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Discussion in 'Musings Of The Yak' started by Nucit, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Nucit

    Nucit Ganger

    First post :) so hello everyone.

    Been lurker for some time now. However, as the new ruleset is out GW dragged me back into thier evil empire! :D Hence, I'm looking for active player in my area. Any of the Yak-Tribes-Men around?
  2. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
    Honored Tribesman


    if you go into the menu and open the drop down menu for Forums, the last entry is “Map” which will give you an idea of who is around you and when they were last on (if they opted in to this feature). it’s pretty sweet (unless everyone around you has been inactive for a year or more... :()
  3. ClockworkOrange

    ClockworkOrange Executive Officer in charge of Trolling
    Staff Member Tribe Council Yak Comp 1st Place

    What he said ^ welcome to the tribe! Any probs give one of the mods a shout like this @spafe although if it’s of a technical nature over and above hitting it with a hammer @Malo is your man!
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  4. CaptainDangerous

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    Hey Nucit! Welcome to the tribe from me!
    Iv just had a look out of curiosity and it looks like @dabbk and @Basileus are your men!
    Did you play much necro in the golden age? I too am a born again underhiver - man shall not live on bread alone.....
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  5. Basileus

    Basileus Ganger
    Yak Supporter

    'aight, what the Captain said. I'm located in North Berlin and currently playing mostly Shadespire - But also building a NCE Enforcer 'gang' at the moment :coffee: Just drop me a PM here or via Instagram. I'm no 'mathammer' crack or power gamer, I just like having a decent time.
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  6. Nucit

    Nucit Ganger

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

    Found the Map.

    Played Necromunda when it first came out in Germany. Still have the plastic Orlocks and some additions. However my main Gang were the Eschers. Thus I'm quite happy with the release so far. :) We had a nice campaign within our club in Hamburg.

    Well, got me a box of Escher and Gang Wars and now I'm hooked again. :p Eventhough I also beliefe the way they introduced the current game was not good. However I don't mind buying further books, but the quality did suffer and I don't see no reason to by the Box. I understand why they did what they did, I just can't believe it is the sustainable strategy for the business and the success of the system, but that's to be discussed at another place. :)

    I don't seem to manage sending internal messages... guess you have a posting threshold here?
    Also I don't find a way to change my profile pic...?

    @Basileus Great, I'm in Charlottenburg. Not the youngest anymore, thus also no powergamer and more interested in creating games with story and depth. I'm a bit low on actively playing currently because of family, however I would love to play some Necromunda. Never played NCE though. I know about the open clubs: Uniplay, Dice Knight, Siemens... but I don't mind coming around somewhere else or inviting as I have enough space and terrain. I'm quite flexible in regards of availability at the normal times: evening or weekends. Please try to contact me per pm if you like match, thanks. :)
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  7. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
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    “Juvie” (10 posts) is the threshold for a lot of features. Check out some threads, make a few comments or ask some questions (“Looks great” “how did you do that?” “what’s the base model for that?” kind of thing) and you’ll be a Juvie in no time.
  8. dabbk

    dabbk Gang Hero
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    Welcome here, and awesome, two local yakers at once! :)
    I am a bit behind on painting my N17 escher and goliaths, but I have my older stuff at hand! I havent found time to actually go play at dice knights n such, but I would make time if I have a Necromunda game lined up. So yeah, let's do this gentlemen :)
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  9. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    Yeah as others have said mate, 10 posts gets you to juve (or subscribing will skip the post limit), then you unlock messaging functions.

    Any other questions, just shout, there's usually a mod about or plenty of other folk who will be able (and happy) to answer questions :)
  10. Nucit

    Nucit Ganger

    Thanks for the update on how it works. Will post about my current projects, guess this and some comments on some of the realy awsome projects here will bring me the numbers anytime soon.

    @all Thanks for your answers, this is getting hot fast. I'm now aware of at least five players in the area. If we can't get something going here, would be a shame. :D
  11. Nucit

    Nucit Ganger

    First big get together of Berlin players this week in Charlottenburg. Anyone is welcome. so far we're 4. However, we have space for others as well. Just contact me for Details if you want to join.
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