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Dec 30, 2017
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He watched as the highly coveted liquid slowly went through the medical concoction the Mad doc had cooked up. Each drop causing the entire thing to nearly colapse under its own weight. The mad doc standing next to him, bearing his teef, as if his 'ater di'p was that which saved the life of Red. He turned and gazed at the Mad doc. "So long as Red 'va lives. So do you."

The threat hung in the air. The ork, took a step back as if struck. Its nostrils flaring, the smile disappearing, slowly turning into a snarl. Then it started to sputter and growl, raising its fists in air. Not noticing the bright blueish light racing towards it.

The sudden bright white glowing hand that grabbed the mad doc by the throat and lifted it up, cut its tantrum short. His blazing blue eyes locking on its deep red ones. "That was not a challenge," he spat between the still awkward teef of both a human and ork. Throwing the green skinned monster accross the room as if he was made of paper, he walked toward the unconcious form of Red Eva. "I owe this woman my life, and because of that I will kill anything that might be a threat to her continued existance."

The mad doc slowly got up off the ground, dusting off the various pieces of debris. Kicking on of the Gretchin as they scurried around trying to keep everything running. "You da boss," shruggng its shoulders in acceptance. "Da 'uman is stronger dan most. Dey be a good 'xample of 'umans. Worth a great many teef." It did not understand his reasons for keeping the human alive, it never would.

"You would do well ne'er to consider her worth," his voice as cold and silent as the void. "The weight of me ship in teef, would be an insult to her, and any insult to her that suggests she does not control her own fate. Well, they tend to die."

To be continued.
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Good to see this continue! I had to go back and skim the previous thread to get reacquainted with the story, but getting anything done with a little'un is hard work. :giggle:
The ash storm reached around the Angels Mists, as is keel cut sharply through the winds. The White ork stood at the view port watching the wild winds try to push his ship and crew off their course. It never did, but enjoyed watching the elements try.
His thoughts were pulled back the Eva and the 105th. He struggled with what had happened, and his connection not only to how the Inquisition found them this time. The reason they were ambushed dug at his mind like a starving Squig to the kill, as well. How could they have been ambushed. Even the crazed hoard of ork's that tried to ambush the Adapta Soritas regiment who thought Grace was a deserter, didn't have a chance with her senses.
His thoughts went further back. . .
. . . Back to the broken images of being in a tank of chemicals. Watching the tech priest's argue over what to do. Watching as the Inquisitor and Eva's ragtag group of military break down the door, and Evac the entire room. Him being the only experiment that lived, much to the horror of the Magos Xenologis, was included at Eva's instance. Granted at that point the orkoid fungus hadn't completely merged with his genetic profile.
His attention was quickly diverted by a kind of itch you get when you know some one is watching you. This itch had a name he had given it "What now, Feros?" He asked the hulking brute of an ork that was watching him.
Fero Vindicta is the name he had given this brute by even Orkoid standards. Its mass unable to be ignored, nor its savagery. It was his second in command, or more accurate, the first ork the spores of the white ork had infected. Fero was completely obdient, questions were not part of why he did. "Da 'um,ne, be awake, fa'her. Dey seem really mad. Cut de mad Dok, one, doo." It chuckled, as it did not like the Mad Dok's, not one bit.
"Ok. And don't call me dat. I am closer to being you den I am your fa'her." He said back to Fero. The Ork had started to call him fa'her along with the more controlled orks. Shortly after he had showed up. He knew he would have to stop that soon, or one of the Biguns were going to challenge him, and he could not afford to lose any more of them. "Lets go make sure she doesn't kill the Mad Dok's. I don't like 'em any more Dan you do, but we do be needing dem." And with that they both left the viewing deck.

To be continued

****YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED**********

After coming up with the idea of the 105th and the story of an all female ex military gang that had ties with the Inquisition. I stumbled upon the Magos Xenologis sect of the Adamech. This lead me down the rabbit hole of the war of the Beast, and how both Armageddon and Necromunda Both used to known as a different planet with a much different past. The I read about the Kork. Specifically the 12 meter tall, in more sophisticated and high tech power armor than anything the imperium had ever come close to creating, that was in the Necron who collected things treasure trove. It made me realise (and yes I realise that after playing Warhammer and Warhammer 40k and Necromunda and Gorkamorka since late 1994, makes me a some what dense person), that all Orkoids evolved from fungus.

Now I had when I was quite a bit younger did an essay on fungi. Why I will never remember, but what I do remember is there is a special species of fungi that is parasitic to other fungi. Couple that with the xenology background book from the black library and a wild and over active imagination , and BAM! The White ork is born.

Now started working on some ideas, and right now he is a mix between space marine size and big 'un size. But because his power is a combination of wits, psyker, and argumentation, he has the possibility of directly infecting and subverting any Orkoids he comes in contact with.

I left a few avenues of thought open for my thought to run around in. Mainly for something to occupy the logistical side of my brain while the artistic side worked on sculpting him. I almost have the head done. . . . . 🤯😎
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damn boi. Can you post the previous thread? i think im losing some info here haha
P.S. awesome idea, I may try to make a model for that White Ork, good job!
damn boi. Can you post the previous thread? i think im losing some info here haha
P.S. awesome idea, I may try to make a model for that White Ork, good job!
Well first he is about the size of an old school space marine, without armor. Secondly he is still more human than fungi .. . . But that is slowly changing. As for the you think you missed something. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Let me introduce you to the survivors of Necromundan 105th regiment, who survived the Third war for Armageddon. Just give me a few to find the threads.
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