Necromunda TribeMeet AUS 2019

What rule set do you prefer? (Please do not respond unless you are planning to attend Aus Tribemeet)

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Apr 25, 2017
Melbourne, Australia
For now this is just here to gauge interest, more details will be coming soon, I promise!

Basically what I want to know is do you want to come to a two day Necromunda event in March 2019 somewhere in Melbourne? If the answer is yes then please reply below and let me know!

The event will be using the NCE ruleset available for download in the Vault. It's not the intention to exclude anyone from joining in, so if you want to run a gang that's not included in the NCE rules or an alternate version of one that is (for example I think there will be a couple of non-NCE Pit Slave gangs joining in) please let me know what gang rules you intend to use and we can definitely work something out.

If you've only got the new plastic Necromunda miniatures, never fear! Again, we'll work something out (y)

The only requirements to participate will be possibly a small entry fee (only to cover any costs we may incur, if there are no costs entry will be free) and that you must have a fully painted gang. They don't need to be a work of art, but they need to be painted.

If anyone is able to provide terrain that would certainly be most welcome!

2018's event almost didn't happen but in the end the handful of us that turned up had a great time and we'll be doing it again in 2019, the more the merrier!

@Zeebogie has got a great idea to theme the campaign and has already started work on some terrain, we've been gathering the appropriate miniatures to make it happen and more details will be posted soon.

All we really need is more of you to come and join in (and maybe some terrain) :D
Can’t attend, however if you need mod support or any of the resources developed by your Uk tribe cousins let the TribemeetUk committee know.

Come on Tribe these things are awesome and need your support to be be even more awesomy!
I'm certainly interested (x2, Yakwife also interested) but I must admit that this particular date/time might be difficult as we're currently building a house which will be finished around that time.

Tentative yes for two? Definitely I would be interested in spectating but actually having models to take could be problematic.
I would definitely recommend the Kickstarter as mentioned.

I would not have been signed up for the U.K. tribemeet if it was t for the Kickstarter.
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There’s quite a few things we’ve learnt from the Kickstarter that we’d do differently next time - if you want to go that route - just PM us.
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considering how much it was to ship a flat-rate small box to Australia, I'd hate to see how much it'd cost to ship a live human... would it be more than tickets to Japan? I think those were around $3000...
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