The Weakest Link - A Horus Heresy 2.0 Scenario


Gang Hero
Apr 7, 2018
The Weakest Link

A Horus Heresy 2.0 Scenario

Why should I bother reading this?

Read this battle report, if you…

like to see bolter porn unleashed upon lots of unaugmented human infantry (we are talking here 186 models) in more than 300 pics. A short summary is also provided at the end of this post for all who can´t stomach scrolling through depictions of cruel violence.

want to see a parody of the omnipresent gamification of today´s wargames.

want to see a plot idea shamelessly stolen from another sci-fi franchise and thrust into the madness of the 30K universe.

want to stay tuned to the adventures of the Iron Hands on New Mars (see the Monument Preservation scenario in the LI subforum).

  • Plot
  • The 37th expeditionary fleet of the Great Crusade has been abducted by an alien force straight from their Warp travel. They find themselves now orbiting the planet of New Mars in the Andromeda galaxy, a place which has been visited by mankind a very long time ago. Soon after this Cpt. Jacques Picarr, the leader of the fleet, is being teleported against his will from the command deck onto the surface of New Mars. There he is confronted by ß, an enigmatic alien intelligence posing as a human woman. She tells him that he will participate with a small selection of his soldiers in a wargame. Should he lose the entirety of mankind will be reduced to it´s ignominious beginning as prebiotic broth on Terra. Refusing to participate is not an option. Then she explains to him the rules of the game (see 4) and vanishes.

  • ß
  • ß (German letter; Eszett or “sz”) stands for the initials of Sonja Zietlow. She moderated the gaming show Der Schwächste Fliegt, based upon the British original The Weakest Link, from 2001 to 2002. In stark contrast to other gaming shows the atmosphere created by the host was cool to outward hostile. Accurate answers from the players were commented by a harsh “Corrrrrect” from Sonja Zietlow. Bad performances by the players and their subsequent removal from the game were followed with humiliating taunts by the host. This behaviour and her black outfit made her seem like a dominatrix according to a German newspaper article of that time.

  • The Rules of the Wargame
  • To win this scenario a team has to control the center objective and correctly answer the game-winning question.
  • Objectives resemble thick metal rods upon which red game show buzzers have been mounted. They rise from the ground up to waist level when a legal unit (Line or Independent Characters (HQ)) comes within 3 inches of them. Legal units controlling an objective at the end of a round choose a model (dubbed player or champion) who hits the buzzer. It is then teleported into the game show room where it must answer one of ß´s questions. Correct answers yield points equivalent to the game turn in which they were gained (e.g. a correct answer in turn 3 yields three points) and teleport the model back onto the battlefield. Wrong answers remove the model from the game (this won´t cause a morale check) and will permanently debuff the Ld score by 1 for the rest of the scenario for all models in the same unit who were present when their champion had been send forth to answer the question. This is a cumulative effect so that multiple wrong answers will drastically reduce the Ld stat). In order to correctly answer a question the model has to roll equal to or under it´s natural Ld stat which can´t be modified by any means apart from the above mentioned debuff.
  • In order to be able to control the center objective with one of the legal units the team had to previously accumulate at least ten points during the game. Points may only be gained by controlling the outer objectives and answering questions correctly.
  • Legal units which are engaged in close combat, are on Fall Back orders or are pinned can´t control an objective.
  • If legal units from opposing teams are able to control the same objective (e.g. at least one of their models is in 3 inches of said objective) then both teams may send a player to hit the buzzer.
  • The Nighttime conditions of the scenario (see 6) do not lower the Ld stat in regards to answer questions as the model is teleported into the game show room where it is safe from physical but not mental harm. 😊

Link of battle report pics

  • Issues with imgbb (pic hosting site):
  • Uploaded pics are not sorted in numerical order like in my folder. Batches of pics (usually 15) were uploaded and sometimes pics with lower data size would upload first despite taken place at a later time during the battle report. So if the order of action seems somewhat fishy check the numbers of the pics to see what should have come first. The uploaded pics are also presented in reverse order. So the first pics shown to you are the last ones taken in the battle report.

  • How to read the battle report:
  • The battle starts with an opening pic of ß and four panorama shots above the battlefield. Then both “Teams” are presented starting from the left flank respectively.
  • Turns are announced by showing a dice tray with a blue D20 indicating the turn. At the top of the same pic is also the score shown. When all activations have been done at the end of a turn, the players will be shown as they hit the buzzer to enter the game show room. There they encounter ß who will ask them a question. On failure the rest of the squad is shown how they react to their missing buddy. After this we see again four panorama shots of the battlefield to show how the recent actions has changed the battlefield in comparison to the last turn. Rinse and repeat.

  • Further Mission Details

  • Rules: Custom HH 2.0
  • Game Mode: Single Player
  • Board: 180 cm x 120 cm
  • Terrain: A lot of boulders and several rocky hills.
  • Game Turns: 5 + ? (see Random Game Length)
  • Forces: Iron Hands (Loyalists) & Militia (Traitor)
  • Points: slightly above 1000
  • Scenario Special Rules: From Dusk ´till Dawn, Militia Buffs, Random Game Length, Reserves and Wargame (see above: 4).

  • Custom HH 2.0:
  • Alternating activations,
  • Legions Imperialis order system
  • Weapons have been assigned three new traits: Small Arms (e.g. Bolters), Light Anti-Tank (e.g. Proteus assault cannon) and Anti-Tank (e.g. Lascannon). Weapons lacking the Light Anti-Tank and/or Anti-Tank trait can´t harm vehicles.
  • Explode results on the vehicle damage table don´t destroy the vehicle but allow for a subsequent additional roll on the damage table. This may generate multiple rolls in a row as long as Explode results are generated. Multiple hull points may be lost that way and all debuffs rolled must be applied to the vehicle.
  • Defensive weapons on vehicles and infantry units with the Relentless trait (here Terminators) may fire their weapons during the movement phase when on Advance and/or March orders.
  • Overwatch: Vehicles may initiate Overwatch with their Defensive weapons while on Advance or First Fire orders. Infantry may initiate Overwatch with their Small Arms and Template weapons (e.g. Flamers) while on Advance or First Fire orders. Vehicles and Infantry with the Relentless trait may also use heavy weapons on Overwatch while on Advance or First Fire orders.
  • Vehicles may split-fire with all their weapons and may pick a different target for each of their gunners onboard. Infantry may split-fire their special or heavy weapons. Only a single, additional target may be chosen this way for infantry (e.g. Terminators shoot infantry with combi-bolters and proteus assault cannon attacks a vehicle).
  • Infantry have a move stat of 4 inches.
  • Casualties are removed from the front. Special equipment from squads (e.g. scanner, grenade launcher, etc.) may be picked up by other grunts keeping the gear on the board.

From Dusk ´till Dawn:

The Nighttime condition is active during all game turns. Units pick a target for ranged combat, measure the range to the target and then check to see if they can spot them by rolling at least the minimum distance required to the closest model of the target unit:

2D6*3 inches = Spotting distance in the dark.

If the spotting distance is less than the distance required to the closest model of the target unit then the attack is wasted and the unit can´t pick a new target. The exception here is the split-fire rule. When doing split-fire check for each individual target.

Nighttime condition also lowers the Ld stat for all models on the battlefield unless a special rule prevents it (e.g. Silver Iron Will).

Searchlights have an unlimited range and can be used in the movement or shooting phase by units on any kind of order except Fall Back. Targets are automatically hit by a unit using a searchlight (no spotting roll needed), if it has LOS to the target. Hit targets gain the Illuminated trait as long as the searchlight keeps shining a light on them in subsequent turns. Illuminated targets can be chosen as a target for further ranged combat without requiring to roll the above mentioned spotting distance. A unit illuminated by a searchlight loses this trait, if for some reason all models from said unit no longer have LOS to the searchlight (e.g. due to casualties) or the unit using the searchlight chooses to illuminate another target in subsequent turns or the target unit avoids the searchlight by hiding behind suitable terrain pieces.

Units using ranged combat under Nighttime conditions illuminate themselves due to muzzle flashes. Units illuminated in that fashion lose this trait at the start of their next activation. Should the unit do ranged combat again then they gain Illuminated as before.

Searchlights are treated the same way as pintle weapons on the vehicle damage table in regards to destroying them.

Militia Buffs:

  • Endless Horde lets the unit respawn from where it left the battlefield. That may be anywhere on the board (in case of units with the Expendable trait.
  • Battlecannon & Demolisher cannon use the 5 inch blast template. Both weapons cause Pinning and have the Brutal [3] trait.

Random Game Length:

At the end of the final game turn (here 5) roll a D6: On a roll of 3+ there will be another turn. After that one ends roll a D6: On a roll of 4+ there will be yet another turn. And after that one ends roll again a D6: On a 5+ there will be a final turn which determines the outcome of the game.

  • Army Lists (mentioned in deployment order from left to right flank):
  • Iron Hands:
  • 10-man Flamer squad (Scanner and Vet. Sgt. with chainsword) in Rhino (Searchlight & Smoke Launchers).
  • 10-man Tactical squad (Line, Scanner) led by Brandon Spike (Vet. Sgt. with chainsword) in Rhino (Searchlight & Smoke Launchers).
  • 10-man Indomitus Terminator squad (Line, proteus assault cannon, heavy flamer and two chainfists; Vet. Sgt. with master-crafted power sword).
  • Cpt. Jacques Picarr (Cataphractii Terminator with Combi-Melta & Chainfist) attached to Terminators. Traits: Silver Iron Will & Pride of the Legion (Terminators become a Line unit).
  • 20-man Tactical squad (Line, Scanner) led by Willard T. Rubio (Vet. Sgt. with bolt pistol and chainsword).
  • Whirlwind with combi-bolter, smoke launchers & searchlight.


  • 30-man Tainted squad (laspistols & close combat weapons) represented with models from the ZOMBIES!!! boardgame. Zombie model with bright green hair acts as unit champion.
  • 10-man Grenadier squad (Line, grenade launcher) led by Vet. Sgt. Sleazy Joe (plasma pistol & chainsword). Heavy weapon team was treated as regular grunts.
  • Rogue Psyker (Core Discipline) attached to Grenadiers.
  • 30-woman Tainted squad “Reds” (laspistols & close combat weapons) represented with models from the ZOMBIES!!! boardgame. Zombie model with bright green hair acts as unit champion.
  • Leman Russ with battle cannon, lascannon, dozer blade, smoke launchers and searchlight.
  • 30-woman Tainted squad “Blondes” (laspistols & close combat weapons) represented with models from the ZOMBIES!!! boardgame. Zombie model with bright green hair acts as unit champion.
  • 30-man Tainted squad (laspistols & close combat weapons) represented with models from the ZOMBIES!!! boardgame. Zombie model with bright green hair acts as unit champion.
  • Leman Russ with demolisher cannon, lascannon, heavy stubber, dozer blade, smoke launchers and searchlight.
  • 25-woman Tainted squad “Brunettes” (laspistols & close combat weapons) represented with models from the ZOMBIES!!! boardgame. Zombie model with bright green hair acts as unit champion.
  • 10-man Grenadier squad (Line, grenade launcher) led by Vet. Sgt. Jackson (plasma pistol & chainsword). Heavy weapon team was treated as regular grunts.
  • Dr. Totenkopf (Force Commander) with bolt pistol & power sword. Traits: Ruthless Tyrant, Tainted & Unending Horde.
  • 20-man Tainted squad (laspistols & close combat weapons) represented with models from the ZOMBIES!!! boardgame. Zombie model with bright green hair acts as unit champion.

  • Gaming Aids:
  • Order Tokens:
  • Red: First Fire. No move allowed but unit fires in First Fire phase.
  • Blue: Charge. Double move when a charge reaches the target. If not only single move.
  • Advance: Green. Single move. Units who have moved with this order already have the token placed on their base or their model. Unit fires in Advance fire phase.
  • March: Purple. Double move for infantry. Vehicles may move 1.5 of their move allowance.
  • Yellow: Fall Back. Unit makes a double move towards it´s table edge in the Fall Back phase at the end of the turn. This is a condition and not an order for selection.

  • Status effect tokens:
  • Red blood drops: Indicates loss of wounds and/or hull points.
  • Red star: Crew shaken
  • Blue star: Actual position of models on terrain which can´t be placed due to wobbly model syndrome.
  • Yellow exclamation mark: Shows location for spawning point at the end of a turn on a successful Endless Horde roll.
  • Orange X: Pinned infantry unit.
  • Yellow round: Illuminated unit.

  • Battle Report (mentioning units from left to right flank):
  • The flamer squad ignited a Tainted unit on Overwatch. The traitors decided to have more of such treatment and spawned a replacement due to Endless Horde which was also barbecued. Then the flamer squad hopped into the Rhino in order to chase the Leman Russ hoping to plant krak grenades at an opportune time on it´s hull.
  • Brandon Spike´s Tactical squad climbed a rocky hill where a game show buzzer was located. His squad was responsible for earning the crucial points to unlock the center objective on the battlefield as well as causing major harm to the opposite Grenadier squad and a couple of casualties to the Blondes. In return a few of his brothers were injured when the Leman Russ fired turn after turn on their position in the vain hope of pinning them and thus preventing them from hitting the buzzer.
  • The Indomitus Terminators led by Cpt. Picarr marched towards the center objective and were responsible for causing harm to the Reds and Blondes. When the Blondes respawned to charge them around the center hill the Overwatch fire from the Terminators broke their assault and caused them to flee the battle for good. During the fifth turn the proteus assault cannon gunner profited from an opportunity to attack the rear armour of the Demolisher and blew it apart in one burst. In the last turn of the game the Terminators converged upon the center hill and both Cpt. Picarr and the gunner from before took out the Leman Russ from the rear.
  • The Tactical squad led by Willard T. Rubio secured the game show buzzer on their flank and were determined to repel the masses of traitors running towards their position. Unloading an unreal hail of fire they took out a large chunk of the opposing force on the far right flank.
  • The Whirlwind was very effective in the first two turns as it was able to pin multiple units with indirect fire. Later it repositioned itself to fire directly at the opposite Grenadiers near a game show buzzer but was way less effective than it was before.
  • Switching now over to the Militia there is not much to say apart from that they died as fast as expected. The Grenadiers on the right flank scored points but were ultimately blown from the hill by the Terminators. In regards to damage only the Demolisher took a good chunk out of the Iron Hands reducing Willard´s squad significantly in size.
  • In turn 6 Cpt. Picarr went into the game show room and answered correctly the trivia question.
That will be all.