Tribemeet Germany 2024


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Nov 1, 2017
Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of August 2024

Biggle Bear’s Forward Command Shack, located approximately 20km outside of Duisburg, NRW, Germany.

Game being played:

6 (5 available)

10€ per day

9am - 9pm Saturday
9am - 9pm Sunday

Code of Conduct:
-Respect the enemy crushed under your boot
-Bask in the reflected glory of your conqueror
-The dice gods are fickle, do not get upset when their plans manifest against you
-Violence, threats, or insulting language belong in the hive, not in the room
-Any rules conflicts will be decided by arbitrators
-Arbitrator decisions are final
most wanted


terrain contributors

Hive Epsarium is one of the most isolated hives in the Palatine Cluster. The authorities are frequently at war with the nomads of Ashtown and exposed to natural elements coming from the west. Despite being one of the largest hives of the cluster it lacks the trade routes enjoyed by the growing hives to the east. A fact that the nomadic warlords have often used to their advantage. Hive Primus is, however, invested in it’s longevity as a buffer between those dangers and the centre of the cluster, so disaster has narrowly been avoided thus far.

Despite that, one might describe general life within as being similar to that of Hive Primus, in social structures and day to day living. Billions living or dying on the factory floor, and those brave enough try to find freedom by moving to the slums of it’s very own Underhive.

Our campaign will focus on the adventures of those gangs trying to carve out a living down there underneath the control of the ruling houses. Specifically around the town of Cyan Tide. It is situated by a flowing river of boiling liquid waste from higher up in the hive. Most townspeople subsist by trading energy from turbines and heat absorbing generators.
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To join in the fun, all you have to do is fill in the following information:

Gang Name-
Gang Backstory (a sentence or two about your gang/why are they in Hive Epsarium:Cyan Tide)
Duellist -

Then once you’ve been confirmed on the Most Wanted list, you just turn up on the day!*
Food and accommodation are left up to each Yak to sort for themselves but tea, coffee and some form of snacks will be provided.

*turning up includes a fully painted gang, a fully filled out roster, dice, templates, ruler, rulebooks (optional), plus anything you might need throughout the day. E.g. medication, money, mobile phone, etc. And if you want to show off your prized terrain, please sign up to be a terrain contributor.

Although we will be focusing in on the interpersonal conflicts of small groups, all participants are welcome to make an influence on the greater narrative. Everyone who signs up will be able to make their own house following the rules found here:-

If you would prefer to use outlanders or to stick to the houses that you already know and love, that is also in order (I am looking forward to using my Delaque gang). Just be sure to give them a distinctive look that others can copy and an evocative narrative.

the link lays out 3 stages to create your own House.

Stage 1 name and history of house
Stage 2 house weapon list
Stage 3 house skill table

It doesn't assist you to create your own outlanders gang or special rules. For example, if your house is infested by a genestealer cult, don't be expecting to field a pure strain, or any other unbalanced bonuses. Just to keep it fair. (Shoot. Now I want to create a Delaque genestealer cult.)

Post your House details in the thread. Let us know about your cool creation.

Duelling is a accepted part of life and tradition in Hive Epsarium, and after each game players are encouraged to play a duelling mini-game. The rules of which will be posted later. But for now, plan to bring a duellist armed with a sword and duelling pistol (any pistol but it will only contain a single strength 3 shot).

Thanks for taking the time to check out the event, and I really hope to see you there!
It would be great to see you there. If you decide you can join in the campaign then let us know about your gang. It will get your name on the official register above, and it'll be helpful Intelligence in my attempt to wipe them out. 😏
House Shadalor

Officially the house is an off-shoot of house Delaque in Hive Primus, but it's true identity is that it is the Delaque mafia. They selected Hive Epsarium for it's space ports and fewer controls from Helmawr and the other noble houses. From this stronghold they have been trying to make in-roads to other hives, but in the meantime there are still many opportunities for growth here in their home turf.

House weapons list-

Leader Only Weapons
Grenade Launcher 65
Chainsword. 25
Sword. 15

Hand-to-Hand Weapons
Knife (first knife free) 5
Club/Maul/Bludgeon 10

Autopistol 15
Bolt Pistol. 25
Laspistol 15
Plasma Pistol 30
Stub Gun 10

Basic Weapons
Autogun 20
Boltgun. 35
Hunting Rifle. 25
Lasgun. 25
Shotgun (+Solid Slug, Scatter Shot) 20

Special Weapons
Flamer 40
Meltagun. 95
Plasma Gun. 80

Heavy Weapons
Heavy Bolter 180
Heavy Plasma Gun. 240
Heavy Stubber. 120

House skill list-

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Gang Name- The Ba-D'guys
House- Shadalor
Gang Backstory- lieutenant Yak-krooza leads her team on an Asset Acquisition tour to Cyan Tide because there is a labour intensive Factorum a few layers higher. The house wishes to automate the work and sell off the workforce to off world bidders, but it will only work if they can get a sustainable power source.
Duellist - Vahm Pire (rumours about Vahm vary, but all point to an unhinged crazy. Mafia hitman, bodyguard and general tough guy, but he can't stay away from death even on his downtime)

Pictures to come soon.
I should probably say that I’m in!

This minor House of Hive Epsarium was once a well reputed manufacturer of Titan parts and used to have influence off world. However, over time they have been in a steady decline and have lost their way as a political force on necromunda.
The people of House Nexus are mostly unaware of their heritage and live amongst the old giant foundries and workshops of greater times. Despite not knowing their past, all the generations of climbing and lugging around of heavy equipment has left its mark on the house, with most it’s populous being both nimble and strong in equal measure, albeit somewhat obtuse.

Primary Skill: Agility
Secondary: muscle
Tertiary: ferocity

I’ll be back with me gang details, want to roll me territories to draw up some inspiration!
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I have written a mini game for during the post battle sequence. I would appreciate some opinions of the rules. Does anything need fixing?

Post battle duelling game

The greatest of all duellists was ‘Unlucky' Duradilli. Not famed for his good looks (as some are) or for his elegant swordsmanship (as others are). But for his amazing luck. He did not fear death, for it was upon him anyway, which freed his will from doubt or hesitation. Slug slime had laid their eggs in his brain and he sought to earn as much credit for those he left behind as he could before his skull popped. Even being sponsored to die in front of the crowds. But surviving round after round of Orlock Roulette, he eventually failed to earn his sponsorship bonus. Known to be the luckiest, and also unluckiest, professional duellist the Hive had ever seen.

The duel is part of the post battle sequence at Tribemeet Germany 2024 and is to be played after the serious injuries and income are resolved but before rare trade goods are rolled for. Choose a miniature to represent your duellist, preferably armed with a pistol and/or sword. A starting duellist has the characteristics of a ganger and are armed with a sword and a S3 pistol with no To Hit modifiers. Roll a d6 to find out which of the three scenarios that will be played.

1 or 2 sword fight

3 or 4 pistols on green

5 both players roll a dice and the highest chooses the scenario

6 Orlock Roulette

Sword fight

The duellists will have a close combat fight using a single sword each (they do NOT get an extra attack for fighting with an extra knife or pistol). Place the duellists on their starting positions. The character that has the largest Move plus bonuses counts as charging. Once the charger has been determined place them in base contact in the centre of the duelling area

Example 1: duellist A has a leg injury and moves 3” and horrible scars, but duellist B has a starting move of 4”. Duellist B counts as charging if they pass their fear test.

Example 2: duellist C has move 4 and the sprint skill therefore can move 12”. Duellist D has move 4 and the leap skill, therefore counts as charging if they roll 5 or 6 for their leap skill.

Unlike regular close combat, it is not permitted to finish a defeated opponent so if one duellist is Downed the combat ends and the standing duellist wins without putting them out of action.

The winning duellist earns enough experience points to gain their next advancement and the player should mark down the win. If the losing duellist was taken Out Of Action then they must roll an injury on the injury chart (counting the captured result as a full recovery). If they were Downed they automatically recover.

Shoot on Green.

In this scenario the duellists will attempt to shoot each other, only being allowed a single shot at a time in their pistol. Place the duellists on their starting positions.
  • Each player decides if their duellist will attempt to shoot first (add 1 to the result of shooting first) or take a moment to aim their shot (add 1 the To Hit roll).
  • Both players then roll a dice and add their Initiative (and add 1 if they chose to try to shoot fastest).
  • The player with the highest score will then roll to shoot their opponent. If the opponent is still able they will then shoot back. (Adding 1 to their To Hit roll if they chose to aim). If both rolled the same for the previous step then they both get to make simultaneous shots.
  • If one duellist is taken Out Of Action then the game is over and the duellist still standing is the winner. If a duellist is Downed they get one chance to roll for Recovery. If they don’t stand up the game ends and the standing duellist wins. If neither are standing then both lose.
  • If both duellists are standing, then they reload their pistols and a new round begins.
*a note on Pinning: neither can become pinned, but if a duellist has a skill allowing them to ignore Pinning they get to add one to their roll to shoot first to represent their calmness.

The winning duellist earns enough experience points to gain their next advancement and the player should mark down the win. If the losing duellist was taken Out Of Action then they must roll an injury on the injury chart (counting the captured result as a full recovery). If they were Downed they automatically recover.

Orlock Roulette

Basically suicide turned into profit. Two opponents take turns to take the stubgun from the table, point it to their own head and pull the trigger. The loser is the one who pulls the trigger on the one loaded chamber.

Place the duellists 4” away from one another. Both players roll a dice each. The highest score goes first.
  • That player must roll a leadership test.
  • If they pass then roll to Spin the Chamber. The roll represents which chamber the round is in.
  • Now roll a dice to see which chamber is selected. If the result is the same as the previous dice roll, then the duellist has just shot themselves in the head, go Out Of Action and their opponent wins.
  • If they fail the Leadership test then they refuse to pull the trigger. The other duellist takes their turn.
Each takes their turn until either:

  • One duellist shoots themselves, declaring the surviving duellist the winner.
  • One duellist fails their Leadership test and the other succeeds without shooting themselves. The one who passed the Leadership test is the winner.
If the winner didn’t pass their last Leadership roll then the player marks the win but no experience. If they passed their last Leadership test the player marks the win and the duellist gains enough experience points to gain their next advancement. If the losing duellist went Out Of Action then roll on this special injury chart:

1 To 5 - Dead

6 – roll again

1 to 5 - they suffer from stupidity

6 – horrible scars, plus they gain enough experience points to gain their next advancement.
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It's the YakTribe Festive Shootout MkII!
@Stoof , shhh! Do you want clone number 7 teleporting the legal team down?

But seriously, the inspiration came from a number of places. I was watching a lot of medieval documentaries when I wrote it, for example. I have tried to make every characteristic relevant too.

Do you have a suggestion for changes, @Stoof ? I feel like my ability to describe my thoughts failed often.
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Floating round in my head, there’s still a festive sumo basho, the squig games, and a festive mutant baked beans deathmatch!
But sadly the energy crystals needed to run such a thing is lacking. (Imagine a really underwhelming light saber being activated, it might even droop a little)
That's enough of this thread ending in floppy lightsabres.

Although I hope the local tribe members respond soon (especiallythose that might not get a chance to attend a tribemeet otherwise), I think it is time to officially invite tribe members from further away so that they can still book their travel plans.

The forward command shack is based in a place called Mollen in Nord Rhein Westfalen. The towns nearby are called Dinslaken and Voerde. Anyone willing to make the journey, I will do my best to help you out with getting about whilst here. And maybe with enough coordination I can try organise something fun in the remaining time you are here.
I am also planning 4 trophies (too many for such a small event but I want to try set the pattern for future, larger events).

The Great Yak Trophy (for greatest gang rating increase during the campaign) - they will get a trophy and be invited to write the epilogue for the campaign

The Builder Bear award (each attendee can vote for their favourite terrain piece and the contributor with the most votes wins)

The Most Valued Player plaque (attendees can vote for their favourite player/opponent based on who was the most fun to have around. Perhaps they ordered the pizza, or took defeat well, or impressed everyone by how far they travelledtobe there, whatever. The one with the most votes will be asked to create a new location and lore in order to flesh out Hive Epsarium and maybe be the basis of the next campaign.)

The Legendary Duellist emblem (awarded to the duellist with the most wins, whether or not they are still alive)
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