Traveller Striker armour values converted to Confrontation


May 18, 2015
Houston, Texas
This is my first try and converting Striker armour values into percentages to penetrate for Confrontation. Does anyone have any experience with Traveller or Striker to give me feedback on whether or not I am on the right track? This is a simple spreadsheet conversion based on Mesh and Power Armour values from both rulesets. This table would put ATVs at 28%, air/rafts at 29%, and most small space craft (under 100 tons) at 6%.

CodeArmour% to PenetrateType
scSoft Cover50.00%Cover
RFRefractor field30.00%Energy
CFConversion field20.00%Energy
DFDisplacer field20.00%Energy
PPower armor20.00%Physical
hcHard Cover20.00%Cover
S1Striker Armor Value31.00%Physical
S2Striker Armor Value30.00%Physical
S3Striker Armor Value29.00%Physical
S4Striker Armor Value29.00%Physical
S5Striker Armor Value28.00%Physical
S6Striker Armor Value28.00%Physical
S7Striker Armor Value27.00%Physical
S8Striker Armor Value26.00%Physical
S9Striker Armor Value26.00%Physical
S10Striker Armor Value25.00%Physical
S11Striker Armor Value24.00%Physical
S12Striker Armor Value24.00%Physical
S13Striker Armor Value23.00%Physical
S14Striker Armor Value23.00%Physical
S15Striker Armor Value22.00%Physical
S16Striker Armor Value21.00%Physical
S17Striker Armor Value21.00%Physical
S18Striker Armor Value20.00%Physical
S19Striker Armor Value19.00%Physical
S20Striker Armor Value19.00%Physical
S21Striker Armor Value18.00%Physical
S22Striker Armor Value18.00%Physical
S23Striker Armor Value17.00%Physical
S24Striker Armor Value16.00%Physical
S25Striker Armor Value16.00%Physical
S26Striker Armor Value15.00%Physical
S27Striker Armor Value14.00%Physical
S28Striker Armor Value14.00%Physical
S29Striker Armor Value13.00%Physical
S30Striker Armor Value13.00%Physical
S31Striker Armor Value12.00%Physical
S32Striker Armor Value11.00%Physical
S33Striker Armor Value11.00%Physical
S34Striker Armor Value10.00%Physical
S35Striker Armor Value9.00%Physical
S36Striker Armor Value9.00%Physical
S37Striker Armor Value8.00%Physical
S38Striker Armor Value8.00%Physical
S39Striker Armor Value7.00%Physical
S40Striker Armor Value6.00%Physical
S41Striker Armor Value6.00%Physical
S42Striker Armor Value5.00%Physical
S43Striker Armor Value4.00%Physical
S44Striker Armor Value4.00%Physical
S45Striker Armor Value3.00%Physical
S46Striker Armor Value3.00%Physical
S47Striker Armor Value2.00%Physical
S48Striker Armor Value1.00%Physical
S49Striker Armor Value1.00%Physical
S50Striker Armor Value0.00%Physical