Thinking of taking the plunge - Skaven

I think I'll get a second box at some point then. I will be able to differentiate amongst them with different fur colours and minor conversions easily enough.
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You do need to identify particular players for purposes of SPPs/skills, but that's usually done with numbers.

Some people don't like having two models the same (let alone more than two). On the other hand, on Monday my opponent fielded a 2nd edition Dwarf team where they were all the same monopose model (and half my team were the same too).
Yeah, they'll be numbered too - I meant that beyond numbering them I should be able to make them not so uniform/obviously the same models just with the paint job. Bar whatever the team colours are of course.
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If you want a good starting point for information I'd highly recommend - this will give you pretty much all you need to know initially about all the teams and the players therein.

Also for minis there are a lot of options - the GW minis are nice but as people have said the box is limited in what you get for positionals - Greebo do a very nice Skaven team as do a lot of the other third party manufacturers.
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I got my Skaven built last night. Nice little kit, but not much room for easy customisation without breaking our the scalpel & milliput, so they're built as per the instructions.

I was thinking about getting a couple of Skaven Assassins to use as extra gutter runners - the scale might be off though as the Blood Bowl guys are pretty hulking. Mind you, a small, nimble speedy rat might fit in well - like the little nippy buggers in Rugby.
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I don't know which assassins you were thinking of. I hear people have used the Silver Tower duo, which should scale pretty well, but I don't know what they cost on eBay if you don't have WHQ already. Personally I'd probably have gone for a second regular box since I beleive that's the same price as the FW set. But I don't know how fiddly they are to convert.
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West Bromsnitch Albinos assembled - but they need some paint!
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No, no games yet. I've read the rules. That's about as far as my training has gone for now!

Oh, and I'm not a fan of resin :LOL: I've never come across a miniature that has been manufactured to be soft, bendy, brittle and hard depending on which piece of it you touch!
I should have guessed from the fact the tails are all intact. Those WILL break (plastic or resin).
I was contemplating docking/shortening their tails on purpose - it nakes sense in-game because I imagine their tails would regularly get damaged and broken when playing BloodBowl, and it makes sense in playing because I can choose where to make the cut whereas random chance will undoubtedly break somewhere awkward.
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I think that's what I'd do if I had these models. It also makes sense because skaven tails have never been that long before!
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