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Gang Hero
Honored Tribesman
Nov 2, 2017
Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia
Soundtrack to scene:

Dancers flit across a stage to a choreographed set.
The Thunderdome opening for this years second season begins to drown in on large screens above.

"Sphinx....... Kruger........ Iron Monger....... Bone Collector....." "mention their names with pride..." The voice over continues...

Pycon sits in a chair facing a mirror backstage whilst one of his assistants applies his makeup.

Regal limousines pull up outside as the stalkers from noble houses, Kray, Osborne, Lannister and Catallus step out to greet a rowdy mob of fans.

Cameras flash as Tywin walks past the fans completely ignoring them. Nose up, arrogant as ever.
The Kray twins step out next, Reggie sporting cool shades gives the crowd his signature smile, Ron, wearing a sleeveless suit, flexes and knocks out a fan who gets a little too close for comfort.
Norman, with head down, follows close in their shadow. Trying his best to avoid the limelight.
Finally, a tall set of legs in an elegant dress touch down on the carpet as an athletic looking female with tight braided hair struts the entrance.

“Ok hit me darl”

“Well Pycon, ratings are still up. It seems the audience have enjoyed the fact the gangs managed to escape, but it may just be because we have brought the hunt forward in the show plan. It’s always been our biggest drawcard. Also, Lord Helmawr has pulled The Steel dragons. Apparently, he needs them on urgent business but he said House Delaque would still likely offer tribute to the season finale.”

“ehh that’s not too bad, as long as those charismatic mutants are still playing ball I think we can’t lose this season.” “any word on Lord Kray? Is he still missing??”

“No word yet but rumour is something serious happened. You would never be able to get anything out of Matriarch Kray though. That woman is pure glacier”

“As long as she’s still paying us, I couldn’t give a shit”

“What about the new Catallus Jakara?”

“well she’s less experienced than the others but her metrics are almost a perfect score, we have never had that before”

“Excellent.. I can sell that..”

The assistant goes to comb Pycons hair and he snaps to her locking eyes instantly.

“Don’t... touch the hair..”

The theme music comes to its final build up and he struts to the stage to greet the pumping crowd with a refreshed sense of narcissism.
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