Tribemeet 2020 - 19th & 20th September - Update


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Dec 29, 2012
Dear Yakmeeters,

Your intrepid Yakmeet committee is monitoring the current situation with the virus closely and we have decided to make the final decision on whether we go ahead on the 04/09/20.

If we give the ok, the event will go ahead on the 19th and 20th September 2020 as planned and thier will be much rejoicing and fun to be had! Let’s hope we all have to stop reading here.

Unfortunately if we do cancel this time it’s going to be a full cancellation with a partial refund allowing for any venue deposits, Kickstarter fees or other costs we’ve already incurred.

At the current time the rules are ever changing and unclear, we received a 50 page risk assessment document from the venue last week which has now probably been superseded.....

We had hoped that this would have improved by now but it seems that lockdown is being reintroduced in some regions of the UK, so there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment.

Again we thank you for your continued understanding in these strange times and rest assured we’ll do our best to run the event if we possibly can.

Love Clockwork