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Yak Comp 3rd Place
Oct 30, 2016
Durham, uk
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of October 2019

Britannia Country House Hotel
Palatine Rd, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2WG

20 (5 available)

£10 per day

9am - 1am Saturday
9am - 9pm Sunday

Code of Conduct:
-Respect the enemy crushed under your boot
-Bask in the reflected glory of your conqueror
-The dice gods are fickle, do not get upset when their plans manifest against you
-Violence, threats, or insulting language belong in the hive, not in the room
-Any rules conflicts will be decided by arbitrators
-Arbitrator decisions are final

TribeMeet T-shirts and Yak Merch:

Gangs of Mankymeet:
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Britannia Country House Hotel
Palatine Rd, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2WG

1D04EFA0-55E3-4868-B327-ECDAF6E1BA60.jpeg 24278225-C8EC-4B04-8C6F-A73A63F45E52.jpeg 4FFCC8BD-A0DC-42C9-819E-1C43673B313A.jpeg
Photos by me, I.e. very candid

Event Room:

4664D074-DA46-4127-B4E2-B69183100F31.jpeg 4B7559CE-4D40-4D49-B97F-CA26B958DD9D.jpeg
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1. @ClockworkOrange - The Orange Tide - Scavvies (Trolls)
Let’s just say it includes a misunderstanding, betrayal, Clones, war, Imperial mint, successful
Competing Drinks brands, long overdue reconciliation, love not war and a Mankfester wedding....
Guide- Heisenberg the Troll Crawler Master (Milisaur Beastmaster-The Fungus in Mankfester has little kick to it)
2. @Karandrassh - Rex's Midnight Runner's - Van saar
Learning that known (in)famous gangs are heading to Mankfester they have decided to head out and get in the action themselves
Guide- Ratskin Scout
3. @radulykan - The Ripflow Sharks - Goliaths
Brutus Maximus, having made it through the adeptus arbites cordon around furys rest, has gone on the lookout for his cousin, Johab Quint. Johab is well known throughout the surrounding domes as an expert hunter and tamer of pipe wyrms, Brutus reckons a few pipe wyrm bites here and there on the adeptus arbites would render them and their wargear a bit more susceptible to some looting, Brutus has his eye on one of their apc's and some of their bigger guns. Johab however needs some help himself, a huge pipe wyrm has bitten off his leg and as a matter of pride he won’t help until he has tracked down the beast that ate his leg.
Guide- Beast master- Johab Quint
4. @Trafalgar Law - Angharad's Angels - Escher
Intending to travel down Imperial Highway M61 and teach these Mankfester upstarts a thing or two.
Guide - The notorious squig wrangler Scumsnik.
5. @Greenthumb -The Green Gutter Snakes - Delaque
They are coming to mankfester to shift their illegally grown spores to folk of the manky hive.
Guide - Squigg Wrangler
6. @Scavvierising - The Crust Panzers - Torpedomorton (Orlock)
After an accident at an orbital torpedo silo what remained was a rather large crater with a crust of vitrified ash formed by the extreme heat of all that burning torpedo fuel etc. This layer of crust had a number of intresting ceramics form that had uses in cogitator circuit's. A new shanty (Torpedomorton) was formed that saw the founding of many gangs to exploit this new resource. However such free enterprise was not to be tolerated for long on military therefore Helmyr property and soon enforcers/the man came and tore down the shanty of Torpedomorton. Now homeless the newly formed Crust Panzer's have decided to convoy it to Mancfester simply because they heard that Mancfester was mad for it. Having no idea what it is but realising it could probably be exploited.
Guide - Squig wrangler
7. @CaptainDangerous - CaptainClone 7 and the Binmen of Mankfester - Goliath
After hastily setting up a PLEASURECUBE to act as their temporary HQ, it didn’t take long to decipher the needs and desires of the zoned out, kalma smoking, half mutant inbreds! ...I mean... charming local population! But what they really need is a good clean, Morally, Spiritually and above all, Physically! CaptainClone 5 will help them with their expendable credit issues. CaptainClone 6 will be teaching them, through his C-rap, that you can rise above The Sump if you just beleive in yourself. And for everything else, see CaptainClone 7, he’s the guy that looks like he was melted by a heavy plasma gun! Now... does anyone know how you calibrate a cloning chamber to accept Dump DNA?....
Guide- Squig Wrangler - The Honey Collector
8. @Ned Noodle - The Gourmet Ghouls - Scavvies
Once again sent packing from the dome of fury’s rest, with their tales between their legs, the ghouls slink back into the darkness off the underhive.
“urgh! My belly is growling, I need a good feed. Marco, what you got in the larder.”
A few scraps of rat meat and some sump slugs boss, that’s it! I could do some rat on a stick with a slug marinade.”
“As delicious as that sounds Marco, I think I’ll pass. I’m craving something at little different, any ideas.”
We could always head into Mankfester, I’ve heard recently that all the intensive fungi farming has caused Squigs to start sprouting from the spore patches. And it’s always a good night out, sure to end in a punch up.”
“Sounds good chef, out on the lash, a good brawl and some Squig kebabs. Let’s go!... What the hell does a Squig taste like anyway?”
“I’ve heard they taste like chicken”
“What the hell is a chicken?”
“They were a delicacy on ancient terra, kinda like a cockatrice only less lizzardy and without the danger of getting turned to stone.”
“Sounds delicious! Let’s move out.”
Guide - Squig wrangler
9. @prewarsalad - The December Wolves - Goliath
The December Wolves have been raising hell in Dome 257 for some time now, both in the streets and on stage. However, due to the horrifically violent nature of there ultra-black-mega-metal stage shows they have been banned from every venue in the dome.
Whilst sulking and kicking cans in an alleyway behind 'Blood Bucket' (the most recent venue to ban them) they overheard a group of ratskin fans discussing the most evil, most depraved, most metal venue in the whole Emperor forsaken hive.
With their fanboy in tow the gang set off to find... Postmortem.
Guide - Ratskin scout - Careless Whisper (queue saxaphone solo)
10. @Resmire - Dusty Tome - Cawdor
"Nice shot" Hellion barked as he watched one of the new starters shooting rats in the grey back alley around Mankfester. The gang had been walking for the last few hours towards their usual hunting grounds. White fang watched with disgust from the peak of the trash pile he was perched upon.

A sudden whooshing, crackling sound caused the surrounding boys to all scuttle for cover.

"Damn Dante, give us warning when you're gonna spray that bloody thing" shouted Vedoran, his shotgun trained in the direction the gout of flames were pouring.

Releasing the trigger, Dante turned to face the huddled gangers. "I saw something...with bright orange hair, freaky looking thing". Dante turned to look down the tight space he'd just filled with promethium. He shivered at the memory of the malformed grinning face, and impossibly bright orange hair.

Zeus stepped out from the rubble. "We knew we'd be seeing all sorts when we decided to come here during the 'event' this year" he growled, his heavily scarred face contorted into a twisted nightmare. "Dante is right to be on his toes" he continued, watching as his pitiful gang pulled themselves from their hiding spots. "We're here to gain from these 'foreigners'. This is our hunting spot, and i'll be damned if some fuckers come take it away from us".
As Zeus finished his rumbling speech, he spied a curious figure in the distance. Its robes still smouldering, its black beady eyes and fire bright hair stood out amongst the greys and browns of the vicinity. "I'm sure we'll see many more strange things whilst this goes on". Shouldering his boltgun he gestured for the rest of his bedraggled gang to follow. To Mankfester they walked.

Guide- White fang (ratskin scout)
11. @Fat Charlie - Van Saar - Anansi Boys
Spreading the good news of the arrival of Anansi the Spider god of wisdom and stories, to continue their journey up towards hive city to rejoin the house proper.
Guide- Squig Wrangler
12. @The Tailor - Escher - The Undersider's
Youd be surprised just what filthy corners of the globe you run to when you've pissed of the local Cawdor,,, and the local goliaths ,, and delaques and enforcers. perhaps we still have a little further to run after that encounter with those scavies last week but for now this seems like a good place to hunker down and regrow.
Guide- Squig Wrangler
13. @Tallestpond - Escher- Gorgeous Ladies of Necromunda
Having only just got together and learned how to fight, they are going on the road.
Guide - ratskin.
14. @=][=SW1=][= - Orlock - Robbing Sons Brewers
Having been a part of the bedrock of local life turning the local moisture into something that's palatable and quite refreshing. The lads have been busy brewing extra to help alleviate all the tourists of their spare credits. It also doesn't harm things to make sure there's extra hands about kick out time to ensure those enjoying the beverages leave with a few less items than when they arrived.
15. @undertaker - Goliath - The Deft Punks
Bebop: What 'append to Mick Jogger anyway. Heard he started his own spin-off group. Kept going on about how he wanted to get high on some clones or something.
Rocksteady: Kid's had crazy ideas ever since that bust up at the body oil refinery. Probably taken too much agent orange and fallen in with a bad crowd.
Bebop: Rumour is they kicked all the Arbites outta Fury's Rest and shut the gates.
Rocksteady: Helmawr's hornpipe! Must be one hellava street party going on in there now!
Bebop: Yeah, we should've stayed there instead of being dragged across the domes by Matterius on this tour. So what's this place?
Rocksteady: Matt called it Mankfester ... *sniff* ... definitely smells like it. Said the place is "one of the liveliest venues around" and we can finally get a good crowd here.
Bebop: Well, it's certainly not dead. *steps over another convoy of razorants scurrying to a nearby giant fungus*
OK lads, listen up! Matt's secured a gig at a wedding!
LFNAD: Some local nobs are getting hitched and want entertainment.
LFNAD: Great opportunity to broaden our audience and get people talking about The Deft Punks!
LFNAD: Try not to smash the stage too much this time.
LFNAD: Given... *pause* You have a question?
Bebop: Can we set it on fire instead?
LFNAD: No. *pause* Maybe. We'll see how it goes.
LFNAD: Given that this is a "family" event I want decent behaviour. There might be time for some proper fun after Lights Out though.
LFNAD: Speaking of best behaviour, Matt's got some "backing dancers" but without the usual choreography problems.
An angry-looking creature rattles around in a cage, gnawing at the bars[/I]*]
Matterius: They are what the locals call Squigs. Very simple creatures, and as such a perfect testbed for these special lobo chips I picked up from a fellow guilder, Cotton Eye Joe. Very hard chap to get hold of. Always on the move.
*Matterius takes an arcano-mechanical device out of his pocket*
Matterius: Observe.
*At the press of a button the squig sits bolt upright*
*Another button press, the squig does a backflip*
*Another button, it starts spinning on the spot*
Matterius: Pretty good eh? I doubt the locals have seen anything like it, so few of these on the stage doing tricks in synchrony will provide WOW factor!
Matterius: Yes Bebop?
Bebop: Can we set them on fire?
Matterius: No. *pause* Maybe.
16. @Biggle_Bear - Ratskin Renegades - Biggle the Meta Bear and the "Justice Friends"
Princess Space Kitten looked up from her grooming to Biggle. Still at it, praying to one of the Creators (or Players, or whatever those people only he heard were called). Finally he said "let it be done" and opened his eyes.
"So who was it this time? Almighty Al, diety Dave...?"
"Dave" Biggle replied. "Hey Kitten, you know where 'Mankfester' is? Dave tells me that a great evil is brewing there."
After Kitten nodded Biggle thought how to put his next words wisely. "We're going to need hel-"
"How did I know!" She exasperated. "Those 'toons look so weird when they leave their own dimension."
At that moment Biggle produced an amulet from his suitcase. "I know, but I'll make it up to you, okay." Then raising the amulet up high he called out "JUSTICE FRIENDS...ASSEMBLE!!!"

Guide- Ratskin scout (Princess Space Kitten)
17. @Edelweiss - Black Heartlets - Escher
As veteran home wreckers already dwelling on the outskirts of Mankfester. Rumours spread fast that travelling gangs will arrive soon, not while Kyoko, leader of the Black Heartlets draws breath, and will not stop till all of Mankfester belongs to her.
Guide- Ratskin scout - The Crow

1.++The Valhallarn Trollbot 40000++
2. ++Tong Jo++
3. ++BX-9003 Gutshredder++
4. ++ Angry Bean :mad: ++
5. ++ Mr Bionicsmashface ++
6. ++Rogar Headchoppa++
7. ++The Centaurian Reaper++
8. ++Sven the Mighty++
9. ++the Indomitable Balk++
10. ++Phethya the giant slayer.++

1. @Greenthumb - Mankfester Cathedral
2. @Greenthumb - Dodge Hill (Domain of the Scrap Kings)
3. @=][=SW1=][= - Mankfester Canal
4. @=][=SW1=][= - Sewers of Mankfester
5. @CaptainDangerous - Mankfester THUNDERCUBE (placeholder)
6. @radulykan - The Big Freeze
7. @Ned Noodle - Piccadilly Gardens
8. @prewarsalad - The holestead of Last Stop
9. @ClockworkOrange - The Contamination Zone
10. @Fat Charlie -
11. @Fat Charlie -
12. @Fat Charlie -

1. @Greenthumb - The Church of the Healing Herb - Cawdor
2. @CaptainDangerous - The Club Lash Benefit Girls - Escher
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*you buy a map from a ramshackle stall that has a sign saying Terrorist Information Centre*

*you instantly get buyers remorse but as you go to return it you are approached by an odd looking individual who claims to be a local guide*
"Welcome to Mankfester! It's the dome to be in if you want to embrace the seedy pumping heart of Hive sub-culture. The music is as varied as the gangs that come to sample a piece of the action. Some say it's the atmosphere and acoustics of the place. They help, but if you really want to know what keeps the madness ever turning try some of this..."
*With a well practiced flourish the local guide pulls out a huge selection of bottles and pills.*

*after several days of being unconscious, you really question what Dried Frog Pills actually are, and are really shocked to find your guide is still with you ....and you still have all your stuff!*
*you find yourself at the dome wall looking at a Sump Sludge Canal Gatehouse, your guide is typing an access code into a Servoskull Voxcaster*
++The canal found running through the dome is at the main convergence of many overflows from up hive+ Analysis confirms the divergence of fungi forms in the domes biome are likely caused by the wide variety of sources these overflows have+ More research into the locals wide use of these fungi In drug production is recommended for Hive wide distribution to counter the usage of the Orange Menace.++

*the toxic air from the canal quickly clears your head and you instruct your guide to take you to Mankfester City. As you head through the ruins and wild fungus groves you come across a dead body that you recognise as a servant of House Helmawr*
*you search the corpse and find a hand written diary, you only read a page before mutant maggots emerge from the books spine*
~~~While I have recorded several reports of unusual mobile fungal growths with predatory behaviour. I believe these are more to do with the jumpy drug addled minds of the locals seeing Millisaurs and Sump Rats than anything else. I will proceed to investigate the outflows the locals are weary of, next lights on.~~~

*you make it to the fortified walls of Mankfester City, your guide knows a good thing when he sees it and, for whatever reason, sticks by your side. Hungry, they take you to their favourite restaurant Gino d'Afungos*

*you are fiddling with your newly acquired Helmawr tech Pipboy 40,000 when a loud scav with a big head, that you assume by his outfit is the chef, comes to your table with a piping hot plate of Roast Beast. You ask him about the local cuisine but are distracted by the weird noises coming from a nearby pipe*
"Hell knows what comes out of that one over there but it's made some of the fungus sprout legs and vicious maws. Even the rats have had to sprout wings to keep safe from the evil little critters. That's where I get those tasty hive chicken wings your munching on. Just don't go too far into the wilds as they get BIG real quick."
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Welcome to Mankfester:
  • Rules - NCE
  • Recruitment - 1000 credits, standard hiring restrictions (1 leader, 0-2 heavies, no more than half juves)
  • Territory - Standard gang table (outlaw territory table for non house gangs)
  • Hired guns - Every gang starts with a free guide who will stick with the gang throughout the campaign*, no hire fee required. There is also a pool of pre made hired guns available to any gang who can afford them**, they will require paying as per their type, if a gang can’t or chooses not to hire the fighter for another game they must return them to the pool. Other than those two circumstances, no other hired guns may be taken!
  • Trade - If you roll a double when rolling on the rare trade chart you have also been offered a dose of illegal narcotics! You may buy the drugs or the rare item, but not both. 1+2=Karma, 3=Slaught, 4=Spur, 5=Spook, 6=Icrotic Slime. (Prices in outlanders trading section)
  • Reputation - All gangs will have a pin*** per territory which will be placed on a map, by the player, when they arrive to the event. When a player wins a game they place a new pin anywhere they choose excluding Mankfester City (and other landmarks), and if they lose a territory then their pin is replaced by the opposing gang who captured it! If a outlaw gang raises a territory or a gang losses territory by becoming outlaw, then the pin remains, but becomes a ruin. If a ruin is raised, it becomes a wasteland.
  • Captured fighter - if a fighter is captured and a deal cannot be made between players for ransom, the fighter must be sent to the Mankfester Guilder Court and spin the Wheel of Justice! (See Images of Yakness)
  • Re-hiring Gangs - If you used a Gang in a previous TribeMeet, you may bring any and all fighters belonging to the gang, but their stash is reduced to zero, they may not hire any new fighters and they must reduce their gang cost (by selling equipment at half price or retiring fighters) until they have gone below 1001 credits. They retain all exp, skills and injuries and will have a higher gang rating than freshly made gangs (which they have earned by being at the previous event). Any gang that retires during the event may rehire fighters (excluding the leader) but the new gang must pay 1 credit per exp. point that the fighter has, on top of his regular cost.
* if a guide dies, or is sold to slavery, they cannot be replaced.
The guide is either a Yakskin Scout (ratskin scout) or a Squig Wrangler (beastmaster wyrd with d3 squigs) Squigs use the same rules as millisaurs and will be provided if you don’t have any suitable models of your own.
** the pool will be made up of yak members who cannot attend the event, if you would like to see a mini version of yourself battle it out in Mankfester, then send me a PM and I’ll give you the details!
*** I would like to encourage anyone attending to create their own pins! The only restrictions are that they must be map pin size, the same colour and be no wider than N17 active tokens.

Standard Campaign with 1000 credits start.
Each gang taking part will pick a territory, winning a fight will secure it, and each fight won will steal the enemy’s territory.
The two gangs with the most territory at the end of the weekend will fight off to become King of the Scrap Hill!

+++copy and paste imminent+++

Bar Room Brawl
Welcome to the bustling bars of Mankfester, home to some of the ruffest drinking holes on necromunda. Should you wish you can send any member of your gang for a few beverages at some of these rowdy establishments, just don’t expect a quiet nights drinking, I a fight is certain to break out!
All fighters start with 5 wounds and have access to all actions and skills.
A bar room dust up is a great lever of hive dwellers of all statures. So don’t get upset when your grizzled leader is taken out by a lowly juve swinging a chair around. Alls fair in a bar room brawl!
Each turn a brawler can take two actions or an action and a skill in any order.
  • Move your brawler up to 3 squares in any direction. If you want to jump up on to a bar, table or any other object, roll a D6. On anything but a 1 you succeed. If you fail, the move action ends in the square next to the obstacle.
Stand up.
  • If you’ve been knocked down it takes this action to stagger back to your feet.
  • You crawl along the floor for 1 square. This is the only action you can perform while knocked down other than stand up.
  • If you are adjacent to another brawler you can take a swing. Roll on the bash table and apply the results immediately. You can add +1 to the roll if you are standing at a higher level than your opponent, or -1 if you are at a lower elevation.
Bash table.
1-2: Oooof! - no effect, you swing wildly at thin air.
3-4: Bash! - you knock down you opponent, lie the model down.
5-6: Put the boot in - you knock down your opponent and kick them for good measure. Lie the model down and knock a wound off.

Pile on.
  • If you are adjacent to a brawler lying on the floor you can pile on. A far more vicious attack than a bash as your kicking someone who’s already down. Pile ons are also made as part of a diving leap.
Pile on table.
1: Ouch - you get a knee to the face. You are knocked down and take a wound.
2-5: Put the boot in - you steam in to the happless brawler, boots flying. They lose a wound. If it was a diving leap or a hurled brawler they are knocked down.
6: Give’em a kicking - same as above but causes two wounds.

Diving leap.
  • This action let’s you leap up to D3+1 squares if you are on an obstacle. You may also leap from very high obstacles, such as balconies at D6+1 squares. You cause an immediate pile on attack. Resolve the attack, then move yourself to an adjacent, vacant square. Leaping from very high obstacles causes double wounds, to both your opponent or you.
Pick up chair/bottle.
  • If you start or end an action in a square adjacent to a square with a chair or bottle you can pick it up. You may only carry one chair or bottle. When you make a bash or pile on attack while holding a chair or bottle you can add +1 to the roll, each chair or bottle may only be used once before it breaks and is removed.
Throw chair/bottle.
  • If you are carrying a chair you can throw it up to D6 squares. A bottle can be thrown 2D6 squares. If it reaches another brawler it breaks and a roll on the bash table is made. If it lands in an empty square it also breaks and is removed.
Special actions.
  • Some bars could contain special environmental actions such as flushing some ones head in a toilet or slamming someone face first into the juke box. You must be adjacent to the interactive object and an opponent to use these special actions.
Weep like a weedy brat!
  • You drop to the floor and assume the foetal position screaming “please don’t hurt me!” Such a pitiful, shameful display that no other brawler can attack you till your next turn and you lose 1exp
Stubborn grit.
  • Determined to stay on your feet despite being kicked, punched, or having chairs thrown at you. Until your next turn, roll a D6 every time you receive a knock down result. On a 4+ you stay on your feet. Wounds are applied normally.
  • Either by insult, boast, idiotic dare or bet you somehow managed to manipulate another brawler and can move them up to 3 squares, test for climbing on objects as normal.
Mighty swing.
  • You plant you feet a try to throw a heymaker. You must combine this skill with a bash or pile on action into a single attack, and so can’t do anything else for that turn. It allows you to add +1 to your bash or pile on roll.
Hurl brawler.
  • If you are standing adjacent to another brawler you can attempt to hurl them across the room. Roll a D6 on a 4+ you pick them up. You can now throw them D3 squares, if they land in a square without another model in it roll on the bash table as they crash to the floor. If they land on another model roll on the pile on table.
Poke in the eye.
  • Your opponent howls in fury and cries like a baby scav with tears streaming from their eyes. They can only make one action in their next turn.
Once you have no wounds left you slump unconscious to the floor. Onec each turn roll a D6, on a roll of 6 you stagger to your feet and start shouting ‘come on then, I’ll ave ya! I’ll take you all on’
You carry on fighting and moving normally but only have one wound.
The game ends when there is only one brawler left still standing! Da winner! Everyone then staggers back to the bar, orders more fungus beer and it all starts again.
  • D6 Exp for taking part.
  • +1 Exp for a knockout (reducing someone to 0 wounds)
  • +5 Exp for being the last brawler standing.
  • -1 Exp for ‘weeping like a weedy brat’
All experience gained or lost should be marked down in that fighters box on your gangs campaign roster.

+++I would tell you, but I’d have to kill you :p:D+++
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Greetings Fellow Yaks and Yak Lurkers!
Here we go again, and this time in Manchester!!

While the TribeMeet Committee are beavering away at the big national TribeMeet UK 2020, Iv tasked myself with keeping you occupied and have assembled a crack team of North Western Yaks to bring you MankyMeet! The first Manchester Yaktribe meet-up!

As you have seen, we’ve already got the venue and date in the bag and all we need now is you!
Any Yak, be it old or new, are welcome to take part in our weekend of Necromunda, Drinking and Yak Revelries! (Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily including sleep)
To join in the fun, all you have to do is fill in the following information:

Gang Name-
Gang Backstory (a sentence or two about your gang/why are they in Mankfester?)
Guide- (pick one of the following: Ratskin scout or Squig Wrangler (Wyrd Beastmaster)
THUNDERCUBE contestant-

Then once you’ve been confirmed on the Most Wanted list, you just turn up on the day!*
Food and accommodation are left up to each Yak to sort for themselves (we are all adults, well, nearly all ...I almost said mature) but I will make sure the tea and coffee flows, at least on the morning, and that we have at the very minimum a sandwich/chip butty/whatever I can find neatly placed between two slices of bread, for lunch both days!

*turning up includes a fully painted gang, a fully filled out roster, dice, templates, ruler, rulebooks (optional), plus anything you might need throughout the day. E.g. medication, money, mobile phone, etc. And if you are a true hardcore yak, a table or two worth of terrain!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our event, and we really hope to see you there!
Be sure to keep coming back to follow our progress and if you really can’t make it, then you could always leave some words of encouragement to your Yak Brethren and I’m sure they will reward you with many pictures and stories of their misadventures and triumphs!

*Yak Salute*
The Wyrd Council of MankyMeet

@CaptainDangerous @=][=SW1=][= @Greenthumb @Ned Noodle
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Put me down for a yes for the Saturday.

I was probibly still writing the when you post, but if you can fill this in then I’ll add you to the Most Wanted List (naturally the trolls have got to be first!)...

Gang Name-
Gang Backstory (a sentence or two about your gang/why are they in Mankfester?)
Guide- (pick one of the following: Ratskin scout or Squig Wrangler (Wyrd Beastmaster)
THUNDERCUBE contestant-

P.s. I should probibly mention, the Wyrd Beastmaster has D3 Squigs! (Millisaur rules)
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Gang Name - The Orange Tide

House - Scavvies counts as Trolls.

Gang Backstory (why are they in Mankfester?) Let’s just say it includes a misunderstanding, betrayal, Clones, war, Imperial mint, successful
Competing Drinks brands, long overdue reconciliation, love not war and a Mankfester wedding....

Guide- (pick one of the following: Ratskin scout or Wyrd Beastmaster) - Heisenberg the Troll crawler master (Rat Beastmaster).

THUNDERCUBE contestant - The Vallhalern Trollbot 40000
If I didn’t love Bristol so much, I’d serously consider moving closer to you guys.
I'd come to "Tribemeet: Bristol" for sure. One visit per year to "The North" is enough for me.
You are both capable chaps and well respected Yaks, with I dare say more than afew contacts between you!
(I would even make the trek as long as it didn’t clash with my other happenings!)
So this is in addition to YakDay?
Quick answer:Yes!
Not as quick answer: i would have liked Yakday to be on the weekend closest to the 9th/10th of September, but due to circumstance it will be brought forward a month to the 9th of August! Very tentatively It will just be a one day affair in my patch of the woods, but I’ll wait until I get the nuts and bolts screwed down on MankyMeet before setting it away!
This is all just preparation for your arrival Punktaku so don’t worry! ;)
I’m sure when your hoarde are all flying the nest they will treat their pops to a plane ride across the pond!
(It almost makes you wonder if the venue just around the corner from a giant international airport was an accident or a coincidence :whistle:)