The Real You!

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Sep 7, 2016
Y Fron, Gwynedd.

The real me...
Months away from 40.... eek!
Served 8 years in The Household Cavalry Regiment, Blues And Royals.
Been a recovery driver, bin man, assistant manager at paintball sites.
I am now a man of leisure due to anxiety, depression and social anxiety.
Live in North West Wales on top of a mountain, great for the mental health but no One around for games.
Happily married, 2 step daughters living with us, teenagers argh!!!
Lots of pets, 23! Ferrets, parrots, parakeets, lizards, dogs, etc....
Mostly make and paint for fun.


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Here's me, trying to steal old Su-7 fighter-bomber...

My name's Jiří, but friends call me Hawkins. I'm from southern Czechia, aged ((5^2)+1), and married to a lovely young lady, no kids yet. I have a degree in electronics and worked in industrial automation for a short while. Now I'm a nuclear engineer.

Also, military and cold war history buff, gun, train, aviation, astronomy, science, electronics, PC gaming, tea, and tinkering enthusiasts, pet rabbit owner, metal music connoisseur.

I build models since pre-teen years, and I picked-up wargaming in 2014. I sometimes skipped lunches at school to save allowance money to buy kits. No need for that now since I make money, but I sometimes do commission painting to make something extra, and to excercise and improve my painting.

Imperial Guard, and later Adeptus Mechanicus was a natural choice for me, same as the Enforcers, as I wanted to be a policeman.

There was plenty of things I wanted to be. Train driver, policeman, soldier, gunsmith, pilot... None of that happened. However, I was a professional model builder for a while, and a part-time actor.
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Feb 8, 2013
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Hi Dudes! welcome to the tribe!

professional model builder... almost a dream job!