Tiny's Stuff - Necromunda, Gorkamorka, 40k etc.

I seriously don’t think there are any more tanks for that theatre. I think I’ve pretty much run out.

Although I don’t have a Churchill yet and could move on to later desert war when they got Shermans and other lend-lease stuff. 🤔

Damn it @Punktaku now look what you’ve done.
So hard to photograph and yet sir you have done a fine job. White is notoriously hard to paint with any proficientsy and yet you make it look so crisp and clean, as though it were easy over a unit of six miniatures. Great job.
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Been a busy week (or two) batch painting some German vehicles.

Marder was mostly done about a year ago but finally finished adding crew to it.

The rest were all done in the last few weeks.

The astute among you will notice that the Panzer IV is just a turret swap with the Wirbelwind. Fantastically detailed Rubicon models kit.

Jagdpanzer is a 3D print.

As are the two half tracks.

The Marder and Drilling are just asking to be made into Ork vehicles. I think it’s the open crew that makes me think that.
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Some other stuff I’ve finished in the last 2 weeks.

More Uruk Hai for the horde. Still got commanders, characters and berzerkers to do.

British Engineers, Command and a few spare riflemen painted for my brother’s army.

Hans found himself some new projects at IKEA. He’s wondering why there are so many spare screws.