Traveller to 40K2 Conversions


May 18, 2015
Houston, Texas
I have been thinking of some ways to convert Vehicle Armor Values (AV) from Traveller into 40K2 terms. The initial challenge that I am wrestling with is how low do I go? GorkaMorka (GM) uses AV as low at 8, but 40K2 does not seem to use anything below 10. I would like be consistent between GM and 40K2 if possible. Most standard Traveller vehicles are civilian or at most paramilitary. My first attempt has these examples:

AV09 Ground Car, Air/Raft, Speeder
AV10 ATV, tracked and wheeled
AV11 GCarrier
AV20 Small Craft for Interface purposes
AV25 Heaviest Armored Tech Level (TL) 15 Grav Tanks

Anyone ever gave this any thought?
GoMo was all about scrap collection and construction which is why it had lower armour values than 2nd edition. For most civilian vehicles it should be possible to to shoot them to bits with heavy fire. I'd go low on on armour value but have a save for over penetration (rounds going straight through and out without hitting anything vital on the way) and write custom damage charts that have cumulative penalties to handling and speed as the lower results.
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Is this something like your suggest?

Vehicle Type: Civilian
Civilian vehicles are notably thin skinned. There is a good chance that any penetrating hit will shoot right through the vehicle and not stop. To simulate this roll a 4+ on a penetrating hit on any civilian vehicle to indicate a shoot-through hit. On a 3- treat the shot as normal.

Shoot-Through Table

1-2 Shrapnel Everywhere - Each vehicle occupant rolls their normal saving throw (6+ minimum) to survive.
3-4 Vehicle is out of control as per the 40K2 rulebook.
5-6 Vehicle rolls on the Thruster Buster Table in the GorkaMorka rulebook.
Yeah, I need to find some stand-ins from my tackle boxes to play through a few times; maybe a civilian vehicle getting ambushed by a rebel tac team.

I like the simplier idea of just giving something like a minus 1 or 2 on the damage charts if a shoot-through is indicated. A result of 0 or less indicating a new view hole in the chassis but no other damage.

Maybe something like: On the shoot-through roll of 4+, a 4 or 5 gives -1 on the damage chart, a 6 gives a -2.
Gorkamorka and 2nd ed 40k are on the same scale in terms of numbers. It's just that in 40k, you have more weapons that hit harder and have wild armour penetration rolls on multiple dice. When you're dealing with bikes and small vehicles, you're in that 8-12 range. Note that common small arms hit with a Str of 3 or 4, so they can penetrate a max 9-10 on a roll of 6.

Also worth noting is that a Space Marine Rhino is actually, like, a bus or something. Anything bigger than that is actually a tank. Shooting on that range should help.
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