TribeMeet South 2018 (Yakday)

we have been looking at venues and so we can be sure a certain holy guardian of the THUNDERCUBE! Doesn't get shafted with room fees if it's only me and him that turn up, we are after some more definite ideas on the numbers
Something like
I [insert name] do hereby swear that no matter what, come hell or high water, if trumptard hits his big red button (n), if there's a real life tyranid invasion :eek:, if wifey changes her mind and wants you to go with her to visit the in laws :mad:, it doesn't matter as I am going to yakday Peterborough and nothing can stop me (except maybe that wife bit) :)
It's going to coincide with the Scottish version so the weekend of september the 8th, book it off and let us know you're coming
While I'm more than happy to put my name down for a room - with all the associated hereby swearing - I'd be putting my name down on either the North or the South, since they're on at the same time; preferably the North.

@CaptainDangerous will need to cement the North event happening, but either way I have the following week off so I can just start driving up/down on the Friday night without any worries.
I'm a very dodgy maybe at the moment*... @DarkNwss , you possibly in for this? (if so get your better half to propose something that will distract my better half that weekend :p). Is it also vehicle madness akin to the northern mob?

*Even if Mrs Spafe can be distracted, we're currently looking to move house which is a massive unknown in terms of availability.
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Hi guys, sorry for the delay, my work/life/hobby balance is way out of kilter at present, I’m just trying to keep my sanity from slipping away!

Essentially, after a lot of looking around, we’ve got back to the venue for the inaugural Yakday, the Peterborough Marriott. Now, I’m not sure what kind of Delaque style underhand deals @CaptainDangerous pulled last year, but they’re not budging on their pretty high price. The room is on hold until Monday 3rd June, by which point I need to confirm for 100% with a none refundable deposit. To that end, I’m going to update the OP with a price and the venue details, I’ll make a list of those who have signed up and if by Monday we have the required number I’ll go ahead and confirm the booking, if not then I’m afraid I don’t have the capacity to arrange alternatives and I’ll have to press the pause button. Please let me know if the price/date has changed whether you can make it or not.

Thanks everyone for your support and patience, fingers crossed we can have a cracking day. If I manage to do half the job @CaptainDangerous has been doing, I’m sure it’ll be great fun for everyone.
Sorry, meant to say, please can you indicate if you wish to attend both days or just one!

If we get enough people, the price can come down significantly, we’re paying for the room not for the headcount!
How many people do we have for either event? If the North isn't happening then I can attend the South, which from these posts may be the more likely event, two days plus accommodation (driving down the Friday night)
Clockwork + 2 added to the roll call. I’m guessing that if mid August does indeed herald the arrival of Clockwork Jnr, a couple of nights in a hotel is going to be like mana from heaven!

I hope all goes well.
Could I get a link to the particular set of ash waste rules we will be using. There are a few different interpretations about the place.

Just found the vehicle rules at the beginning of the North meet.
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Question can the base 1000 credits be used to buy beasts? Or does that have to come from the 300 reserved for vehicles?

I’m planning on having one transport skimmer with heavy weapon which will more or less take up the 300 credits and 5 gangers on small beasts.

Also can we trade in the free truck at points cost and take something else?
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