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Oct 12, 2015
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Hello all!

As it appears I keep buying/wanting new shiny things faster than I can paint them, me think some kind of progress log could help keep me motivated (but don't expect very frequent updates).

Current state of affairs (2018-05-29):
  • ToDo:
    • Necromunda scratch built scatter terrain (crates, barrels, containers)
    • Necromunda risers
    • modular 3D walls for ZM tiles
    • modular Shadespire board (for up to 4 player games)
    • Van Saar gang
    • Shadespire Dwarves
    • Shadespire Rats
    • Shadespire other Sigmarines
    • Shadespire other Khornates
  • Work in progress:
    • Necromunda's plastic doors and barricades (about 95% painted)
    • Necromunda MDF terrain (from Wargames Tournament): about 65% painted to TT standard
    • Shadespire Reavers (about 20% painted)
    • Shadespire Skellies (primed)
    • Shadespire Orcs (primed)
    • Necromunda's ammo crates and objectives (glued)
    • Goliath gang (magnetization in progress)
    • Escher gang (cutting and gluing in progress)
  • Done:
    • Shadespire Sigmarines:
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Thanks guys!
To be honest @spafe, I'm not very fond of the guys that murdered WFB either :unsure:
That's why I used them as guinea pigs of sort (apart from a few dozen speed-painted necrons, they are the first minis I've painted in what, 10 years?)
But I must admit they've grown on me a little (I just love the purple/bone contrast, plus it feels good to finally use some paint that is not black, silver or green :p)

I'll try to show you some pics of my WiP Necromunda terrain some time soon to compensate ;)
Great job - I am with @spafe though, lovely paint job, terrible models.

I look forward to seeing some Necromunda related models from you.
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While I'm still waiting for my copy of the new game to arrive, here are some pics of my WiP Necromunda terrain (MDF Industrial terrain from Wargames Tournaments (I've got set 1, set 2, and 2 extra sets of bulkheads)).

I'm forcing myself to bring everything to tabletop standard before I add some more details (hazard strips, electrical wires, plumbing, graffity, wanted posters, etc.)
So, without further ado, here is the "finished" stuff:
Those green things in the foreground are prototype barrel/crate/container I made this summer. Mass production will start after I finish the towers and walkways.

Some WiP bulheads and an early prototype walkway I used to test my hazard stripes painting method:

And the progress shelves (everything finished goes on top):
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I’m not seeing any images I’m afraid. :(

Seeing them in all their glory now. Nice work.
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I can see em... so whatever it was, tis fixed now!

Looking ace!
Your painted scenery looks great (it is so clean at the moment though - I can't wait to see it detailed like you plan, and hopefully with some rust and filth added.)
Thanks :X3:

it is so clean at the moment though - I can't wait to see it detailed like you plan, and hopefully with some rust and filth added.
I do plan to add some filth further down the line (oil, blood, dust, chemical wastes... maybe some mushrooms even!) but rust is already there (there are random patches of rust on all metallic surfaces, but I'll admit they are hard to see on those pictures (except maybe the third one), I think the camera's flash is responsible for making the metal look shinier than it really is.)
Hey buddy, the terrain looks awesome! so much so that this is the first time I have ever posted :) I have exactly the terrain but I'm new to laser MDF. have you got any tips? or a basic walkthrough of how you made yours looks so good? I'm a little worried I'm gunna ruin mine before i get a chance to use them :)
Hi @Captain_Happiness and welcome to the tribe!

I'll be happy to share what little I've learned assembling and painting this terrain (it's also my first MDF terrain, and my first big terrain project).

First, if you haven't assembled yours yet (or even took them out of the frame), there is a couple of things you want to be careful about for the bulkheads:
  • some parts are really fragile. I broke almost all the little fan grids (you can see one on the leftmost bulkheads in pics 2 and 3) and the small circles that go on some other bulkheads. Take your time and use some thin pointy (but not too pointy) tool for the job (a ballpoint pen will do for most parts, but not these ones; I ended up using a compass spike but it was not ideal either)
  • before gluing the inner details on your bulkheads, remember that floors are supposed to slot in them (same as the ladders). I messed up that one and glued some details at floor level :( (not a catastrophe, they still slot, but not all the way)
  • WT forgot to mirror some asymetrical details for the bulkheads (the ones with the little fan, incidently). You will have to either cut them and reposition them (which I did), or just use them as is and lose a few details (rivets and the likes — either way it's not a big deal, as those details will face the towers' interior and shouldn't be very visible)
Once the elements were out of the frames, I cleaned what was left of the attach points with an utility knife and glued as few as possible (tower supports were glued to their bases, guardrails to the walkways, and bulkheads and ladders were built.) I used a strong wood glue (PVA glue) for the job (you have to let it set for a few hours, but the result is sturdy enough). I then textured the bases with PVA glue and sand.
And that's all I did before painting it (I didn't sand the elements, and didn't spray anything on them either.)

I then "primed" everything with a single coat of bog standard black paint*. After this step, the MDF looks dark brownish (like burnt wood) which is perfect for my purpose. I do everything with a brush, but you may want to use a spray for this step and the following one, as it will probably save you some time.

I then painted all metal parts dark silver (I mix black paint and Mithril Silver for that (I still have some from the old days), but any silver paint would do), and then "dry-brushed" it with light silver (pure Mithril Silver in my case). You can't really dry-brush MDF though, so it's more like some kind of sponging with a brush, but the idea is the same.
I used some brown wash/shade (some old flesh wash, to be exact) to taint some of the metalic parts (the fans and doorways). You can't really use wash as usual on MDF (as it drinks it way too fast), but you sure can use it to alter a color.

Then, the brown parts were painted with two coats of dark brown (black paint + brown paint**). This is the state I've left the bulkheads from the 4th pic in.
After that, I used lighter and lighter shades of brown (up to pure brown) to do some highlights on the brown parts. The top of the 1 floor tower was done similarly but starting from a lighter dark brown up to a brown/yellow/white mix (I think I overdid the contrast on this one though)

And then, I drybrushed/sponged pure brown paint to add some random patches of rust to the metal parts, and picked out the rivets with darkened Mithril silver. Oh, and the bases were painted dark brownish grey and drybrushed (for real this time :p) light grey.

That's about all I've done for the moment. Hope this helps!

*: to give you the exact reference, it's pébéo Studio Acrylics high viscosity Mars Black (I'm not sure it can be found outside of France though)
**: and this one is Raw Sienna, also from pébéo Studio Acrylics
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Nice work, man. I'm excited to try magnets on these guys, and was worried I'd have to take off the angled peaks that connect the shoulders. Good to see you didn't need to do that. Are you magnetizing them all?
Are you magnetizing them all?
That's the plan, yes. Only the arms though, as I'm not crazy enough to magnetize the heads. But it will have to wait a little as I need to order more magnets (I just got a few at first, since I wasn't sure they would fit and I would be able to pull it off).
Edit: did the math: with 5 bodies and 16 arms per sprue, I'll need 52 magnets to magnetize all the Goliaths.

was worried I'd have to take off the angled peaks that connect the shoulders
I did cut the top of the pyramid before drilling, in order to have a plane surface to work with.
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Edit: did the math: with 5 bodies and 16 arms per sprue, I'll need 52 magnets to magnetize all the Goliaths.

Or you could put magnets in the shoulders and some magnetic metal in the arms. It depends whether it's cheaper/easier to get magnets than metal.
Or you could put magnets in the shoulders and some magnetic metal in the arms. It depends whether it's cheaper/easier to get magnets than metal.
Magnets aren't that expensive and I'll need some anyway as I've only a few left. However, that gave me an idea for the Escher: maybe I could put magnets in the bodies and use magnetic primer on the arms. Did anybody ever try something like that? I'm afraid the surface will be too small but maybe it's worth trying.
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If the Escher arms are too small to accommodate a magnet, what about a 1mm diameter steel pin? You could have a 2mm diameter hole drilled deep into the body with a magnet at its base, and a pipe with a 1mm hole in it filling the rest of it. The steel pin can do the job of holding the weight, and the contact with the magnet should keep it in place. Also, if you drill deep enough, you would only need one magnet per body (just quite a long steel pin.)

I hope I have explained this well enough.
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