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Yak Comp 3rd Place
Mar 29, 2016
Halifax, NS, Canada
Battle Systems terrain has arrived! Kickstarter being Kickstarter, July is the new January [okay, okay, delays in production and international shipping may have had SOMEthing to do with it, what with global pandemic and all].

Surprisingly heavy duty, packs basically flat [great both for stowage and for transport], and plentiful. While the kickstarter amounted to basically Wholesale prices [thus cheaper far than retail, thus quite affordable], we got the core "Village" set, one extra core building, and a set of the "ruins" parts [retail amounts to between CAN$250 and $300, kickstarter it cost us about CAN$100 including shipping - so even cheaper than wholesale, actually]. It looks altogether to make about ten buildings plus some scattered "partial ground levels." It covers with density more than 2x2. Adding in three or four home-made buildings, or the old graveyard set [six tombs, surrounding walls] from GW would more than fill a 3x3.

Pictures in the spoiler.
Correction. Pictures on Facebook, and awaiting getting on a not-work machine so that I have Chrome rather than Edge [ptui!], so I can get URLs to embed images.

Watch for update.

Edit: Here are their assembly guide videos, to give a sense of scale and scope, in the mean-time: