TribeMeet Scotland 2018 (Yakday)


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Oct 30, 2016
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Date: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September 2018
Location: Stoof’s House, Scotland UK
Places: 4
Price: TBA
Time: 3pm Saturday, 10am Sunday TBC

Code of Conduct:
-Respect the enemy crushed under your boot
-Bask in the reflected glory of your conqueror
-The dice gods are fickle, do not get upset when their plans manifest against you
-Violence, threats, or insulting language belong in the hive, not in the room
-Any rules conflicts will be decided by arbitrators
-Arbitrator decisions are final

TribeMeet T-shirts and Yak Merch:

The Gangs of Yakday 2018 (model and painting thread)...

Join the Yakmarines today, do you want to know more...
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Gangs start with 1000 creds. Generate the gang using the normal rules. In addition, gangs start with a truck and 300 creds worth of scrap which can be used to purchase (or craft) vehicles with.

Each member of the gang must have access to a ride, either by driving, co-driving, riding as a passenger or riding a beast.
i.e. a gang with 10 members, has 1 truck - the truck carries a driver, co-driver and 5 passengers - the gang must purchase at least enough transport for the remaining 3 members (but may purchase more if you wish).


All gangs have one truck for free. Additional trucks cost 150 creds each.

Trucks have a minimum of 4 wheels and a maximum of 6, 2 seats in the cab and an open deck on the back. Trucks have a mounting rail for heavy/special weapons at the front of the passenger compartment. The gang’s heavy can mount or dismount his heavy weapon to the rail during the game. The truck is open topped and carries the driver, a co-driver and up to 5 passengers in the back. The truck must look like in can carry those passengers (even if the models can’t physically fit because of bases etc.

Single seater: 100 creds
2 seater: 125 creds
  • Single Seater- Single seater buggy has a minimum of 3 wheels and a maximum of 4 with 1 seat. The vehicle can be fitted with a pair of basic weapons (twin linked) at a cost of 2 and a half times the cost of the basic weapon. This weapon is fixed and cannot be removed.
  • 2 Seater– A 2 seater is exactly like the single seater but also includes a passenger seat with a mounting rail to allow the gang’s heavy to mount his weapon on as per the rules for the truck.
75 creds.
Bikes have a minimum of 1 wheel and a maximum of 3. The bike can be fitted with a basic weapons at a cost of 2 times the cost of the weapon. Note, a bike with a sidecar counts as a 2 seater buggy in all respects. (Including cost!)

200 creds.
A crawler is an armoured tracked vehicle that can carry up to 10 models. It is open topped with a seat for the driver and a gunner, and a transport deck in the rear. There are further options for a crawler:
  • Additional armour: 50 creds
The vehicle has an additional point of armour in all locations.
  • Fixed weapon: varies
The vehicle may be fitted with a permanent special or heavy weapon at a cost of 2 times the heavy weapon cost. This weapon cannot be removed once fitted. The co-driver may fire the fixed weapon. Any member of the gang with an initiative of 3 or more may be the co-driver.
  • Cloth canopy: 25 creds
The cloth canopy gives all passengers in the transport deck a 6+ invulnerable save if they are hit from shooting.
  • Armoured canopy: 50 creds.
The armoured canopy gives all passengers in the transport deck a 5+ invulnerable save if they are hit from shooting.

Dog fighter: 150
Gun platform: 175
Transport: 225

Skimmers are lightly armoured hovering vehicles. They have a faster speed range but are likely to be destroyed if they crash.
  • Dog fighter:
A dog fighter is a single seater skimmer that can be fitted with a pair of basic weapons (twin linked) at a cost of 2 and a half times the basic weapon cost. The skimmer is open topped and roughly the size of a bike.
  • Gun platform:
As per the dogfighter with the following exceptions:
The gun platform is roughly the size of a buggy
The gun platform has a passenger seat with a mounting rail which can be used by a heavy to mount his/her heavy/special weapon on.
  • Transport:
The transport is roughly the size of a truck and counts as a flying truck in all respects with the exception that it is significantly easier to shoot from a fast moving skimmer hovering steadily above the ground than a truck bouncing over the terrain, the -1 penalty for shooting is ignored for skimmer transports.

Beasties are purchased exactly as per the beasties ash wastes rules already in the vault. Note, although technically not vehicles, scrap can be used to purchase beasties (beast-herds do love a bit of scrap).
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I think my soul would be sucked dry trying to do four a year!!!....

The emphasis is that the spring meet is the national meetup, and the autumn (fall) meet is the northern/southern TribeMeets which will include the worldwide yak campaign! (.....hopefully :confused:)

.....And it has absolutely nothing at all to do with me not being able to go more than six months without seeing radulykan before you ask!
New Clockwork is due early August so depending on date I’ll be looking to escape for a weekend by September :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Assuming I can get it all together (including an all important pass from the Troll who must be obeyed) both myself and @NewbieOne shall be in attendance with two tables worth of scenery including the wall, the Orange Tide and the Ash Wasters.

Edit - and now it seems I’ve got to build some vehicles too!
Depending on when it is etc, I would be up for some NCE action - gives me an excuse/motivation to get a move on with my kitbashing.

Gorkamorka would be a stretch (having no models for it), but depending on when it is I can try to get some minis/vehicles together.
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At the moment it looks like I won't make it. Too many complications with living in Germany and all. But I will look into what I can do to support from here.
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We’ve got a good 5 month to get a truck or two put together but just as a rough guide, gangs will start with 1200 credits, heavies are unlimited but can’t make up more than half your gang, and are needed the same way as spanner boys, and vehicles will cost:
Truck or buggy 200 credits +
Track or halftrack 150 credits +
Bike 100 credits *
Big lugga 150 credits +
Cutta 50 *
*may have upto three per heavy
+May mount a single heavy weapon

These are very open to scrutiny and any suggestions or ideas are most welcome!
I have no real idea what any of that means. I played Gorkamorka once. Shortly after it was released. This could be a bit of a learning curve! I do have a ganger on a bike and one GoMo trukk though, so yay, I'm a fraction of the way there! (The gangers driving and using the heavy stubber on the truck might look like they have green skin, but it's... uh... warpaint? Yeah! War paint!)
Not that it affects me anymore. :( but do all models need to fit onto a vehicle? Are having vehicles mandatory? That could be difficult with the necromunda models.

If not then maybe put up an extra special prize for best looking vehicle/most vehicles still surviving by the end.
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At this very early stage I am just testing the waters, if it becomes a problem we can always do something else.
There is tons of time to put a vehicle together, you could probibly grab an ork truck for less than twenty quid on eBay (please don’t bid eachother up!) and I think they aren’t much more than that brand new.
But no, you won’t be expected to balance all your minis on a vehicle, orks may be crazy enough to fly into battle clinging on wherever they can, but I would assume the wastelanders of Necromunda would practise a bit more self preservation! We can just presume that in between fights they make sure they are safely seated before traversing the ash dunes, but when they see a battle headed their way they all pile out and make ready!

I really like snazziest vehicle category tho!
(I was always very fond of the snazzy robots that always seemed to be set alight in robot wars!)