N18 TribeMeet sneak peak at my Orlock Dirt Bikers

Apr 1, 2019
Nottingham, UK
Orlock Dirtbike Rider 1



Where I got all the parts:

Bike is from GCS Atalan Jackals

Body is mostly from Orlock Base Gang Box

Head and Backpack Orlock Ash Wastes Upgrades

Grenade Pack (right side of bike at the back) a spare from Orlock Outrider Quads

The left arm was from my bitz box.

Orlock Dirtbike Rider 2


The left arm is made of like 5 parts, the hammer head is the arc hammer from Orlock armsmaster pack.
These are so cool they make me want to play ash wastes. And that is saying a lot! Only thing that makes any eyes sore are those mold lines, please clean that up before going further.
Looking good! Those bikes are pretty much perfect for Necromunda - Orlock and Escher especially.

Those backpacks are chunky! Didn’t realise they were that size.

Are you going to TribeMeet?