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TribeMeet AUS 2018


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Apr 2, 2013
flemington, Victoria
We had one in March, which went fairly well. I would love there to be an event in March 2020 as well but frankly I'm hoping someone else will step up to organise it. I'm not particularly good at such things, but if someone does it I'll be there and happy to lend a hand with everything.
if you can let me know whats needed id be happy to give it a go come 2020


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Feb 8, 2013
Tilehurst, U.k.
There will be a thread here soon, just need to find out how to post in the Tribe News section. @Malo, seems this is no longer allowed?
No, it's a mod only area, if you have stuff to go in there craft the thread and drop a mod a request to move it. This is due mainly to a spate of advertisers creating threads about launch of their new stuff
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