Some snippets from MankyMeet.

The Deft Punks were taking a nice night-time cruise down the canal when the Undersiders attempted an ambush from up on the bridge - all sneaky and Escher-like.
Didn't turn out so well for them, as the ambushers got ambushed!

Soon the bridge was littered with Escher bodies and heroic Goliaths. Their leader, Alexandria was the first to fall. A squig messed up her hair and she just couldn't bear to live any more.
Hey captain, how did the territories end up looking? For the guys that bunched up their territories, what kind of area did it represent to you narrative-wise?
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I promise the write up is coming soon!
But for now, here’s the Ratskin map that will be transferred over to the pip boy version, if you can all declare which pins are yours and a brief summary of either your turf and/or your gangs exploits, then it will get put on record for posterity!

Gang:Binmen of Mankfester
Location:Green North East (biohazard recycling symbol)
Story: After losing one worker and most of the senior management, the Binmen have proven that there is more rubbish on the streets of Mankfester than one crew of cybernetically enhanced las warriors can handle!
1: CaptainClone 5’s office - Guilder contact
2: The C-Rap Club - drinkinghole
3: The Binmen Depot/recycling centre- settlement
4: CaptainClone 7’s fortress of solitude -mineral outcrop
5: The honey collectors apiary - spore cave
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Unfortunately mine is that little pink one at the top. Nothing remarkable about it. The green one next to it is Ned's.

I really like the bunched up ones. It's exciting to find out what they are and how it might affect the ongoing fluff. Who had the :cool: and the dark blue? That looks like a blossoming epic rivalry.

And I like the many dotted places around the central uptown area. That captures the imagination too.
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Gang: December wolves.
Colour: bright yellow.
Story: The gangs of Mankfester were far less puny than the wolves were used to. In their opening street brawl they were beaten so bad they lost a territory. Getting back in the swing of things they rescued some squigs and pummeled some muties.

They thought they'd held their own against the resident goliaths but upon getting back to the hideout realised two of their men had been captured. The Wolves had to trade a territory to get them back and pulled the old switcheroo lumping them with a slag heap.
The Robbing Sons Brewers have the mid blue ones too the East representing their home base and the ones in the centre are their holdings in the town centre to sell their beverages. ;)

1 - Drinking Hole
2 - Slag
3 - Settlement
4 - Settlement
5 - Mine Workings
6 - Archeotech Site

The Archeotech Site was stolen from fellow Mankfester lad @Greenthumb first game along with taking 3 of his gang captive. The temptation was to stick them in the Mine Workings but my heart wasn't wanting to cripple him completely, so they were returned unharmed. Lol ...It had nothing to do with @Greenthumb being my lift home and back for the rest of the weekend!!! :p ;)
I really like the bunched up ones. It's exciting to find out what they are and how it might affect the ongoing fluff. Who had the :cool: and the dark blue? That looks like a blossoming epic rivalry.

Those :cool: markers would be mine - the Deft Punks! They started out in the Manky Stink Sewerage Works, but stole a Workshop from the Undersiders after their failed night-time ambush!
After taking care of the Undersiders, and liberating their Workshop in the process, it was time for the Deft Punks to go shopping!
The local scrap dealer Dodgy Dave, the Guilder at Dodge Hill, had a functional water purifier for sale (the big green thing in the middle), at least he claimed it worked. The purifier would really improve things for the sewerage treatment plant where the Deft Punks were holed out. Payment was made, so all they had to do was go and arrange delivery.

As Deft Punks made their way towards the foreman's office, a strange call came from ahead
Three green mutants with sticks came charging towards the water purifier and smashed its control panels.

Meanwhile, a strange brown creature took aim from atop the hill with its oversized rifle...

The shot struck Bon Juvi right in the codpiece, but the recoil also carried the small creature right off the gantry and it landed with a *THUD* below. It later transpired to be none other than the notorious rogue, Biggle Bear himself.

This party was soon cut short when Bob Villain turned up with is heavy bolter and put the "green dudes" to rest.

However, the damage was done. The purifier was smashed by some hooligans, right in front of Matterius' eyes. Obviously no-one would dare suggest that Dodgy Dave would be so shallow as to sell a defective water purifier and then arrange for some miscreants to "break" it right after payment. No sir, he is as honourable as Helmawr, and the additional charge for the subsequent repairs was definitely not planned. :mad:
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Gang: The Ripflow Sharks
Pin symbol: Red hammers
1:water still
3:guilder contact
4:guilder contact
5:spore cave
6:slag heap
Meeting up with his cousin Johab Quint hadn't gone to plan for Brutus and his gang, it seemed some agent orange addicted weirdos had followed the Sharks and had got the drop on them quite literally, dropping tox bombs left right and centre. Brutus grabbed his cousin and got away from the poisonous fumes as quickly as possible, you can't fight when your lungs turn to goo!
Upon arriving in Mankfester the Ripflow Sharks had drilled into a pipe network and set up a water still, the weight of the water they syphoned off into barrels eventually cracked what happened to be only milimetre thick floor plating opening up a vast spore cavern full of valuable fungi.
There was a small tunnel at the back leading into another cavern but some jobsworth binmen had been moonlighting as some sort of farming protection racket and there'd been a shoot out, Brutus and his lads had gunned them down in short order with only a few flesh wounds in return and had been getting ready to claim this new cavern for themselves but it seemed the binmen had been marinating their ammo in the noxious waste in the back of their van, two of the Sharks collapsed minutes after the battle coughing up fountains of blood despite barely getting hurt in the fight.
A few of the lads had learnt a bit about fixing guns while Brutus had the idea of welding guns to other guns to make them shootier and so in the rare moments of downtime Brutus and a couple of others had set up a fortified shack to store their new inventions in, Brutus reckoned he was onto a winner there. Meeting up with his old guilder buddies Lang "the clubber" Pinkman and Mobius Deth, who were working on a new and improved version of the drug Green, Brutus had sounded them out for a stake in the gun making game, they'd been mad for it. They just needed a safe route out of the east of the dome as they knew a guy who'd buy strange guns no questions asked.
The Sharks had smashed a path through the intervening gangs and set up a halfway house in an inconspicuous slag heap whose original owners had been a punier version of goliaths, Brutus had duffed a few of them over and sent them packing.
It seemed word was getting around about the Sharks attempts to get a bit of the gun trade and some extremely strange alien bounty hunters had been sent to take out Brutus. After almost successfully dodging a few sniper shots Brutus had Sloppy Joe and Joe Rombie set up their big guns and blaze away at the would be assassins, Brutus was mad and didn't leave until every alien was a heap on the floor.
Brutus was pissed after being shot at, he didn't mind it in a proper fight but a straight up out of the blue attempt to kill him in cold blood got his blood pumping. He needed a real fight against some body who knew the rules, there weren't any "proper" Goliaths around so he looked for the next best thing, Trash the scummer had mentioned a pitfighter warband had been seen in a scrap canyon nearby and so the Sharks had headed off for a fight, maybe they'd get some spares for their own pitslave?
After a good punch fest the Sharks had emerged triumphant. Maybe he’d had some sense knocked into him but Brutus knew it’d be hard to hold on to his turf here and in Fury’s Rest without some reinforcements and so he figured taking over a settlement would get him some likely lads who could oversee things here. He’d heard about an Escher gang that’d been extorting a settlement near the centre of Mankfester, it’d be an ideal location to run this turf from, it’d give a decent staging post for selling merchandise and it was close to his guilder friends if anybody tried to move in on his territory before he could get himself and his gang back to defend it.
And so Brutus had strolled in to the settlement and told the Escher to leave before they got hurt. Suddenly half his gang were engulfed in a massive plasma blast, it looked like they weren’t going to make it easy. Luckily he’d given out double portions of Green before the fight and the drugs effects had enabled his boys to shrug off the plasma burns like water drops and they charged at the women and hacked them to bits while his heavies rained bullets at them from on high. Despite being girls they didn’t run and scratched and clawed back at his lads but in a close up brawl there was only ever going to be one winner and the Ripflow Sharks claimed the settlement as their own.

Although things were going well Brutus knew it was time to be heading back to Fury's Rest, he’d got his cousin and his poisonous worms and that’s what he’d come for, he wondered what some of the enforcer's heavy guns at Fury’s Rest would do if he welded them together?

Something i forgot to post earlier, the fate of @CaptainDangerous till the next meet.

Dusty Tome
4)Spore Cave
5)Water Still

Zeus shook his head, there were just too many of them. He looked down at the makeshift barracks he'd had built up. His gang bolstered by the young ones he was getting a steady supply of from the settlements he had stationed, he'd still taken a beating along with some of his best men. He'd lost no one to this point but his men had taken a truly grievous beating. He stood atop a crusty metal walkway above the bedsits and watched Dante with his plethora of new scars, wrapped head to toe in yellowed bandages.

Zeus had a separate room for those traumatised or 'sent a bit loony'. "Six of them, bloody six of them", he thought. They could barely string a sentence together anymore after receiving a grievous bashing to the head. "Well" he mused, "They can barely talk but they can still bloody fight" he chortled to himself at his mini berserker brigade, all of them having lost the sense to know any fear whatsoever.

The sound of scraping metal assailed Zeus' ears, he watched as Vierna pulled back the steel plated door. In sauntered Merik, a truly hideous man, behind him he dragged a couple of kids, no older than 15.

"Ah well" Zeus thought, the extra settlement was definitely a boon. His numbers were swelling fast and now that the gangs had left Mancfester he could truly grow and cleanse this place of the filth. He looked at the makeshift desk behind him. In a yellowed thick bandage atop the cluttered surface the last remains of his 'guide' were perched. After the events on the bridge he'd sent a couple of young un's to scavenge the bridge. A few guns here and there and the obvious remnants of an extreme battle.

One of the lads had found a badly wounded rat/squid thing chewing on something. After killing it they found the remnants of White fang, a badly mutilated hand. For posterity Zeus was going to get it 'consecrated' by Dante later that day.

"Better him than me" Zeus chuckled.
The fidget spinner is a highly sophisticated piece of tech!!
It needs to calculate the will of the guild, the severity of the crime, and the character of the defendant!
You can, however, reduce the judicial process pushing it slightly less!
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