N18 The white Ork


Dec 30, 2017
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He watched as the highly coveted liquid slowly went through the medical concoction the Med boyz had cooked up. Each drop causing the entire colapse under its own weight. The mad doc standing next to him, bearing his teef, as if his 'ater di'p was that which saved the life of Red. He turned and gazed at the Mad doc. "So long as Red 'va lives. So do you."

The threat hung in the air. The ork, took a step back as if struck. Its nostrils flaring, the smile disappearing, slowly turning into a snarl. Then it started to sputter and growl, raising its fists in air. Not noticing the bright blueish light racing towards it.

The sudden bright white glowing hand that grabbed the mad doc by the throat and lifted it up, cut its tantrum short. His blazing blue eyes locking on its deep red ones. "That was not a challenge," he spat between the still awkward teef of both a human and ork. Throwing the green skinned monster accross the room, he walked toward the unconcious form of Red Eva. "I owe this woman my life, and because of that I will kill anything that might be a threat to her continued existance."

The mad doc slowly got up off the ground, dusting off the various pieces of debris. Kicking on of the Gretchin as they scurried around trying to keep everything running. "you da boss," shruggng its shoulders in acceptance. "Da 'uman is stronger dan most. Dey be a good 'xample of 'umans. Worth a great many teef." It did not understand his reasons for keeping the human alive, it never would.

"You would do well ne'er to consider her worth," his voice as cold and silent as the void. "The weight of me ship in teef, would be an insult to her, and any insult to her that suggests she does not control her own fate. Well, they tend to die."

To be continued.
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Good to see this continue! I had to go back and skim the previous thread to get reacquainted with the story, but getting anything done with a little'un is hard work. :giggle: