N18 The Vaults of Temenos and Palatine enforcers

Hello everyone!

Apparently the new book is about Enforcers and Cawdors, but there are no new rules about Enforcers.
They haven't even included the rules that came out in White Dwarf, so they would be still accessible.
Or some vehicle for the new season Ash Wastes.
Not even a disclaimer that says they can occupy territories to be able to play them normally in those campaigns (In campaigns that do not use territories they will be more playable I suppose)
Well, a Brute, but I don't know if this justifies taking them out as protagonists of the book.

The question are:
Are Enforcers then supposed to be played as we have them in The Book of Judgment?
Is the book worth it if you only want it to play Enforcers?
Don't you think it was a missed opportunity?
Check out the latest FAQ for them. It addresses some of the imbalance between enforcers and house gangs. Sadly not all.
Every enforcer has manacles for free now so you now arrest properly. More importantly they have access to the Trade Post for anything gangs can get thier hands on.
The wording of the during campaign section of the book of judgement allows any fighter to take any type, pistol basic special heavy close combat, of weapon allowed in thier entry and on multiple fighter cards so the entire gang has effectively got Tools of the Trade and FAQ access to plasma spam for example.
Yes they need a format update to new house of... rules like helots genestealers and the other older gangs which I think that GW should have done. Also the limit to 0-2 sergeants is still a pain. Looks like they did not go far enough.
With the FAQ, found on Warhammer Community, a ruleset for a acceptable pet and a fairly solid and really thematic brute enforcers do seem a little more viable to me.
They can take vehicles like rock grinders and ridge haulers like anyone else and to be honest their is little different between the house crews and generic ones anyway. Also they can take Wasteland Dirt bikes like anyone else. Coppers on choppers anyone? I have three space marine scout bikes with enforcer torso and head swaps that work quite well.
On the territory point. They only can not occupy territory in Dominion campaigns. All the other ones they can take the same trade routes, rackets, relics or what ever that the other gangs can so play the other campaigns instead. I believe that they are more interesting anyway in my opinion.