Tribemeet 2020 Update - Moved to 27th / 28th March 2021


The Upside Down Troll
Tribe Council
Mar 26, 2020
Port Talbot
Yeah sorry, dark is correct. I've been rather snowed under.

He have a work service that's covid related and my investors in the software side have finally kicked it up a gear after realising that thier "expert" marketer who was supposed to be supporting us is just a massive bag of spanners, so I've had to have Zoom, after Zoom, after Zoom... you get the general idea.

My gaming room? What gaming room? Dumping ground? Ah... more like it.

So apologies. I have missed you guys tremendously, I'm just working on getting my space back (kids being locked off school means more time working less time travelling... bonus... but theyre at home going stir crazy making more mess... not quite as much bonus....)