Tinkering with a new Inquisitor rule set


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Jan 10, 2022
Hi all, been lurking for a bit, largely because I only joined to get my hands on Inquisimunda! Having looked at both N17 and NCE versions, I'm surprised at how hard it is to follow the NCE rules, especially with the pieces of text that seem to be missing from the PDF. I know Tiny has put their work on v3 of the NCE edition of Inquisimunda on hiatus, and it also seems that work on N17 has stalled as well. With this, I've decided to throw my hat in the ring and see if I can get something reasonable slapped together that brings together the things I like from OG Inquisitor (oh god are those rules atrocious by modern standards), Inquisimunda, Kill Team, and other skirmish games I've found a liking for.

The plan is to use the wonderful rules from One Page Rule's Grimdark Future: Firefight game - alongside some rules yoinked from their one-off games Double Tap and WarStuff - as a base. GFF is a good starting point since it's OPR's response to Kill Team and Necromunda, providing rules for both, and it covers all the (legally distinct) 40k races and factions (including Necromunda gangs). OPR's ruleset is also ridiculously easy to wrap one's brain around and equally easy to add onto. Rules from NCE, N17, Inquisimunda (both NCE and N17), and Inquisitor I'll port over to this system (and extend the core as necessary) till I've got a game that feels suitably Inquisitor.

I've started the process already and will be poking at it while I find time between tasks at work and home. You can see the ruleset here: https://www.notion.so/inq28/Index-4fb314f6cbfc4f38902822e8743d32e3 (this will lead you to the index)
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