll link in all the good stuff for building Mordheim scenery. For those who post here in this forum, expect to be quoted and tagged and your pictures used (with all due props). If you want something in here, send me a message. If you don't want your stuff in here, let me know and I'll remove it.

First off, there's the official resources that can be found in the Vault. They discuss using Foamboard for creating your own buildings and using resources like wooden coffee stirrers and icecream sticks in a number of ingenious ways. Worth a read.

Dave Graffam from has a large selection of brilliant building you can use, both pre- and post meteor catastrophe. @daggermaw has a few images of where he glued these on foamboard. Now your building walls actually look like walls. You can use black foamcore as was used in the images in the link, or white foamcore and color the walls as you see fit.

@djmothra has a wonderful example here of what you can accomplish with a pringles can, cardboard and a classroom of kids that doesn't need your attention :)

Any other/ new information and examples of building your own terrain will follow on here. Like I said, if you find something good, send me a PM and I'll put it up here. If you post good stuff, I'll link it in here as well.
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A few more terrain resources.

Thankfully, Frostgrave is thematically similar [ahem], and likewise is on a terrain-dense table. As such, it spawned a similar trend in terrain resources. Osprey hosts some very simple "printable terrain" pages which can act as decent templates for foamcore sheet cutting, or cardboard cutting, etc, for very basic ruins:

Lots of "just getting started with terrain making" tutorials:

And of course the Wayback Machine has [for now] archived the old GW UK website tutorials on making buildings:

And some more, including how to make decent snow:

The actual addition to this thread though, is this:
Some posters for postering; similar to posters for Necromunda.

And as for inspiration, here is GW's own scratch-built "Skavenblight":

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Lovely! very handy. I think there are some of those in the vault, but some new ones there. Really need to get back round to building my mordheim board.
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Some NOT paper terrain bits, to support building terrain for Mordheim:
-- Rackham-Confrontation-style shop signs in various stages of repair, whether to use on intact buildings, scarred or fallen at the fronts of ruined buildings, or even as parts of scatter terrain. If painted up and post-mounted, they could also be left separate and then placed in front of ruins or buildings as desired, to mark thematic locations [smithy, grocers', tavern ruins].

A very few other, moderately expensive, bits can also be useful from the Rackham [now "Cadwallon"] range:
Barrels with apples, barrels of various sorts. Note that the D&D "Nolzur's" plastics are cheaper by far, and are also surprisingly good quality.
A fancy door - specifically, fancy hinges.
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