N18 The Red Light Furies - Backstory, roster and figures .


Jan 13, 2019
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Hive Primus- Sector 41.
Status Report: The Red Light Furies.
Reporting Officer: K-996/P41

House: Delaque. Non conformist.
Size: Unconfirmed. Estimated at around 120 members in at least 10 established sets.
Colours: None. Preference for garish and extravagant colors, animal prints and individual costumes. Members rarely dress alike.
Hives: Primus only.
Sectors: Primus confirmed in Sectors 5, 41, 45, 60, 74, 83, 88, 94. Rumoured presence in 4, 15, 19, 120. 122, 403.

The Red Light Furies confirm to some of house Delaques norms. Many suffer from bad eyesight, baldness, whispering voices and the usual Delaque traits. They also have a fondness for gathering secrets, blackmail, bribery, bluffs, double plays, trickery and highly convoluted long game plans. On the other hand they are unusually flashy and attention seeking for delaques. Istead of skulking in the shadows in the mysterious and dark colors favored by most, they prefer wild and outlandish displays of wealth and pompery with bright colors and animal fur garments.. even their weapons are highly customer with garish paint jobs or gold or silver plating.
The Red Light Furies dip their fingers into many pies, but their main money maker has always been pimping. Their favored tactic is to pick a settlement and set up a brothel/bawdy house/pleasure dome or whatever tinker they use under the noses of other gangs, many of whom don't realize the establishment is is a Delaque business until too late as the RLF do not conform to typical Delaque appearances. Any rival business begin to suffer strange or mysterious accidents... customers get sick, whores disappear.. some reappear working at the RLF property later, others are never seen again, building burn down, beverage suppliers back out of deals or supplies go missing... until the only functioning bordello is theirs.

In sector 41, they first appeared in the Garageland settlement, opening up The Boom Boom Lounge, in direct opposition to ZZ Gibbons's established The Grange and Bubba O'Really's popular Knock Inn/ Shop. The timing was perfect as the local gang, oarlock affiliated Atom Cats were much weakened having sent a dozen good members into the Dire Docks to contest that area as well as several dozen more moving to Sector 60 to reinforce the beleaguered Rust End chapter. With in a month, The Knock Inn Shop had become just the Lock In was now just a drinking den with one very easy bar maid, all Bubba's regular whores had started working at the Boom Boom lounge. ZZ Gibbons business burned down one day while he was closed, barely making out alive with just 3 of his 8 workers. It was not long after that the initial proprietors of of the Boom Boom Lounge were suddenly joined by many friends in many bright colors. These men and women would display themselves on the doors outside the Boom Boom Lounge, and also could be seen on the street corners around Garageland where they would sell spook pipes, pinks, frenzies, stim-slugs and other narcotics to locals and traders. It was not long before the Atom Cats were at loggerheads with this group, who it seems had appeared from no where and were well armed and almost as numbered as the Atom Cats. The return of Cochran and his surviving crew from the failed Dire Docks stopped the Atom Cats from losing any major turf but the Red Light Furies are now firmly entrenched in their small corner of Garageland.
The same or similar process has been noted in Darkness, Minefield, Rusty Gulch and Fearnaught Hold.

Sector 41- Red Light Furies: Known Members

L'Carpetron Dookmarriot - male, Leader
Elipse Corker - female, 2nd in command.
Velociraptor Maloish- male, heavy.
D'Pez Poopsie - male, street level pimp
Decatholac Mango - female, street level pimp.
Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace- male, street level pimp.
Alicious X-wing - female street level pimp.

these made up the first known members, and it is thought that when they move to establish another "set" these will be the first to move in.
other known Furies whose exact position is not yet clear are

J'Dinklage Morgoone - rank unknown but seems to be the overseer at the Boom Boom Lounge
Ozmataz Buckshank - male
Donkey Teeth - male
Buck Nasty - male
Swordless Mimetown - male
Grunky Peep - Female
Jackmerius Tacktheretrix - male
Bismo Funyons - male
Fudge - male
Cartoons Plural - female
Firstname Lastname - gender unknown
Mousecop - female
Quatro Quatro - male
Equine Ducklings - male
Turdine Cupcake - female
Beezer 12-Washingbeard - male
Torque Lewith - male
Dan Smith - male
Strunk Fuget - male
Mergatroid Skittles - male
Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon - male
D7Jasper Propincrux III - male
Cosgrave Shumway- male.

Intelligence gathering is still on going. These delaque are unusually free with their names and appearing in public, but the ARE STILL delaques, how much is real and how much is an act remains to be seen. It is still not certain that these names are their genuine names.
Reports and Identifying pictures of confirmed members will be added shortly.
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