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Nov 14, 2017
Redemptionist - Peach Trees Finale

As the transmission on the cracked monitor ends, a robot in the corner hums to life, it reaches over its head and pull off a dusty cover “Warrrrrrrrrrr” it growls and immediately heads for the door. Gunther and the gangers are perplexed.

Suddenly a commotion from below. Five Judges and a cyber-mastif start charging up the hab-block. The four enemy gangers turn to each other realising that below might be worse than killing each other and heed the blonde women’s advice. Gunther mutters, “f**k Pycon and this prison of a dome!”.

Gunther looks at the enemy gangers. Itching to use his hand flamer he loathingly sheathes the weapon and bellows to his brothers “Brothers, this whole thing was a trap! Pycon has set the Judges onto us. Prepare for their arrival! You know what to do”.

Coming out of his hiding place, Nik Ovtime peers around from behind the Atomic Café. A searchlight is focused on the hab-block with a large Judge silhouette next to it. Rover the warbot appears and a heavy stubber starts pummelling its heavy armour. Nik lifts his trusty boltgun, twists the telescopic scope to the optimal settings and peers down the sight. A deep breath in. ‘Click, bang!’ With one single shot the figure behind the light stops shooting. “Argghhhhhhhhh” he falls four storeys to the ground.

From below the cyber-mastif starts to close in. Vlad Tire swiftly sets up a krak grenade tripwire. He finishes the trap just in time. “Boom” the grenade goes off. The cyber-mastif is hit and is instantly blown apart. “Down, boy!” Vlad says. Seeing more judges behind and closing in fast he quickly runs to a nearby ladder and scales it. The smouldering wreck of bloodied flesh, cogs and metal continue to whirr.

Meanwhile, the other gangers start to escape. Caught on a catwalk, behind the warbot, they are blocked in. Four Judges appear in front of them, two from a corner and two from a hidden trapdoor. A Scavvie Scally charges the first Judge and starts to brawl. Neither manages to gain an upper hand, the Judge’s armour and shield protect him from the Scallies massive strength.

Frustrated and irritated, Gieger storms out of his armoured hab, looks over the balcony at the gangers and the warbot. “Get off my lawn!” he shouts and lobs a frag grenade at Rover. The grenade bounces off its metal head and explodes near Nik Ovtime. Just in the nick of time he dives behind a pallet and avoids the damage. Nik gets back up and takes aim at another Judge. ‘Click, bang!’ again with a single shot a Judge collapses.

Vlad yells to Gunther “Brother, I think Dredd is behind me, what do we do?”, “Well… we stand our ground of course!” Gunther announces, preparing his chainsword and stubgun. They both turn and prepare for his arrival.

An imposing man appears at the top of the ladder, it’s Judge Dredd. He points at a ganger “Judgement time.” he brandishes a Shock Maul at the Delaque ganger. The ganger charges Dredd, hitting him with multiples attacks. It barely touches him. Gunther and Vlad charge Dredd. Vlad holds his nerve, but Gunther stops in his tracks. Dredd parries the Delaque “This isn't a negotiation”, seeing an opening Vlad wounds Dredd.

The fight continues and Dredd easily deflects Vlads next attack, he quickly dispatches him. “Negotiations over...”. He steps forward and engages Gunther. “Attempted murder of a Judge, sentence: Death” He smashes the maul into Gunther’s golden chest. Gunther crumples to the ground, blood oozing from the massive wound.

The Delaque re-engages Dredd while a Van Saar starts shooting at them both with a heavy stubber. Dredd manoeuvres him into the firing line, using him as a shield. Two bullets hit home and then he drops the Delaque. "Defence Noted", Dredd raises his lawgiver at the Van Saar heavy. "Hot shot" he says, but before he can pull the trigger a second burst of bullets hit Dredd and he clutches at his wounds and falls to the ground.
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Nov 2, 2017
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Nov 2, 2017
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Soundtrack to Scene:

Stunned silence sweeps the crowd..

4 opposing gang members surround a downed enforcer in a rare moment of brief angered unity. The live feed from his camera looking up at them suddenly cuts with a forceful rifle butt strike.

Pycon awaits the bailout from his cyberear com as a bead of sweat trickles down his face… It never comes..

“that’s all for tonight’s live show! We’ll see you all next season!”

Credits hastily roll in… Boo’s fill the stadium as the light die out and Pycon rushes off backstage in a huff..

“What the f**k!!! who let it roll?????” I’ll have their heads!”

“Ahhh Pycon..”

“WHAAAATTT” he whips around in hysterics.

“Matriarch Kray is on the line”

He sits and wipes his brow as he nervously picks up the module to keep the conversation private.. a glistening syhthenol on the rocks placed beside him as his underlings flee the room in silence.

“Valencia my darling!!”






“Yes, we will immediately..”


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Nov 2, 2017
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Soundtrack to scene:

Dancers flit across a stage to a choreographed set.
The Thunderdome opening for this years second season begins to drown in on large screens above.

"Sphinx....... Kruger........ Iron Monger....... Bone Collector....." "mention their names with pride..." The voice over continues...

Pycon sits in a chair facing a mirror backstage whilst one of his assistants applies his makeup.

Regal limousines pull up outside as the stalkers from noble houses, Kray, Osborne, Lannister and Catallus step out to greet a rowdy mob of fans.

Cameras flash as Tywin walks past the fans completely ignoring them. Nose up, arrogant as ever.
The Kray twins step out next, Reggie sporting cool shades gives the crowd his signature smile, Ron, wearing a sleeveless suit, flexes and knocks out a fan who gets a little too close for comfort.
Norman, with head down, follows close in their shadow. Trying his best to avoid the limelight.
Finally, a tall set of legs in an elegant dress touch down on the carpet as an athletic looking female with tight braided hair struts the entrance.

“Ok hit me darl”

“Well Pycon, ratings are still up. It seems the audience have enjoyed the fact the gangs managed to escape, but it may just be because we have brought the hunt forward in the show plan. It’s always been our biggest drawcard. Also, Lord Helmawr has pulled The Steel dragons. Apparently, he needs them on urgent business but he said House Delaque would still likely offer tribute to the season finale.”

“ehh that’s not too bad, as long as those charismatic mutants are still playing ball I think we can’t lose this season.” “any word on Lord Kray? Is he still missing??”

“No word yet but rumour is something serious happened. You would never be able to get anything out of Matriarch Kray though. That woman is pure glacier”

“As long as she’s still paying us, I couldn’t give a shit”

“What about the new Catallus Jakara?”

“well she’s less experienced than the others but her metrics are almost a perfect score, we have never had that before”

“Excellent.. I can sell that..”

The assistant goes to comb Pycons hair and he snaps to her locking eyes instantly.

“Don’t... touch the hair..”

The theme music comes to its final build up and he struts to the stage to greet the pumping crowd with a refreshed sense of narcissism.


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Nov 2, 2017
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The Crossroad

After reading these 3 entries your gang leader must make a decision. You can choose a path and keep your decision a secret from the other gangs (you have to tell the Arbitrator though) or you can decide to reach out to the other contestant gang leaders through role play in the “In char” thread (I doesn’t matter how you approach this) Whether you decide to taunt them, team up with them, have a temporary truce. It’s up to you.

Option 1.

Soundtrack to scene:

“Boss, come quick, it’s that woman, she’s hacked into our com somehow”

You gather your gang around the communications module in your gang headquarters. It seems the woman has reached out to you finally.

Gangers of House (your house)… I hear you escaped the hab block and I thank you for keeping Rover in one piece. The time has come where the Underhive needs you.. I owe you an explanation, and here it is.

My name is Ash Draco, formerly a member of House Draco and Thunderdome stalker. Two cycles ago I decided to leave this life, and have been branded Excommunicate traitoris

from my house as a result. I have been living here in the underhive and wastes ever since and I have been searching for Archeotech that might actually help the hive rather than to hunt its inhabitants. It turns out I found something..

15 millennia ago, during the end of the dark age of technology, the sentient Men of Iron had developed giant world eating machines. They called these gigantic monstrosities.. the Mechanivores. This was a desperate period for mankind as planets fell to their destructive might. A large battle was fought over the planet Araneus prime and one of these machines, designated M.A.R.K 13, was damaged and crashed into the planet surface creating an enormous crater.

After the war, the planet was colonised. The large crater had uncovered the mineral wealth of the planet and soon the planet was to become the imperium’s industrial powerhouse known now as planet Necromunda.

After many years of construction on the planet an Imperial fist neophyte found the almighty machine and drew it to the attention of his chapter.

Primarch Rogal Dorn oversaw the building of a giant containment structure underneath the Hive city for fear that its demolition would topple the Hive or awaken the deadly machine. He built a failsafe to destroy the machine just in case, realising that a hive collapse would be preferable to the mighty machine awaking and destroying the whole planet. He gave the key to the structure and failsafe to Lord Helmawr who was entrusted to keep the secret. Lord Helmawr ordered some of his men to guard the structure. After thousands of years of construction upwards the area surrounding the containment became polluted and filled with foul waste products of the industrial machine that necromunda had become. The Core of the machine irradiated the inhabitants to become mutated tribes defending this ancient lost archeotech.

Fast forward to today. As you know Lord Kray of the neighbouring Hive Acropolis owns the Thunderdome show. Rumour has it he insulted lord Helmawr recently and as a result Helmawr started showing signs of pulling favours from the house, thus it likely falling to absorption by another eager house. Lord Kray enlisted a spy who has found this secret of Helmawrs and has stolen the key to the containment structure.

Lord Kray became desperate and crazed. Rumour has it he is being puppeted by a veil of darkness and is on a mission to find this structure, activate the failsafe, and collapse Hive Primus and all who inhabit it. Well that’s the last I have heard. truth is he is missing and no one knows his whereabouts, but if his people find the vault… then this will be our sarcophagus forever more.

I know where it is. I have seen it with my own eyes... And I have a plan to stop it that was overlooked all those years ago.

Here’s where you come in. I need you to go to these coordinates. It’s a sub-basement in district Lv-426. It houses Thunderdomes uplink console. I need you to hack it and upload this patch. If your unable to, at least destroy it as best you can. It will give us the window we need by blinding them for long enough to finish my plan and get the hell out of here.

That is all I can offer in reward. A way out. I would help you in person but I’m currently trying to acquire the tool we need to destroy this thing once and for all.

“Hey you!!! STOP!!! She’s over here…”

You hear gunfire as the transmission cuts abruptly…

Option 2.

Soundtrack to scene:

“Knock knock assholes.. I’m here to see (insert leaders name)”

“Who are you?”
Comes the reply from your night guard

“Ahhh I’m a meat popsicle…. Lemme in shit kicker.. I got something he’s gonna wanna hear..”

Grimm combs back his greasy quiff and holds up his weapons belt showing an obvious heft to it. A casual smirk of laid back confidence as he saunters into your compound and pulls up a chair to the boss man.

Right so I guess you guys didn’t get my hint last time. So I’ll make it far easier to understand this time round. We know you know the Draco Jakara that’s running around.. and it’s my job to bring her in. Cutting it straight, if you join who I represent you will be allowed release from the games.. They are offering up a bloody sweet deal for you and the gang. Contracts as show stalkers for your champions and a place in the spire just for you. I mean.. this opportunity just never comes around bud, and look at your alternative... your dead men walking. All you got to do is help us bring her in. What you say lunchmeat.. You in?

Option 3

do nothing. You won’t be eligible for the last 2 multiplayer games and your gang is at the mercy of the arbitrator. (You don’t want this one, it’s boring)

Rules for the Hunters Moor scenario TBA..


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Nov 2, 2017
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Ok Now the terrain boards are finished we can finally finish off this campaign with a bang... wait.. covid.. god damn it!!

Anyways the plan is to play out the last 2 multiplayer story scenarios ending the Thunderdome campaign before we switch to the new ruleset (once the isolation lifts).. only 4 players still remain to finish the story, save the hive, and win the crowd and their freedom?

Heres the second Multiplayer scenario fiction and hodge podge rules. If theres anything glaringly crap feel free to school me.. its been a while since i clacked the dice.

"The Hunters Moor"


Soundtrack to scene:

Hand signals, silent whispers, stealthy figures in the shadows.

Your gangs finest sneak into the tunnel network of sub-basement LV-426.


Your spotter abruptly cuts the silence. Stopped dead in his tracks realising he’s standing in the firing arc of the complex’s sentry gun defence system. An unexpected slap on his shoulder from a gang champion causes him to jump out of his skin.

“Don’t worry, those things are long seized up. They’re as limp as your dick right now.”

A hand wipes the dust from a nearby door console. It still offers a faint red illumination.

“seems like somebody’s still home, looks like the place still has power.”

The doors slowly creak open with a bit of forceful help.

“See this aint so bad junior”

The cocky champ retorts, patting a crowbar on his open palm.

The Dim lighting to the complex suddenly cuts out and the sound of an agonising scream resounds around the twisting and turning walls in front of them.

“You were saying…”

Scenario Rules

Behind the Scenes:
The 3 remaining Thunderdome gangs have decided to take Ash’s deal. The coordinates she gave them has lead them to the tunnel network where they must find the console responsible for the hive transmissions of the gameshow. Their mission is to find the console and upload a patch that will supposedly allow you access to their network. Each gang will be coming from different directions and aren’t aware that the others are in the complex either yet, but are under the assumptions that the other gangs were likely offered the same deal and may be there to help or hinder. The Pitslaves have also decided to side with Ash at present and this time were the first to arrive into the complex. Unfortunately, they fell into the traps of the Thunderdome Spyrer team and are currently confined, wounded, and being used for bait in the complex. 5 experienced Show Stalkers lay in wait guarding the control room and have traps present among its hallways. They have cut the lights and are hunting by infrared. It seems Grimm has been keeping tabs on the gangs movements and has helped to orchestrate the trap.

Ruleset: The scenario uses NCE ruleset. The badzones are not active features and are considered to be powered down or non-threatening. It uses the pitch black Treacherous condition.

Terrain setup:
The scenario uses the 4 zone mortalis 2x2 tiles with the roofs on in the initial J setup. The 1x1 Roofs act as fog of war and once a ganger has entered a room the 1x1 roof above can be taken off.

Deployment zones:

Zone 1: On tile B2 At door edge nearest to the fan, one 1x1 roof is to be removed at the floor fan entrance.

Zone 2: On tile B4 at the ruined corner at the doorway with 1x1 tile roof off.

Zone 3: On tile B1 at the sentry gun doors

D6 roll off for gangs to choose the deployment spot for 4 of their chosen gang members.

Doors: All placed doors in the complex are locked. They require a successful initiative check to operate or strength check to force open.

Turn Sequence:
Players play their turns simultaneously, then the Spyrers will activate if they want to and take their turn together also.

Special rules

Save a slave:
If you come across a pitslave in chains you may choose to save them. If you do you can temporarily add them to your gang for the scenario and activate them as normal. They count as having hatred towards the spyrers and have one flesh wound already.

Temptation: The spyrers have brought with them some exotic goods. but it could be a trap If you find one and choose to move over it.

Roll 2d6


2: Plasma Blast. A shiny metallic looking fancy sphere: A stored Plasma blast goes off in your hands using the plasma grenade rules but using the gas template instead.

3: The Eagle Claw. Chamelion coated talons crush the gangers leg. It gives the mini a flesh wound and they become pinned until succeeding a strength test that must be taken at start of their turn which can be assisted if another friendly is in base to base contact

4: Hidden sentry gun. A bolt gun pops up and fires immediately with BS3 then on each subsequent turn on overwatch (-1) if movement happens.Normal targeting rules apply. To determine where its hidden roll on the scatter dice with distance and place a token. It will continue to fire each go until out of ammo. It can be attacked. It has T3 1W.

5: Razor webb. The target has been webbed. Follow the rules under the malcadons web spinner with one caveat. Each turn that the target remains webbed after the first one the web will constrict with a ST 3 hit that is resolved as normal.

6: OVER HERE!!??. The target is taunted by a series of voices that seem to come from everywhere and immediately follows the rules for being broken.

7-8 Advanced Screamer. No hiding within 6 inches of the trap.

9-12 The real deal. Random roll on the rare trade chart at no cost. Re-roll for non-tangible items.

Hackerman: Once the terminal is found a hack action can be done by a gang member in base contact with it. It takes a whole turn action. Roll a d6 and add +1 if the model has any Techno skill. More than one mini may access the terminal by standing in base contact with the console also or the mini accessing it, each mini assisting without techno grants a reroll and if they have a techno skill they may add a cumulative +1

1: “I ain’t got time for this shit.. Luke were gonna have company”... only option is to shoot the shit out of it all and hope that works somehow.

2-5 “Cmon… Cmon..”

6 “Eureka lets blow this thing and go home” Patch uploaded. Access to the network granted.

Ending the game: Game ends when either the Spyrer team Decide to leave, Bottle, are all downed. Or if the team pull off the hack action and bottle themselves for the win result.

Post Battle:

No territories are worked, trading post visit may happen like normal and items may be sold or brought. Ash Leaves you 150 creds of value at Giegers Bazaar.


10 xp for wounding hit on a spyrer

5 xp for surviving the ordeal,

10xp for the successful hack action

5xp for an assist hack

REP: This is the final game that the crowds will using to decide their champions. win them over. the cameras are watching...

Normal rep rules apply and

I Pity the Fool:
Trap triggers in a negative way -1

The Hunters Reward:
Gain a rare item +2

The Ben Richards takedown:
Coup de grace a Spyrer whilst delivering a one liner +5 rep
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Sounds good, I'm in. Where is this awesome happening?
Haha.. in the isolated ash wastes settlement of Perth.. puts thinking cap on.. I wonder how hard it would be to rig up some kind of camera view of the board and video chat for online play... I could even get a projector up on the wall or move the table to the living room and use the tv. We have already been using discord daily as it is... 🤔
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Nov 14, 2017
Redemptionist – Raid (Game 9) and Rescue (RP Game 10 vs Scavvies)

“I have returned brothers!” Chester announced to cheers and jubilation. Father Chester Minit arrived at the church tired, sad, but ready to inspire his brethren. A recent Scavvies raid had turned into disaster when Chester was captured. Quickly his brothers had mounted a rescue and managed to be save Father Minit. But at a mighty cost too. Sitting on a chair, he took a deep breath told a story about the raid, rescue and loss.

“After our escape from Peach Trees we were set-upon by a raiding party of Scavvies, I came to our brothers aid with my grenade launcher. However, suddenly it was me in need of rescue as I was captured and taken to the Scavvies hide-out in the Scrofulus Wastes. Arch Zealot Syber Jehzus quickly gathered a party to rescue me but alas, he did not make it, he remained behind sacrificing his life to protect The Brotherhood!”

“As the Syber Jezhus group creeped into the hideout, only three guards were on duty. The rest were scattered around the Scrofulus Wastes and some near my holding cell. There was this huge cauldron bubbling away and I could hear their leader (Krag) speaking ‘Look at dis boyz, we jus got da redemptor leada, we’z gonna be eatin well tonight boyz. If we eat im we get hiz strengf, I knowz dis’. Shocked at what I heard I prayed.”

“As I finished my prayer there was a commotion outside and my door was unlocked. Prayers be answered! Syber Jezhus, Gunther, Nik and Duncan, had managed to get through! Gunther also managed to find my weapons and we quickly made our escape. Gunther lead, with Syber flanking us all.”

“The Scavvie appeared and as Syber passed the door he stopped, he was tugging at his robe, bewildered he shouted, ‘Noooo… noooo, it was not supposed to happen like this!! Help me! Help me!’, we tried to save him but there was just too many, we heard gunshots and a blood curdling scream ‘Do not touch me foul demon!’ and it all went quiet. We managed to escape, but the Arch Zealot did not, we wept for him. The Eternal Flame will welcome him with open arms. Praises to Arch Zealot Syber Jehzus”

“He will now get his well-deserved rewards from the Emperor himself.” Father Minit stands in front of his brothers. “Brothers let us celebrate Syber Jehzus. Hallelujah and praises to the glorious Ever-Eternal Warmth of the Flame! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!”. The brothers gleefully repeat “Hallelujah and praises to the glorious Ever-Eternal Warmth of the Flame! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!”. “A glorious death from a glorious man!”. They celebrated through the night with chanting and prayer. A worthy sacrifice.

Kilometres away, the cauldron continued to bubble. A Scavvie stirred the vile stew intently and looked to the leader. “Aye boss, we’z add all da rats, inseks and sump-croc, can we’z put this Jezuz fella in?”. Krag answers “Ha ha ha ahhhh, yes itz time”. Krag gazed at Syber Jehzus torn robe “Maybe you’z should’n wear such flowy stuff aye? Got it caught on da door didn’t ya? Boyz we gunna eatr wellz tonight, gain the strengf of this human we needz it for that sump fight”. A muffled whimper emits from Syber Jezhus mouth, and with a big grin, Krag knocks Syber Jezhus out and offers him to the cook.
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The pitslaves are the first to enter the complex. The lights get cut and they soon realize they have fallen into a trap. They are beaten, chained and used as further bait by the stalkers of the Thunderdome game show. The spire is watching and the entertainment is just about to begin



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End of the Dome

Soundtrack to scene:

Coming to you live in the dome, Dyin times here!…

//Cut to commercial//

Pycon walks in from the gameshow floor and grips a chairback in the operations room. He flirts around the room excited and proud.

“Can you hear them out there!! This is it people! Let’s make history!”

He stops and crosses his arms surveying the multiple monitor screens in front of him. The total viewer count flying upwards. Each Spyrers biometrics on display.

“Norman, you have 4 bogies approaching from the southern door, approximately 1 click. Pycon has authorised use of the web spinner. I have camera 5 streaming to you now. standby for more intel.”

“Ok.. we have impending contact”
Pycon clicks his fingers at a nearby tech..

roll the voiceover for Norman..”

The bone collector…. over 12 confirmed kills…

Pycon begins rubbing his hands together in anticipation

Everyone in the room gasps…

In a flash the bone collector is thrown to the ground wounded. A Scaly towers above him pulling the webbing from its torso…

Stunned silence befalls the crowd..

The malcadon spyrer nervously begins retracting back on the ground.. “Cut to commercial… cut to commercial”

The scaly ends his existence and the crowd silence continues … a moment later a single person chants..

DOOMBOLT... DOOMBOLT”… it continues to another… and another, until the crowd starts to roar in elation.

Moments later a second Spyrer falls to a brother of the cult, another to the Van Saar, and another to an enraged pitslave.

“Ahh sir aren’t the stalkers supposed to win”

Pycon throws his drink at the mouthy tech. He narrowly avoids it as it smashes on his monitor screen.

“That’s it.. you wanna f**k with me.. its on”

He looks over to Captain Dangerous who’s comfortably nestled in between two groupies on a nearby couch. The Cap is clearly enjoying this new turn of events

“Yeah give it to em” he exclaims… “Fuckin cheaters”

“Cap.. report to the special effects department right now..”
He demands

The Captains face drops.

He stands up.

“Nah… f**k this... I’m sick of your fake crap.”

“I was killing dweebs like this with my bare hands before this gig
” He rips off his lanyard and Thunderdome branded hat,

“You’re on your own pal”

He stands up and goes to walk out.. half way out the door he turns back to the couch.

“ladies” The groupies quickly get up and scurry out with him.


Pycon angrily whips around to the Tech that disturbs him..

“We’ve lost the feed”

“What do you mean you idiot!”

“Its all gone.. I don’t know… everything’s dead, all cameras are off. The transmission is cut. There’s nothing going out anywhere”


He looks at the viewers counter. It’s hit yet another record high tonight but the number starts to rapidly drop.

“NO NO NO NO NO”… he starts to panic..

“Pycon, request to repair servo skull VS4. looks like the Van Saar have damaged another one”

“Yes! Repair it immediately! Get it back there as soon as you can. Send all skulls there right now!”

“Repairs authorised”

The skull slowly hovers inside the maintenance port. Sputtering and sparking as it drags against the flooring.

Tech 49 pulls it up on the table.

“Jeez its heavy.. what have the Van Saar bloody done to him?”

The tech pops off the back plate hurriedly, ignoring the graffiti painted on it. Pycon looming over his shoulder intently now.

Pycon spots the graffiti on the backing plate and picks it up. He begins to read it out aloud.

“Death from below”…

He looks over at the servo skull and the tech that’s now frozen in fear.

A melta charge artfully placed inside the servo skulls carapace.

“Oh …..F.………………………………………………………



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Soundtrack to scene:


“Well... this is it fellas… This is where her signal stops”

A vast crater and expanse of stagnant water. Likely the lowest level of necromunda your gang has ever seen.

At the river head lies the once mountainous rockface remains and imbedded into the rockface a giant round vault door.

Seated next to the door a slumped relic of the Adeptus Astartes from millenia ago. Just the bare ceramite of his armour remaining. Some of his honour badges pried from his armour, some oddly maintained by someone or something.

“There she is boss” Pointing to ash, who looks barely conscious slumped up against the sidewall of a large bridge crossing the river.

Above her stands a tall, huntsman like, metallic automata surveying the surrounding terrain like a hawk.

A ghastly hooded spectre hovers above the sump river. Its trailing tentacles crackle and spark as it heads towards the vault door.

“What you reckon about the story she spun? Reckon she’s good for her part of the deal Boss?”

“I dunno, but damned if I’m going down without a fight.

What’s the use of being popular if there’s no one left to admire us ugly fucks”

Load up boys…

Death or glory…


With a guttural yell the zombies turn their focus from the bridge and begin to shamble towards you.



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Nov 2, 2017
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Behind the Scenes:

Whilst the gangs were shutting down the prying eyes of Thunderome. Ash was stealing a repurposed termite assault drill from a genestealer cult mine site. She used it to drill deep into the planets mantle layer directly below the containment vault and has planted explosive charges.

Her idea, to simulate an eruption up the shaft in order to destroy and encase the ancient mechanivore forever, hopefully, without causing collapse to the hive structure above.

She doesn’t trust the imperium with the knowledge of the machine, believing that that will likely sacrifice the whole hive and potentially all of necromunda for a slim chance at recovering the almighty dormant star killers STC.

The Vault lays deep within the depths of necromunda’s lowest level. Ash has used the gangs to distract the mutated zombie hoard, once loyal defenders of the vault, that live within this sump crater. Her plan was to collect them afterward and use the drill to breach the walls of the dome to escape to honour her deal.

When she resurfaced to collect the gangs, she was attacked by dark techpriest Vardis Sol and his man of Iron, Shrike. Vardis killed Lord Kray and has been assuming control of his gameshow and assets under a disguised veil with his pysker powers. He has the key to the vault and is making his way to it with the intent to wake up the Mechanivore using Shrikes STC language.

As the gangs arrive to the crater they see a heavily wounded Ash lying beside Shrike who is guarding her on a bridge above a stagnant sump. Meters away, unbeknownst to Vardis, lays her rucksack with the inactivated kill switch to the explosives inside it. Vardis is making his way to the vault door. The commotion has caused the Zombie king himself, Karloth Valois, to emerge from his nearby abode, a relic Thunderhawk gunship, and he has sent his hordes to stop it all.


This finale is a considered a momentary truce. There is no bottle option.
Players will rolloff a d6 to determine turn order before the game.
Whilst the truce is in play all gangs take their turns together, with any actions effecting multiple gangs resolved via resorting to the initial turn order.
If the truce is broken by pvp all bets are off and it will revert to the original turn orders.


1. Either kill Vardis before he activates the mechanivore OR make it to Ash’s rucksack to activate the explosives.
2. Either leave the board edge to remain in this dome (and get whatever fate that might be) OR make it to the drill to escape this dome (and get whatever fate that might be). Any mini that contacts a door on the termite drill or has enough movement to leave a board edge after objective 1 is complete is taken off the board and is considered to have survived the finale.

Setup: The board is played on a 6x4 table with the sump river piece in the middle. Ash, Shrike, and Vardis start in the middle of the bridge over the sump. Ash is downed. Karloth starts at the door to the thunderhawk. 64 zombies are scattered evenly around the board by the GM. Each gang gets a corner of the board chosen by dice off. The Scavvy and Redemption start on opposing sides of the river.

Turn Order: The gangs go first acting together. If more than one gang wants to interact with a mini or objective they must be resolved in turn order.
The zombies are controlled by the players rotating to a different tile than their own. The 3 npcs will be played by the GM or an extra GM helper if available.

Objective interactions: If Ashs rucksack is moved over it will take a shoot action to activate the explosives switch. The rucksack will then stay with the mini. (and whatever cool toys she may have in there)
If Vardis makes it to the vault door. He will need to spend 1 turn at the console to open the door, another turn waiting for the door to open, and on third turn he can begin trying to awaken the mechanivore by secret dice roll (shadowrun threshold extended test, d6 rules used for this). Each turn he can keep trying with an increase in success. If his threshold for success is met, then the game is over. Everyone dies.

If ash is reunited with her rucksack she can use the bio booster inside to attempt to turn her down status into a flesh wound immediately.

Leave no man behind: If a mini is downed they can be carried but the model carrying the mini decreases its movement stat by 1 and may not charge or shoot. If engaged in hth. they will be dropped. Base to base contact is all that is needed for this to happen. No actions.

2d6 2 0 3 4 1 1 1 5
Zombies cannot be pinned, ignore flesh wounds, always count as charging, will move to the closest mini and can sniff out hidden opponents.
If a zombie is taken out the player responsible for killing it can place it within 6 inches from any table edge
Spreading the plague:
If a zombie takes a mini ooa. Roll a d6 after the game. 3-6 ok, 1-2 they have been infected. Roll a further d6 4-6 the zombie shuffles off never to be see again.. 1-3 it attacks a random member of the team. Resolve the combat. (note if the mini was left at the sump by a gang escaping by drill then this wont trigger)

Karloth Valois the Zombie King
4 3 3 4 4 3 4 1 9
Mesh armour 5+, Autopistol with red dot sight, Witch staff (parry, 2 handed, St +2)
Wyrd Power Zombie master: All Zombies within 9” of Karloth may roll an extra dice for their movement, for a total of 3D6, then pick the two dice you want to use for the distance moved. Zombies in hand-tohand combat within 9” of Karloth will also gain +1 to their weapon skill and +2 to their initiative. (passive ability no perils of the warp test)
No Pain: Since the plague Karloth feels no pain whatsoever. Because of this Karloth is never pinned and ignores the effects of flesh wounds.
No Fear: Karloth ignores all psychology rules and never has to make Leadership tests to see whether he loses his nerve.
Black Crown: Karloth made the Black Crown himself to augment his vampiric powers. Draining life essence could be a slow and delicate process, but with the Black Crown he could drain the life force from a man in moments with a blast template of dark energy. Additionally, Karloth can use the Black Crown instead of firing his pistol in the shooting phase. It works like firing a shot so Karloth may not use it if he has run, charged, or is in close combat and he must have a line of sight to the target. The Crown will affect one fighter within 9.” Both players roll 2D6 and add their respective Leadership scores to the scores. If the scores end is a draw or Karloth loses then the attack has no effect and the target is not even ‘pinned.’ If Karloth beats the victim’s score he drains ‘1’ point from one of the victim’s characteristics and adds it immediately to his profile. Any characteristic can be chosen, but Karloth may not add more than 1 to any of his characteristics in this manner. The only exception to this is that this power may be used to restore lost wounds. A victim that is reduced to ‘0’ wounds by the Black Crown is automatically ‘down’ and no separate injury roll is made.

Karloth will attack the closest targets and be moving towards the bridge. But when he sees the robes of a cultist he will assume they have come to get him so he will attack them

5 4 3 5 4 3 5 2 6
4+ carapace armour, 5+ invulnerable force field
Skills: Iron Jaw, hurl opponent, killer rep
Heavy stubber with suspensor and weapon reload x2. Claws (S,-1 ap)
Ancient Tech: If downed. On a roll of 1-3,He will start to repair himself and 1 wound is reinstated. 4-5 he will stay down, 6 he will shut down ooa
He cannot be pinned or flesh wounded.
He is guarding ash and will shoot or engage threats that shoot at him or vardis or step foot on the bridge.

Vardis Sol:

4 5 5 4 5 3 6 3 9
5+ invulnerable save, 5+ armour save, independent, can hover over any surface
Skills: marksman, catfall, deflect
Artificer self-repair capabilities: At the beginning of your turns he heals 1 wound and can heal a friendly within 3 inches.
Solar Atomiser: 12 range, S10, -4AP, D3 damage, If within 6 inches its D6 damage. No ammo roll.
Mechandendrite Hive: +d6 attacks, S as user
Mental Assault Psyker ability: The Telepath is able to launch a deadly mental assault which can cause a victim to drop dead from a stroke. The Telepath may attempt to use this power instead of attacking normally in his shooting phase. If the power works then he may attack the mind of the nearest enemy model within 24" even if they are out of sight. The victim must take a Leadership test. If failed the model suffers an automatic wound with no armour saving throw allowed.
Vardis will continue to move towards his objective, unless an opponent comes within 12 inches then he will shoot them after his move towards the objective. He will prioritise shooting gangers over a zombie. If a ganger shoots at him and is with 24inches range, he will use the mental assault instead.

THE END: Victory is achieved by completing objective 1. The fate of your gang will be determined by how you achieve objective 2.

Token use: only tokens allowed on the battlefield are overwatch, broken, and fast. Flesh wound, wound, and ammo should be recorded clearly on gang sheets.

Gang limits: no NEW hired guns can be brought along. No plague zombies.. (once they see karloth he will turn them against you immediately)

Sump River: The river is highly toxic and any poor, unsuspecting gang member ending up in it (for example by falling from the bridge)will immediately go out of action.

In Our Darkest Hour: Your leader has split the gang. 7 of them start on the ground. The rest are hustling in either the tunnel or vent network for the surprise attack. At the start of your turn you may roll a d6. If the result is more than the number of your minis on the board then you may spawn any number of minis back up to the number of 7 from a randomly chosen vent or tunnel exit. These will be shown before the game. If objective 1 gets completed then this will also trigger
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Nov 14, 2017
Redemptionist - The Sump (Hack the terminal)

Dear Mother,

Warmth to you and the family, I write today with heavy but grateful heart. The brotherhood has been fighting their biggest battle ever and all seems lost, but we will overcome and be victorious!

Since I last wrote, I am now a fully-fledged member into The Eternal Flame. I have received my red cloak and I have been entrusted with some of Father Minits weapons. I am well-loved and recently had tutelage from Arch Deacon Cyber Jezuz may he rest in peace.

As you know, we have been stuck in this gameshow ‘Thunderdome’ for some time now and each ‘episode’ there has been more and more death, intrigue and treachery occurring. However, in recent times there has been someone helping, and we may have a chance to escape the show.

In the latest battle, four of the Brotherhood stood at the entrance to sub-basement LV-426 gazing at the two imposing sentry guns mounted at the doors. Glad that the forgotten relics were seized and still, their plan was simple, hack the terminal, upload a patch and shutoff the gameshows signal to give our partner enough time to save us and the Hive.

The gameshow has been getting played on top of a long-forgotten world eater a Mechanivore and there has been a plot to re-activate it again. Lord Kray was being controlled, and they were looking for an ancient failsafe designed to destroy the Hive and the millions within it. So, a team of elite brothers were assembled due to their excellent shooting, melee skills, high leadership, and high initiative.

Brothers Harrison Fire, Vlad Tire, Nik Ovtime, with Father Chester Minit leading the team. While we all prayed for their safe return. Both Vlad and Nik managed to take down Spyrer Yeld. Vlad Tire bathed the Yeld in blessed Holy Fire from his exterminator, which made him catch alight. Nik Ovtime dashed in, and quickly despatched the Yeld with a killer line “Just in the nick of time… the warp awaits you now devil!!”. Meanwhile, Chester was unexpectedly caught in a trap and Harrison had to help wrestle the trap to release Chester’s arm.

After taking out the Yeld, Vlad and Nik met with the Scavvy team. Yes, there was a very flimsy truce to being held on bequest of our partner (as they had the same objective as us), but warily Nik and Vlad managed to find the terminal. Having no Techno skills, they allowed a Scavvy Pychic to start hacking (bashing) at the terminal.

Then alas, everything went wrong. Chester and Harrison finally caught up, but Chester had had enough. His bitter enemies were in the same room! he could not handle it! With the Arch Deacon recently passed and Chester being captured, this was his best opportunity to get back at the Scavvy! It was an afront to Father Minits’ soul and doctrine. So, he aimed his meltagun at the Scavvy Pyscher and pulled the trigger… and missed!!!

The next moment everything was all a blur. A giant Scally knocked Chesters’ weapon aside and punched him to the ground, then the Scally charged Harrison and downed him too. A Van Saar also appeared and flamed Vlad, setting him alight, while Nik was also downed. Thankfully, the Scavvy Pyscher did manage to hack the terminal and the gameshow feed was shutoff.

The mission was still a success, but Father Minit nearly derailed it! We can thank the Ever Eternal One for His patience and grace, but I pray for Father Minit as I think he is starting to crack, he is not thinking straight! Thank fully all the brothers made full recoveries however Father Minit was only blinded in one eye.

So, I write to you one final time as we have one final mission to complete ‘Escape the dome and protect the hive’. We cannot fail this one! With the whole brotherhood working together there are ‘bigger fish to fry’ than the Scavvy! I will make sure of that!

If I complete this mission, I hope to be able to deliver these letters myself. Otherwise hopefully someone will pass them to you from my grave.

I love you mum; I still miss you. And hopefully I will see you soon!

Your son Gunther.

Eternal Warmth to you, forever!


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Nov 2, 2017
Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia
Pit slave fiction finale “The Unlikely Heroes”

Soundtrack to scene:

The last weld spot fades to a dull shine.

Joe Pineapples gives it a hearty bang with a clenched fist.

“She’s ready boss”

King Caulder attaches the upgraded claw back on with a solid clunk. Its heavy-duty servos whining under the load of its new reinforced fingers.

“Joe.. I’ll never forget what you did for us, and continue to do…”

He hands joe his trusty hand cannon. Not just any gun. The plasma gun that had become famous in the gang for always taking that critical shot by the single hand of the King. A gun that has its power selector switch jammed on high power permanently but yet has never turned on its owner once in anger. A loyal dog till the end.

“Look after her”

Joe cracks a Kray Kola and wipes the sweat from his brow with his forearm. Over the last 12 hours, he and Tubal Cain had upgraded the slave arms of 5 of the gangs most courageous members. All of them put their hand up for the suicide mission ahead of them. loyalists to the true king of the Pitbulls.

It came as no surprise that the contentious Blackblood elected himself to lead the flanking manoeuvrer. The plan, to use the cleared tunnel network to come up on the other side of the river to clear a path to the extraction site.


The time had come, they had made it to the coordinates. But Ash was in trouble, she’d been accosted by a dark tech priest and his man of iron.

“Look Boss” .
Tubal pointing across the river. He and Joe high up on a gantry vantage point.

The other gangs had been true to their word. The redemption cult coming in from the south also, with the Scavvy and Van Saar approaching from the north shore close to the extraction site.



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Nov 2, 2017
Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia
Caulder gives the signal. The two Techno’s rest their plasma guns on the railings taking aim at the heavily armoured automata defending the bridge.

With a guttural yell Caulder and Metro charge in luring the zombies in and away from the others. Fighting back to back they rip and tear through rotting zombie flesh.

Tubal clicks to high power, closely followed by Joe.. dweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

A volley of plasma blows strike the man of Iron in its back whilst its unaware. But it’s not enough to take it down. Tubal vents the discharge like a pro and readies for the final shot, knowing he’s got mere moments before the retaliation fire. Joe vents, but the gun is superheated. He luckily just drops it in time saving a scolding burn. The act thankfully allowing him to see a zombie sneaking up on them. He draws his chainsword and cuts it down swiftly.

“So this is what it feels like to be one of them hey?” Joe marvels at the ease of his new chainsword.

“f**k that!, I’d still prefer both my arms thanks” Tubal retorts.

Tubal steadies, takes a breath, and deliverers the kill shot to the man of Iron direct to its back blowing out its power source. The red glow from its central core fades to black as it collapses on the bridge.

“You’re terminated asshole”

Joe pulls at his shoulder.

“Time to go man”

They both stare back from their vantage point at the massive horde in the distance approaching behind them. Caulders yell and the crazed redemptionist doctrine had attracted an almighty herd from the south.

Caulder crushes a zombie and tosses it aside with his mighty claw. 5 more take its place in front and the bridge just seems to be a destination that’s constantly unachievable.

A grenade flys over his shoulder as Mean lands a direct hit clearing the way.

“Metro, Mean, Tubal, Wez, Joe! The bridge is clear. Get across now!”
The slaves huddle past him.

20 metres away he sees a grotesque looking figure emerge from a shipwreck resting in the riverbed. A black crown a top his head and a hulking bodyguard protecting him. Could this be the Zombie king Karloth Valois?

“Let Happy at him Boss.. Let him go!”

Happy Shrapnel. The twisted, tortured, pit fighter. A drooling mess of metal, flesh, and scar tissue. A brief moment is shared between the two. His soulless eyes saying it all.

Let me go… l have served… I have been loyal… it’s time to for me to die…

Caulder cranks his chip to 11 and severs his chain. The heavily armoured lobo slave sprints off and leaps down into the crater to his fate.

A winged mutant scavvy swoops out from the darkness. It lands on the bridge wall, ransacks through Ash’s back pack, holds up the detonator and presses it. It tosses the back pack over to Ash and scuttles off back off the bridge.

Metro sprints over to the barely conscious Ash. She tries to activate her biobooster but fumbles over it with her bloody hands. He scoops her up and puts her over his shoulder and pushes on towards the extraction point.

The ground starts to shake. Parts of the hive begin to fall into the sump river as the immediate area starts to become increasingly unstable. The dormant volcano awakening like Ash had planned.

“HIVE QUAKE!!” Yells Joe.