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Oct 30, 2016
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To become a Marine:
*attend a TribeMeet event (either in person or as a hired gun) -you are now a Yakling
*pick a squad to join -the first event you will be a scout, the second event you will be in second company, 3rd in 3rd, etc. Until you reach Veteran Company.
*build a mini based on your Yak rank -must have armour and equipment according to your position, but otherwise it’s completely upto you!
*bring mini to next TribeMeet where photos will be taken in parade formation.
*optional: for anyone who doesn’t mind giving their mini away, names will be put in a hat and one lucky yak will win the whole detachment!

To join the imperial guard (Yakstra militarum?):
*leave a post on this thread, saying you wish to join!
*optional: when you do make it to a TribeMeet, bring your fully painted guard mini, join the parade and enter the prize draw!

If anyone wishes to take a pic of their Yakmarine (/guard) before TribeMeet, that would be grand!
Anyone remember that piece of art midway through rogue trader depicting a couple of brightly regaled renegade space marines sat at a table?
For abit of a laugh and abit of a community project, I would like to create a space marine chapter -The Yakmarines!
The idea is that for every year you attend a TribeMeet event you put yourself up for promotion, and if you are interested in taking part in the project, then you may select a Squad to join! So that each year you get promoted to a new company and eventually make it to veteran status!
My hopes is that everyone who joins in will make a mini of their space marine ‘selves and we can get a good group photo at the meets and possibly (if people are up for it) have a lottery or prize so one lucky yak will walk home with a pocket full of space marines and a smile on their face!

Iv ‘invented’ afew custom titles for different types of marine, but otherwise it will be the standard spacemarine chapter organisation with afew tweeks. (So don’t get yer knickers in a twist if it doesn’t comply with the latest, or any, gw canon!)

Homeworld: Necromunda
Chapter badge: The Yak
Company colours: none, It is up to each individual Yak to paint his own armour any colour they like, tho there is nothing to say Yaks can’t co-ordinate between squad members if they wish.

*Company Comand HQ - The High Lords of Yak
*The Yakscouts
*Companies 2-5 Battle Companies
*Company 6 Assault Company (bikes)
*Company 7 Assault Company (jump packs)
*Company 8 Assault Company (land speeders)
*Company 9 The Long Horns
*Veteran Company The Yak Guard

*The Great Yak - Company Grand Master - Malo
*Yak Lord- Company Commanders- The Yaktribe Admins
*Yak Guard- Elite Veterans- any yakman who makes it to ten years service or who a Yak lord sees fit to promote
*Yak Captain- Acting Yak Commander- any yak foolish or nieve enough to organise a TribeMeet.
*Yak Priest- Company Chaplain- a yak promoted by a yak captain for going beyond the call of duty
*Word Priest- Company Librarian- a Yak promoted by a yak captain for great deeds of literature and organisastion
*Troll Priest- Company Techmarine- a Yak who provides at least two or more tables worth of terrain for an event
Apothecary- Company Medic- a Yak who kindly offered to be event photographer
Dreadnaught- a Yak who finishes at least 3 events in the bottom two places may opt to become a company dreadnought!

*Yak Sergeant- squad commander- A yak promoted by a yak captain for organising or fleshing out a campaign or scenario
*Yak Corporal- squad specialist- A Yak who won one of the many brilliant awards
*Yakmarine- trooper- here’s your bolter, try harder next time
*Yakscout- aspiring marine- a first year yakker
*Yaklings- what are you waiting for, pick a squad to join

A yak may stay where he is or become a rank and file if they so choose!

For every yak who shows their support on the Yakmarine thread, but cannot attend a TribeMeet, they will get added to the yakmarine Fortress Monestary imperial guard regiment (yet to be named).
Then for every 5 yaks that become guard, the earliest to join goes up in rank, until full squads are formed, then platoons, then company, then regiments....
*specialist (5)
*sergeant (10)
*heavy (15)
*luitenant (20)
*captain (40)
*colonel (80)
So for example, today is your first day in the Corp, 4 others join up after you, so you become a specialist, 5 more join the next day, so you become a Sergeant, the next day another 5 so you become a heavy etc etc.
Also, if you get to leuitenant status, You can have a chimera to roll about in, (inside/on the battlefield/whatever)
If you get to captain status, you can opt to make your entire company a chimera Company (iron fist???)
And if you reach colonel you can make your company an armoured Corp!

This is going to be a super slow burning project so apologies up front for any mistakes I make or if it takes me ages to update!

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The High Lords of Yak
Yak Lord - Spafe - 3rd Great Company ‘ABC Warriors’
Yak Lord - ClockworkOrange - 13th Great Company ‘The Trolls’

Danger Company (TribeMeet Uk 2018)
Yak Captain - @CaptainDangerous
Yakscout Word Priest - @Stoof

Power Company (TribeMeet Australia 2018)
Yak Captain - @maxwellrpower

Danger Company (TribeMeet Scotland 2018)
Yak Captain - @CaptainDangerous
2nd Co. Word Priest - @Stoof

Lykan Company (TribeMeet South 2018)
Yak Captain/Yak Priest - @radulykan

Yakscout Company
Squad 1-@Ned Noodle -Corporal
Squad 2-@Crowbarr -Corporal @Biggle_Bear -Corporal
Squad 3-
Squad 4-
Squad 5- @Kommissar Shriken
Squad 6-
Squad 7-@DarkNwss
Squad 8-
Squad 9-
Squad 10-

2nd Company
Squad 1-
Squad 2 -
Squad 3 -
Squad 4 -
Squad 5 -
Squad 6 -
Squad 7 -
Squad 8 -
Squad 9 -
Squad 10 -

Imperial Guard:
@KungFuPanda.... @Azzabat
@sump dweller
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Yaklings (up for promotion)
@undertaker- Yakscout
@The Duke - Yakscout Sergeant
@Llewy - Yakscout
@Yaksam (the great and powerful)- Yakscout Sergeant
@radulykan - Yakscout Yak Priest
@Nick.B. - Yakscout Corporal
@Tiny - Yakscout Corporal
@NewbieOne - Yakscout
@Bastion - Yakscout Corporal
@MancInventor - Yakscout Colour Sergeant
@horuswaspretty - Yakscout
@henry.isaacs - Yakscout Corporal
@cole frehlen - Yakscout
@Dawn Hazle- Yakscout Apothecary
@Zeebogie -Yakscout Corporal
@VampyrofSol - Yakscout
@Deecee - Yakscout
@Jaws - Yakscout
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Yak Lord! Bow down my minions! Tick.

Troll Priest - hmmm inspired by a certain someone me thinks, although one of the ones I provided was only a space mat - Tick.
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Surely a 1st year Yakker would be a Yakling?

Sounds like a pretty cool idea. I like the idea of “earning” your rank by attending YakTribe events.
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So if I understand this right, all we need to do is-
A) make a space marine model of ourselves
B)choose a company
C) attend a tribemeet
D) aim to be a specialist

Chaplain = go "beyond the call of duty"

Librarian = help with fluff and organisation

Techmarine = provide 2 tables of scenery

Apothecary = be a photographer for the event

Sergeant = contribute to the campaign fluff or come up with a special scenario (eg. Thundercube or Yaksam's car scenario )

Corporal = win a prize

How does that sound for a sum up?
*the captain wakes up from his agent orange fuelled binge, he still feels the effects.....”

Actually I got thrown out of college early with it being a Friday! (My current main source of internet) so I didn’t get to fully finish what I had in mind :p

@Stoof, although you weren’t there in person, your presence was felt from across the pond, and your spirit represented in the form of a giant killer robot! As per my captain privledge I would like to offer you a position as the first Yakscout Wordpriest! If the chapter librarium isn’t your scene, you may join the Yakscouts as a Sergeant or lower, if you prefer? *yak salute*

@ClockworkOrange @spafe, as High Lords of the Yak I imagine that there is a large circular council room, sat upon a very grim dark tower of the Yak Fortress Monestary, in the unforgiving wastes of necromunda. It is very much the same as the Jedi council from Star Wars Except it is probibly more like yonderland! Either way there is a little orange troll wearing power armour that frequently says “too old, too old to begin the training” while all the other yak Lords laugh and point behind his back by saying he is ‘soo wise’ and a ‘great warrior’!
But this is all speculation on my behalf because whenever I get summoned they slam the door in my face like blackrod*, and I can hear you all’s everytime!! :mad:
....Anyway, as yak Lords you are basically the same as Wolf Lords from that space marine chapter that likes wolves!
So you are free to use whatever equipment you like and are also free to come up with whatever grandiose title you wish! You can also promote and demote yaks as you see fit and have a personal yak guard that you appoint if you so wish!
If any of the other yak staff would like to get involved, you needn’t have to have gone to a TribeMeet as you automatically qualify for being awesome!

But to answer your question Spafe, just make a mini based on your rank here, paint it whatever colours you like, and at the TribeMeet it will serve as a small mini comp of sorts!
Just abit of a laugh really!

Pleased you like it @Jason7796 ! :)

@Azzabat, I have just flicked through the Codex Yakstartes and you are indeed correct! :p

@Biggle_Bear, that mini is way too mechanicus for someone who didn’t bring any terrain! And besides you are only at scout level so get your ideas together Yakling! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?

*blackrod, see uk state opening of parliament.
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Seems I’m going to have dish out the first punishment detail!

Sign of the Yak thank you very much, one finger each side of the head to mimic horns. No signs of the fake Emperor in our legion!
But captain the quarter master told me that is the only suit that matches my teddy bear physique (plus I don't own a single space marine model).

So do I understand that the models have to be fitting with their in game rules? I can't have a power sword if I am a yakmarine trooper for example? Or a Cape being held afloat by cherubs? :p
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You can model your mini any which way you want, the Yakmarines encourage artistic freedom, but it would be good if you could stick to the Codex Yakstartes approved wargear, and bigglebear in mind that whatever mini you do make will be up for grabs for whomever joins in!

Infact I have a scout or two I can send you, what weapon do you want?
And which squad do you want to join (the options are 1-10)?
GIVE AWAY! FREE! Well maybe this breast plate isn't so tight in the chest area. And these stilt legs actually make me look taller. Making a model that others might like. That changes things. Thinking cap time.