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Jan 6, 2013
Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam
Occasionally, we get to see pics of members of this forum - but we don't really know anyone (as @Tulkas pointed out in a thread on my post) So, I'll start.

I'm Jason - Born Maidstone England, grew up in Basingstoke England - now live in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) in VietNam. I'm an English Teacher.

Here is me and my fellow Geordies (I'm an honorary one) I'm the one in the middle holding Saigons youngest Magpie fan :)


(Anyone who is wondering - my daughter is half VNese - South Park totally lied to us - the Ginger Gene does work in Asians ;) )

...and yes, I used to DJ at the Egg at KingsX :D
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I'll Play.

My name's Tony and i'm a "writer" ... which is code for: - "I sit at home most of the day, doing as I please ... generally playing video or table-top games." Although, I occasionally like to get off my arse and do something interesting. This is me finishing Tough Mudder Cirencester, last weekend. There's also a video (filmed just prior to this) where I get electrocuted ...

... I'm not sharing that.


When I'm not being a scrawny, little tough guy, or sitting around dreaming that I might be the next Hemingway, Hunter S, or Steinbeck (all American writers ... I know ...) .... OR making little miniatures/shooting digital versions of them on-screen, I paint, draw, arrange events or buy and sell whatever comes my way.

I've never been published or done anything which would lead me from obscurity, so don't ask. It's a sore subject with any "writer." ;)

If you're wondering, the bandana is because I am balding ... and sunburn is a thing... plus, you know ... Orlocks. :D
I'm all for transparency.

My name is Bert. I'm pretty much just a working kind of dude. Father of two. Former independent professional wrestler. The name of this site came from my brain while I was in college in the 90s as a way to hold together my high school group of friends. Those are the highlights of me.

Here's a picture of my old wrestling days. I either just defended or won some tag team title.
The gut isn't as pronounced nowadays.


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My name is Kalle, I'm 31, and I'm originally from Norway's capitol Oslo. Four years ago I moved to a small mountain village a bit further north with my wife and two kids.

I'm a music teacher by profession, and I teach kids from 9 to 16. I wrote my master thesis on Tom Waits, which proves my excellent taste.

About two years ago I picked up miniatures again, namely Necromunda and Gorkamorka. I hadn't played in about 12-13 years, but suddenly I felt extremely nostalgic. I recruited a friend of mine to play, which isn't the easiest thing to do here in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately he is moving away for a couple of years, so I'll have to think of something...

I also spend a lot of my time in the mountains hiking or skiing. I live right smack in the middle of all of Norways 2k-peaks, and my aim is to visit all of them in the next 10 years.

Please find attached a picture of yours truly in a glacier crevasse.

Good idea folks!

My name is Jamie. I'm married with 4 kids. Age 34. I work in local government. I'd love to have interesting things to say about me but I'm really not as exciting as the rest of you. I don't climb mountains, do physically challenging races or live in exotic places. Did I mention I have 4 kids? Here's me with 2 of them...

I am really digging the idea behind this thread, so many cool facts!! Lol. And it would be very tacky if I were to share my applause of this thread without contributing to it I guess...

So, not an English teacher, writer, professional wrestler, parent, or musically talented in any way... except for if you include how I perceive myself (well, maybe not as a parent...). Even then though, hardly a tough mudder...

My name is Riel, originally from the glacially-deposited rolling farm-and lake country of Central Ontario, Canada. I went to university in Quebec, Canada, studied Cultural Studies and Film, and enriched my obsession of Science Fiction. I was aware of tabletop gaming at the time (a childhood neighbour collected 40K when I was around 10, and I had even bought a squad of Catachans at the time to try my hand at model making and painting), but really had no thoughts of the hobby until later on. Skiing in Vermont, United States during university took me to Golden, British Columbia, Canada afterwards to go from 3900 ft peaks to 8000 ft peaks, accompanied by several years work as a cook. Love making and eating food, don't love trying to survive on a culinary wage. Went back to college to take an electrical technician course, now working as an electrical apprentice and moving to Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the end of the week. I kind of feel weird putting the countries on mentioned locations, but I feel as though many of these places won't make much sense to the outstandingly global Yak community.

I took up Necromunda as merely something to occupy my time to help me stop smoking and drinking (there aren't an overwhelming amount of girls in a North American ski town so I had to find a different distraction that could occupy the majority of my time :rolleyes:), which didn't fully work at first, but I was able to stick with the hobby and nudge out the booze and smokes. And since chicks dig Necromunda, it was only a matter of time til the latter was sorted out and the trouble became finding time for the hobby.

I have a ski picture too, although it isn't as adventurous as involving crevasses, but it does show why the Rocky Mountains are named the way they are...

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I can dig this thread.

I'm Nick, from Essex, UK (just north of London for the uninitiated). By day I work at an old people's home doing the caring, or the cooking, or whatever they're most short of staff for. By other day, I teach English as a foreign language. Well, I would. I'm suitably qualified, but not currrently doing that as a job. Right now I'm in Thailand looking into it. I spent a year living in Toronto and now I'm looking for opportunities to escape the UK again. There's no money here! Well there is, but it's all earmarked for other people.

I don't do a whole lot of cool guy stuff. I read books, I play games, I slice and drill tiny people but never get round to painting them, I go to countries when funds permit. Sometimes I make cocktails! I don't have a beard, which I'm getting the impression is frowned upon here.


whatever happened to that chicken shirt
Andy from Teesside 32 :)
Originally from Cumbria, went to Leeds college of music, and resorted to teaching (11-18)
Similar to everyone else on here I played necro in the 90s and got back into it recently.
Have a 14 month old daughter and am a trumpet player. Err.....interesting stuff...... (Wish I was a wrestler that is so cool).....I can't breath through my nose (broken several times playing rugby), like swimming and geeky stuff.
Here's me driving a tank and enjoying it a little to much :)

Andy T's Necromunda Plog
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I am also known as Robert . :) born in Kentucky, I live in South Carolina. Unlike the unusually large amount of the guys who've posted so. I'm not a teacher of anything. I'm a college student, though I served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps, though I dont have any pics on hand I'll edit one in later.

I got into Necromunda through 40k which my friend got me into. I love the lore, miniatures, and community. And wish to continue sharing it with y'all though I hope to find more players than my few friends I have to coerce into playing.
I'm Andi. Born in Brighton in East Sussex (that's the UK for all you far-flung Yaktribers) I mainly work tearing about at high in a small white van full of presciption drugs as a delivery driver for a pharmacy.

In between writing RPG adventures, playing xbox 360 and adapting TT and RPG rulests for fun, I like to avoid doing housework for my Fiancee and getting my old metal models out to play "Soldas" with my autistic daughter.

I got into the Grimdark nineteen years ago and delved into the underhive about a decade ago, I now own at least one of every delaque model ever made bar one (the lasgun and knife ganger.) I have also adapted the Only War RPG for play on necromunda wth an all-new chargen system.

Check out the professional "author" headshot. (I was writing a book, but it fell through.)
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I like this, great to put a face to the names! I'm Malo aka Dave and I was born in Melbourne, Australia and grew up there as a geek with computers, RPGs, model painting and wargaming. Which is of course how I eventually found Necromunda which we all loved to play. I've always been in the computer industry for work as it was always my primary passion, usually playing games of all sorts (PC gamer since early XT days).

Around 2003-2004 I was playing Anarchy Online MMO and met @Wiisper who is now my wife and is the reason I moved here to the US where we currently reside in York, PA. We now have 3 kids, 2 new puppies (we literally got them 10 days ago) and a very busy life. Continuing my computer career I'm now the IT Director for a real estate company.

Here's me with my middle brat, who just started Kindergarten.


My real actual name is Simon (yeah I know, weird, right?!) and I'm sure I used to do stuff but now I own a two year old human and my time is spent wiping things.


I am not, in fact, a WW2 era naval officer but work with a friend making mobile games. Our top secret first project should be out soon, once out it will become wildly successful, at which point we both become millionaires and I will pay for Yak-Con in its entirety.
I'll go.

My names Jon I'm 34, 2 kids, 1 wife etc. I'm a chartered surveyor in Nottingham, UK.

I returned to the hobby in about 2008 after playing 40k and necromunda back in the 90's. I can still remember some of the cool games of necromunda from back in the day which is what dragged me back in.

Yak is my first plog/forum ever! so thanks for the help, support and kind words it's appreciated.

I also completed the 20 mile 200 obstacle 'rat' race dirty mucker earlier in the year + also won the squash team county cup. I must say we are surprisingly active nerds!
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Lol, this is quite a diverse bunch of geeks indeed :D Well no fair making fun without telling you something about myself:

I'm Martin, 31, from the Low Lands. (Netherlands, right next to Holland). My hobbies are modelling, games and historical european martial arts, for the most part just focussed on the longsword. Other than that, working out and burning up energy is always a good thing. Also I have picked up an interest in historical re-enactment, mostly the early medieval times (around the year 700). I'll be at another event this weekend, hopefully all kitted out for combat someone'll make a dashing picture for me to add to this post. It'd be a first (the dashing bit, that is). I spent last year in South Africa, doing a Professional Field Guide course and as soon as finances (and work permits) permit, I will be back over there before you can say "Where did spotty go?"

I'd like to end this post with a quote from Bottom (which raised, shaped and effectively ruined me, all through childhood up to present day). It is in no small part inspired by @The Castle 's photo. (Richie and Eddie are talking religion, or something).

"What are you Eddie?"
"I don't know".
"Well what's your mother?"
".... a wrestler."
"Allright, I guess that's enough general knowledge for one evening".


That's me with the pencil behind my ear (epic frown).
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This thread needs a "like all posts" button. Quickly becoming the thread I think is most awesome on this site, doubt any other miniatures forum exists in the size and tight-knit communal manner as YakTribe to have anything like this.

Always a bonus when "ExampleMember replied to the thread The Real You!. There may be more posts after this." appears in my Alerts (y)(y)

Sticky icky icky... Ooo E?
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I'm Kevin, I work for the gas board as an emergency engineer in the north east of England. I live in a little town called Alnwick; its castle is famous and has been used in many films including the Harry Potter series, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and the end credits of one of the Blackadder series (the one where he's riding a black horse in front of a castle. I think it's the second series). I was watching an episode of Star Trek: TNG the other day and the castle popped up again! Just some stock footage like but I like to imagine Sir Pat came here for the crack.
Played necromunda loads in the '90's with my brothers, I also played a bit of fantasy battle but nowhere near as fervently as I did with necro. That baby changed the face of wargaming for me.
Lost interest in my teens thanks to drink, drugs, and rock n' roll, but after I got married and had a couple of kids in my mid twenties I put down my guitar and my social life and nested with the young uns. It was then that I hit on the thought of getting the necro models so I could enjoy the game with my kids when they were older. I enlisted my brothers and started buying up the models, fortunately I got most of them when GW were still selling them, but I've payed a kings ransom in total for my collection which I would now describe as vast. This was also when I found this site and I have been here ever since.
I work loads and loads due to a standby pattern that has me on call every three days so I get most of my modelling done in the front of the van in between jobs. Not as much time for painting as I had a year ago but I've been drilling and magnetising my collection, as well as practicing greening and other hobby aspects so its not a complete loss.
It's also chaos when I get back home, with a three year old and two year old running around. The youngest has a few medical problems which mean he struggles to swallow so he has to be fed through a PEG in his stomach, so my time for hobbying in the house is extremely limited. I grab time here and there though, and the oldest loves looking at the necro models and my copy of 'Battles in the Underhive' which gives me the excuse of keeping him engaged by painting more figures!
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I'm Christopher. I'm the younger brother of Cardyfreak. Originally from Alnwick, now residing in Leeds. Computer Animation and Special Effects student at Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Met) and just about to go into my third year where a dissertation awaits!
*SHAMELESS PLUG LINKS* My Youtube and My Website/Blog
Plan to follow my animation course with a PGCE and go for teaching.
Cat owner, or owned by cat, whose name is Tippy (or full name, Tippmann Van Cat) in honour of a paintball gun manufacturer, Tippmann (I have an X7 Phenom) as my housemate and I are keen paintballers. You may have seen this little chap on the forum before, as a thread was made as an offshoot from another conversation shortly after Tippy's accident involving a car. But fear not, the little guy is back to his rogue self.
An avid gamer, screwed up High School thanks to playing too much Counter-Strike and not enough revision. Currently addicted to Skyrim (PS3) and Battlefield 4 (PS4). PSN name: Chitch1
Also recommend an indie game, Project Zomboid - an Isometric, 2.5D survival game set in a zombie outbreak. Regularly updated and only like £5 from their site ;)
A fan of WWE, Bob's Burgers and the gym. Owns more Necromunda models than necessary, but what the hell!

Great thread! My name is Justin, I just turned thirty. I live in Dallas, Texas. I'm married with a great one year old baby boy (his birthday is four days after mine, and the wife likes to joke that he was the only gift I was getting that year!) I work full time at a job I despise while my wife is going to school. When she graduates, I get to go back myself. Yay! Also, I'm an avid video game player. SNxWMxN on PS4 and XB1.

I got into the hobby when I was a lot younger through my dad, actually. He had a job at Reaper Miniatures in the early '90s. We would go up to their building and would wander around the warehouse, looking through giant bins filled with little pewter miniatures. They used to do big trades with Ral Partha and Games Workshop, so that's how I ended up with my first copy of Necromunda and my two favorite gangs; Goliaths and Scavvies. My brother played as Cawdor, my dad had a gang of Van Saar, and another friend of mine had the Orlocks. We played maybe five or six games before interest kind of died out, but some recent D&D and newer Reaper miniatures rekindled my love of the Underhive.

*Edit of new photo because the other was Facebook locked!
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