The Sisters of Mercy - Cawdor gang

Jul 30, 2021
London, UK
Hi all!

I've finally completed my Cawdor gang, "Die Barmherzigen Schwestern" or "The Sisters of Mercy!" They took me about 4 weeks in total, from securing the parts, building and converting, greenstuffing and painting (including a session until 2:30 the night before a tournament in order to get them battle ready).

The story behind them is that the leader, Mutter Oberin Patrizia Eldritch, is a failed Adepta Sororita who fled to the Underhive in disgrace, taking the vow of penitence with the aim of dying in battle with the heretics found down there. Unfortunately, she encountered a roving Redemptionist crusade who rejected her request to join them as she would be better suited as a homemaker for the house. He obviously wasn't the smartest however and she sliced off his head with her chainsword and readied herself to fight the rest of the gang. They saw her as an agent of the Emperor however and followed her as she took the fight to the darkest parts of the hive. More women joined the gang, inspired by her example, with some even taking the vow of penitence themselves in order to emulate their hero.

The gang is made up of quite a few bits, including Battle Sisters, AdMech, BB Necromantic and Nurgle bits and, of course, the ubiquitous Empire flagellants.

Hope you like them!

Just the last few meatshields...I mean, loyal and devout Bonepickers from the gang. I am in the process of adding a few more members to the gang, including a Hive Preacher, Flagellant, plus more Champions, Brethren and Bonepickers (can never have too many). I don't think a Cawdor gang is ever truly finished. With how many Juves you can burn through (pun intended), you can just keep making more and more...though I need to stop at some point because I've also got to finish a Delaque gang for my son before I can get started on my Leather Goth Escher gang...