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    Fellow Yackers!

    Having just released the campaign pack for the UK Tribemeet 2019 event, I thought I should open an FAQ thread to discuss any queries. Post away your questions here and I will accumulate the FAQ in the OP.
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    Q - Do vehicles have to be able to carry the entire gang?
    No. That rule was to meet the campaign background in the previous Tribemeet campaign. For this campaign, your vehicles can carry as many (or as few) as you like.

    Q - Do we still need a Pit Fighter?
    You need a Pit Fighter if you wish to take part in the THUNDERCUBE!!! side game (Why wouldn't you want to??). That's not to say you can't arrange to borrow one off a generous yakker also in attendance as has happened previously, however, we can't guarantee there will be enough to go around. Bring your own to avoid disappointment!

    Q - Can we eat our free preacher?
    You can eat your free preacher if you wish (although, why risk the wrath of the dice gods and eat a good fighter?) however, you can’t keep their equipment if you do. It’s full of Ecclesiarchy inscriptions that clearly identify it as belonging to a preacher and it’s just not worth raising suspicion......

    Q. What is a Toll Bridge territory and where do I get one?
    A. Toll bridge is an idea we were working with early in development, we missed that one, sorry! Please ignore this.

    Q. Could you change the Scavengers scenario to have D3+3 food crates, to reflect Scavengers in NCE2019? (Will somebody think of the hungry children?!)
    A. Food is scarce - D6 crates remains extant. (and no, no-one will think of the hungry children - Spafe)

    Q. Similarly with Gang Fight, could you change "inflicts three times as many casualties" to "inflicts at least twice as many casualties" to match NCE2019?
    A. As above - food is scarce, unless you deal out a real hiding you won’t have time or energy to find that much. D6 remains extant.

    Q. Do we need to have our own models for the zombies/hired guns generated from opening food crates?
    A. There will be a limited loan pool available, but why not make your own and enter the Golden Yak awards? There’s a trophy and everything!

    Q. With the value of scrap reduced to 3 per credit, do you add the (total scrap value) or (total scrap value)/3 to get your Wastes gang rating?
    A. You add the value of your vehicle to your gang rating, I.e. if the vehicle cost 600 scrap, you add 600 to your rating on the ash wastes tables.

    Q. Can you buy vehicles as the campaign progresses at the rate of 1 credit = 3 scrap?
    A. The scrap exchange rate remains 1 cred to 3 scrap for the entire campaign.

    Q. If you fail to get a 'free' Preacher before your first battle by failing a Ld test, do you have to wait until after that battle before you can hire one for 15 credits, because you can't have any leftover credits at gang creation to pay for the eventuality of failing that Ld test?
    A. Leftover credits are not lost until you start your first game.

    Q. Is taking the hired gun generated from food crates optional?
    A. Yes.

    Q. If the hired gun attracted by food is mandatory, and happens to be a Wyrd, do they automatically oust your Preacher? Or do the two have a duel to the death?
    A. It’s optional to take the hired gun. If you do generate a wyrd and decide to use him then your preacher will leave, any violence is entirely optional, but your preacher will leave regardless!

    Q. Does the Guilder Contact territory increase the value of your Food Crates?
    A. No.

    Q .For the purposes of determining scenarios, do you pick an opponent, decide amicably whether to play in the Wastes or the Hive and then use the appropriate Gang Rating to see who is the underdog? Do you decide randomly whether it is a Wastes or Hive battle? Or does the gang with the lowest Hive Rating pick whether to play in the Hive or the Wastes, and use the appropriate rating for determining scenario? This last option is open to abuse by gangs that consist mostly of discount-price vehicles, as they would always pick a Wastes battle.
    A. The campaign hall will be set up with 12 tables, 2 of them will be ash wastes as per the campaign map. If you are on the ash wastes tables you use those rules, otherwise hive rules are in play.

    12) Do Dedicated Crew start the game already on the vehicle? If so, can the vehicle then move in its first turn without Hotshot Ignition? If not, can the Dedicated Crew be given equipment and do normal actions, like the other gang members, until they decide to embark?
    Dedicated crew are allocated to a vehicle and are always on board. They cannot be given extra equipment or disembark. Vehicles can be moved during the first turn of the game if you wish, presuming it has a driver already on board.

    13) Hotshot Ignition says "A vehicle may now move the same turn the passengers loaded onto it." This seems to imply that every time the vehicle picks up passengers it then cannot move in the same turn. Should this be just the first embarkation of a driver?
    It just applies for a driver coming aboard. Passengers embark and disembark using the rules on page 13.

    14) Can the driver or gunners be swapped at the start of your turn? Say, if the current driver wanted to shoot the main gun for a turn, can another model take their place at the wheel without interrupting vehicle movement? And can Dedicated Crew be swapped-out in such a fashion?
    To swap drivers the vehicle must be stationary. Once the new driver is in place it is treated as such - the vehicle cannot move that turn unless it's equipped with a Hotshot ignition (he's adjusting his seat and mirrors!). This also applies if a driver goes Down/OOA. Using a mounted weapon is easier than driving, so this position can be swapped out without interrupting movement - but keep in mind that a vehicle weapon can only fire once per turn (no firing with one ganger, swapping to another ganger and firing again!). You can swap a gang member in to take the place of a Dedicated Crew member, but the Dedicated Crew cannot leave the vehicle so will continue to occupy a passenger space.

    15) Can vehicles be upgraded with new equipment in the post-battle sequence?
    Yes. You can buy scrap to upgrade vehicles or buy new vehicles at the 3-to-1 ratio.

    16) Can equipment be swapped between vehicles?
    Yes, you can swap vehicle equipment around in the post-battle sequence presuming the equipment in question is available to that type of vehicle.

    17) Can passengers embark and disembark in the same turn? If so, does embarking cost 1" of their movement.
    Passengers can embark and disembark in the same turn, keeping in mind the rules on page 13. Embarkation costs 1" of movement, and stopping to load or unload passengers uses 1" of vehicle movement as per the Disembarking section of page 13 (the text is correct, the heading implies it is only for disembarking).

    18) Can passengers shoot the weapons they are carrying, rather than the vehicle weapons? If so, do they count as stationary, even if they embarked that turn?
    If they occupy a position in the vehicle that is open topped then yes, they can fire their own weapon(s). Embarking and disembarking counts as movement for that turn. If they did not move then they count as stationary for the purposes of firing a heavy weapon (they brace it against the bodywork) or other skills requiring them to be stationary. The -1 to-hit and other shooting-from-vehicle rules from page 14 still apply.

    19) Does the phrase "and any class of ganger may fire a vehicle mounted weapon" include Juves?
    Yes. Juves, Novices etc can use mounted weapons. Not zombies though.

    20) Can vehicles get the benefit of cover? e.g. It is -2 to hit the vehicle if more than half of it is behind a hill.
    Yes. Don't apply a -1 modifier until at least a quarter of the vehicle is behind cover. Your Taurox parked behind a lamppost is just as easy to slag as one parked in the open!

    21) Are riders targeted as if they occupied the exact position their model is in the vehicle for measuring distance and visibility - effectively being on a mobile piece of terrain? Or are all riders considered to have a base size equal to the footpint of the vehicle?
    The usual Necromunda Line of Sight rules apply. Riders, passengers and crew are targeted as per the rules on page 14 - if they are high up and exposed then yes, they can be targeted even if the vehicle itself is in full cover. It might even be easier to shoot a passenger than the vehicle they're riding! Note that the modifier for shooting at a rapid moving target only apples if the target moved rapidly (i.e. 12" or more).

    22) How do template weapons work on vehicles? Does the vehicle get hit as well as the riders? A flame template or small blast are unlikely to cover the whole vehicle, so do they always cause partials? What if a vehicle has multiple levels? Can vehicles be set on fire?
    A solid hit on a vehicle with a template counts as a full hit. Some fair play will be required here - organisers can be called upon to arbitrate fairly if required. Riders, passengers and crew of open-topped vehicles can be hit by templates along with the vehicle, according to their position in said vehicle and the usual template rules.
    Multiple levelled vehicles and passengers thereof can be hit as above using whatever you and your opponent can agree on for "explosions are spheres" (a classic Necromunda problem that's been around since the early days!).
    Vehicles cannot be set on fire - they are designed and assembled to survive the horrific conditions in the wastes and are therefore constructed from inert material wherever possible. The mutated hides of ash wastes animals are tough and fire retardant. Both can still be damaged by the initial searing hit of a flame weapon however.

    23) Given that Strength 3 weapons have little chance of wounding most armoured vehicles (actually zero chance for a T7 heavy vehicle with medium armour), can vehicles be disregarded for closest target priority? Or treat vehicles as a separate category, giving the choice to the player whether to shoot the closest vehicle or closest model (unless there is another from the same category that is easier to hit)?

    Yes, vehicles themselves are considered optional targets - but bear in mind that your closest target may be a visible passenger or crew member of that vehicle, and if so they will still count for the usual closest target rules.

    24) Is Undertaker now a member of the rules committee for the next event?

    Yes, whether he likes it or not :LOL:

    (I don't know how to do orange writing!)

    25) Where can I hide such that @Stoof won't be able to find me?
    You can't hide from @Stoof - trust me on this.

    26) The vehicle upgrade Main Weapon Pintle implies that Main Weapons have a 90° forward firing arc. Are the Secondary Weapons and the Heat Seeker RPG also limited to a 90° front firing arc?

    27) Can a main weapon be upgraded to be Twin Linked some games after the main weapon is purchased?
    Yes. Sorry, I meant Yes-Yes.

    28) In the Maintenance section it says "Only Gangers may perform vehicular Maintenance during the Post Battle Sequence, and if they do they may not work any Territories or accompany the Gang Leader to the Trading Post." Does doing maintenance also preclude said Gangers from Foraging for food?
    Yes - a ganger can do nothing else in the post battle sequence if performing vehicular maintenance.

    29) Close combat with Medium and Large vehicles is a bit confusing. If no passengers intercept, how many hits does the attacker score? Just D3, or D3 per Attack that they would get in a normal close combat? And if the vehicle moved in its last turn, does the attacker roll D3 attacks, each hitting on 2+, or as many attacks as they would get in a normal combat, each causing D3 hits?
    D3 automatic hits per attack if the vehicle is stationary - this represents that the fighter has more time to aim his blows at weak spots to inflict more damage. If defenders intercept then it is normal combat against the defender (i.e. not the D3 hits per attack), except the defender counts as being higher up. If the vehicle moved, then it is the normal number of attacks (not D3 per attack) hitting on a 2+ because whilst the target is easy to hit (it's big) it's harder to aim the blows as the vehicle is a moving target.

    30) Are fumbles in close combat with moving vehicles resolved simultaneously together with any hits on the vehicle?

    31) In scenarios that have random numbers of fighters participating and/or reinforcements, does a vehicle (including dedicated crew) count as 1 Fighter?
    The ash wastes tables will have a specific scenario card on them - these will detail the rules on gang selection etc. If (as previously discussed) you agree with your opponent to use vehicles on the hive tables, similarly agree what would be appropriate for your given scenario. We understand that there are fantastic prizes on offer for the campaign but please respect the adage of 'fluff is king!' and don't have a monster truck bristling with weapons with an engine the size of a Yak and exhausts that are more like sonic weapons than a byproduct removal system sneaking up to perform a heist. Totally cool with one being posted as a sentry though.

    32) In the rules it says "Vehicles must deploy in the players deployment zone and count as moving at normal speed in the first turn." Does that mean that their Main Weapon cannot be fired in the first turn unless equipped with a Weapon Stabiliser?
    The intention is that you can move your normal speed in the first turn if you like - i.e. you do not need to lose a turn starting the engine if you do not have a hotshot ignition fitted. A driver needs to be deployed in the vehicle for this to count - a vehicle that starts the game with no driver must follow the usual procedures.

    33) The following two FAQ statements seem to be in contradiction:
    "If you are on the ash wastes tables you use those rules, otherwise hive rules are in play."
    "If (as previously discussed) you agree with your opponent to use vehicles on the hive tables"
    Can players choose to use their Wastes gangs on the Hive tables, with prior consent from their opponent?

    You can, with explicit agreement of your opponent, use vehicles on the Hive tables. Keep in mind that the Hive tables will be covered in all sorts of low level and tightly packed terrain and will therefore be very difficult to take a vehicle around. And if someone refuses to allow you your vehicles on a Hive table, please take it with good grace - it is a privilege to be allowed to use them, not a right. Conversely, if someone has no Wastes component, they will not be forced to fight on a Wastes table against a gang with vehicles.

    There are two types of gangs, "Hive" gangs, who have opted not to use vehicles, and "Wastes" gangs, who have chosen to spend their scrap and optionally gang creation credits on vehicles and gear for them. All Wastes gangs will have a Hive gang component for use in Hive games. Whilst there is nothing stopping Hive gangs with no vehicles playing on a Wastes table, it might be unwise. Or epic. One of those.

    Q: So I could have the smallest permissible legal gang and field a tank? Awesome!
    A: Yes. But you'll be viciously murderised on Hive tables and Melta/Krak weapons are a thing.

    Issue: You can hardly get anything with a starting scrap value of 300.
    You are right! Due to the short nature of the campaign, and the failings of the scrap on the international markets, you can buy 3 scrap for 1 credit. This will mean that while everyone starts with 1100 creds and 300 scrap, you could use 100 creds to buy 300 scrap and start your list with 1000 credits and 600 scrap, or even more if you choose! Just remember the Hive rating is the one used at the end for totalling up who did the best.

    Issue: I have a cunning plan regarding gang creation...
    At the end of gang creation, any leftover credits or scrap is lost - you start your first game with a balance of zero for both. As part of the event is based on the biggest increase in gang rating, this prevents an unscrupulous player from buying a bare-bones gang, playing a game, then hiring the rest of their gang for a massive artificial rating boost. Spend every credit you can at creation!

    Q: What stat line does a dedicated crew member have? A basic Ganger's profile is different for some Outlander gangs.

    A: Since they cost the same for everyone, they have the standard NCE House Ganger profile across the board. They may not have gang generation buffs spent on them (eg mutations or pitslave mods), and do not count towards your Hive gang rating.

    Q: How does Turbo work?
    A: Turbo is a type of move as shown in the vehicle movement table - you go faster, but at the detriment of turning and control.
    For example a medium vehicle (M8) that is wheeled can move up to 12" as a normal move, making 3 turns, reverse up to 8" with no turns or turbo move up to 24" but only make a max of 2 turns.

    Q: What is my gang rating if I have a gang with vehicles?
    A: A Wastes gang (i.e. those with vehicles) will have two ratings. A Wastes rating, which includes vehicles, and a Hive rating, which excludes vehicles. We recommend keeping a roster of your Hive gang, and a separate one with just your vehicles and equipment on it. When you play in the Wastes, simply add the two together to get your rating total for that game, and when playing in the hive, just use the Hive one.

    Q: So what is my gang rating for the purposes of the campaign meta then?
    A: Hive rating, since everyone will have a Hive component.

    Q: I have guys on <insert horse/chariot/elephant equivalent here>. What are they in the vehicle rules?
    A: They will be counts-as small, medium or large vehicles. Chariots are counts-as Wheeled and walkers are... well, walkers. It should be fairly easy to work out what category they fit in by passenger capacity and general size.

    Q: That makes them really expensive.......
    A: That's not a question. But yes. You think Scavvies are going to just allow fresh wholesome meat to walk around the place being all delicious and succulent? In a world where most of the population has probably never even seen real edible animal meat, a cow is a valuable thing.

    Q: Can crew & passengers of vehicles throw grenades?
    A: Yes, including the driver, however any grenade thrown from a moving vehicle will automatically scatter using the standard grenade scattering rules. Remember to still roll to-hit to see if your grenades run out! This does not affect grenade launchers, but does mean a thrown Krak grenade automatically misses.
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    Just to say, you will be getting a fully luxurious beautifully printed version of the book too! We thought we'd send the PDF out so you can peruse and ask questions, or even start kitting out your gangs.
  4. MancInventor

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    OP Updated. Post your FAQs here, or DM me, either way if it is relevant I'l stick it in the OP!
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    Although you’ve decided not to quote them, as far as I can tell, the TribeMeet code of conduct still stands!
    May The Great Yak Mother Betsy, strike a piercing gaze at any who dishonour them....

    Code of Conduct:
    -Respect the enemy crushed under your boot
    -Bask in the reflected glory of your conqueror
    -The dice gods are fickle, do not get upset when their plans manifest against you
    -Violence, threats, or insulting language belong in the hive, not in the room
    -Any rules conflicts will be decided by arbitrators
    -Arbitrator decisions are final

    I very much hope the yak who is obsessed with yaks, apologises to his yak brothers!
    Organising isn’t easy, and neither is making tough calls.
    That is not to say the rules shouldn’t be questioned, they should, but insulting language should never have a place in any of our dealings! ...Inc. organisers*
    Any decisions that are made, must be respected!

    *(I know that it’s banter and deep down we love eachother, but someone not climatized, considering the official nature of this thread, may get the wrong impression)
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  6. MancInventor

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    Changed it - definitely banter/ill-conceived attempt at humour, it won’t happen again.
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    Based on @ClockworkOrange 's map, is it possible to skip out on your game, cross the "border" and invade another board's game?
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    My bad, it was an organiser in-joke and I forgot to mention the FAQ post might need to be sanitised slightly before going public. We're all pals again now.

    The three "questions" after this one also contain my own special brand of three times Golden-LOL winning, Emmy nominated humour if you'd like to censor them too. There's also a swear at the end of the "spend all your credits" bit that doesn't make sense now with the text all one colour.
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    Yep that FAQ answer was nothing to do with this Yak loving Yak @CaptainDangerous weve compromised on the scrap allowance enough now to keep me happy, and also made it so we’ll give people a chance to field a decent number of vehicles if they want to.

    I don’t think we’d factored in the seperate scrap allowance and need to also fight in the hive when using the set of points costs from the new streamlined rules. And 3 for 1 is a change that requires the least changes to the already printed supplement.
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    No, each area on the beautifully made map represents a number of square miles - you will be fighting over a patch of polluted filth and wrecked machinery somewhere in that sector, not necessarily right beside the next fight over.
  11. spafe

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    Or just a really really big one... :whistle:
  12. MancInventor

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    Never again will I blindly copy and paste your work and claim it as my own! Now I am defamed and told off! Lesson learned. (I did think it was pretty funny though :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:).
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    Chart of acceptable insults (col1+col2+col3=1insult):
  14. Stoof

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    Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    You have to pay extra for most of column three... or so I'm told :LOL:
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  15. CaptainDangerous

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    Yeah, maggot pies and pigeon eggs ain’t cheap! :LOL::p
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    One query... what sort of hat is a hell hat? and how can someone be hell hated? is that to be adorned with a hell hat one would presume.
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    You know you’re a ne’er do well, when even hell hates you!*
    ....or provides you with an official hat!

    If you are asking literally how do you get one? I guess it would have something to do with being full of sin!?!

    *(Hell in the late medieval times was pretty progressive by modern standards!)
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  18. Ned Noodle

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    It reads like a scavvie Nando’s menu.
    Just select a type of meat, how you’d like it cook and pick a side. :p
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  19. Punktaku

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    ok... what is a Nando?!? I heard it mentioned in Bad Education The Movie and misheard it as Nanbo. thought it meant "Nancy boy" as in "they hired a Nanbo band"
  20. spafe

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