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The Tailor

Yak Comp 2nd Place
Oct 16, 2017
Doncaster, UK
Long time watcher but only a limited poster, I am making this thread so I have somewhere to record my terrain and to hopefully encourage myself to make some more as my work ethic seems to be inversely tied to how soon I need anything to be ready.

With Mankyfest coming up in 2 months I figured it was a perfect time to be messing around with terrain and trying to get my gang in order.

So with that in mind my hobby muse immediately decided it didn’t want to do that and instead had me trying to create an alien style garden
Here’s the first few steps

Made the tree out of that compressed plastic bubbles which if you hit with a heat gun shrivels up and twitst nicely

Looks a little sparse at the moment but this only a 2 ft by 1.5 ft board so theirs not much room. If it comes out nicely I’ll make a second one to mess around with and actually fight over instead of a nice display board.

Painted up the paths and trees/ roots afterwards I decided the red was a little bright but I’ll tone it down with a few more washes later

Put a smattering of moss and lichen around the board, the lichen I like as they keep their colour you just have to hit them with a lacquer but the moss tend to turn brown so I’m uncertain how it will look in a few months. All the plants simply made me want to add more and turn it into a proper woodland and I’ve been scouring the garden and my bits draws for any extra suitably alien looking plants.

Just for scale by one of the paths, I know he’s a right pain to look at with that colour scheme but it was raining and I was working outside so I wasn’t getting anyone else.

images for yakcomp
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really happy with how this design of kal jericho turned out.
my own design for 3d printing him , does anyone have recommendations for modelling hair though?

also made a van sarr spider and a van sarr gang.

does anyone have some recommendations for stuff i could improve, on the spider as feels a bit lifeless.

cant get his hair right for the pigtails at the front left
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made a van sarr guy for free to anyone who wants him.

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I think the joints on the spider need a detail…like a cog or maybe an inner circle to break up how smooth they are. Maybe even a couple lines across the joint itself to represent how one piece slots into the other?

Kal feels…. Like a squat version. Sorry, “league of volton” version. Maybe it’s the base he’s on?
made a scabs model for free if anyone wants one

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wasnt happy with kal jerichos hair so redid it,

also made some spindle drones. annoyed they were monopose in the box and the fact that the only other stl charged for it so made my own with bodies and moveable legs to allow some variety.

Think i made the legs too thin as when i get them leaping forward they're very weak on the bases, really need all three legs on the ground.,

does anyone have recommendations for what a drone leg could be speared through to give me some more base contact,
eg skull is the tradition i think or a dead gaurdsmen. or tactical rock?

made a big one as well printed and zenithal highlight

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yakcomp photos if you want some ratling scuplts you can find them here i made them during the contest but was hoping to get something more mutie like out during it

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