Tiny's Stuff - Necromunda, Gorkamorka, 40k etc.


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Jun 25, 2017
Woah there nellie that's a hell of a fine looking Nurgle army, love the dirty ivory armour instead of the usual bogey green, and the consistency of colour and quality across the whole lot is most pleasing, damn good work dude (y) All the subtle staining and weathering is brilliant too, must have taken ages

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Sorry about the house - moving is always a P.I.T.A.

Love the plague hordes though - fantastic work!
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Jul 12, 2011
South Wales, UK
Thanks guys, glad you like them. They are my favourite army by a long stretch and are the only army I've ever painted in one go without getting bored halfway through.

must have taken ages

Less time than I thought they would take, mainly owing to them being all gross so minor errors not showing up so much. The base bone / white colour is all drybrush and washes and they only really have 7-8 colours max on them. GW washes and AK rust effects did most of the heavy work.

Sorry to hear about the house buddy, it really sucks.

New Yeah, also sorry to hear about the house. The whole process is so slow and time-consuming, it's ridiculous.

Well, we found out this morning that we've happily had an offer accepted on another house. Lets hope the third one is the winner. (y)

Hoping to sell my house soon, your post does not fill me with happy thoughts

We've just been unlucky really that 2 houses in a row, the survey has brought up significant issues so we've ended up pulling out as the vendor has been unwilling to rectify them. We like buying "fixer uppers" though so some problems are to be expected really. The one we're now in the process of buying has more Artex than I've ever seen before and the loveliest mauve / burgundy carpets throughout.
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That stuffs a bugger to get off.

I ended up replastering over it in my last refurb.

What about that spiky stuff that they cover ceilings with in Canada? My dad and I once did a job that included removing it from a ceiling that must have been at least 8X11m (rich guy's house) and the mess we made was phenomenal. Also, being a Canadian summer day, it stuck to us so we ended up looking like zombies.

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It is put on to disguise the fact that drywall ceilings are seldom flat.
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