Tiny's Stuff - Necromunda, Gorkamorka, 40k etc.

Some classic Ogres there!!

Like the little castle on it’s own island too, particularly the little steps from the water to the top of the rock.
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Finished a few more bits for Man O'War. Should probably finish some fleets before I make any more terrain.

A big island and some smaller rocky pieces for boats to smash into.

Made a little Dwarven sea fort from a wheel nut cap I found on my neighbour's car.

Found on the neighbours car?? 🤔

If you hadn’t have said I would’ve assumed it was an old hex flying base with the top filled in. Maybe not steep enough.

Looks excellent though. Really like the miniature, miniature terrain!
I’m starting to think you probably should’ve made a mold and cast a few up in resin to sell.

Bar wire bits obviously.
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