TribeMeet South 2018 (Yakday)

No probs that’ll work my skimmer just became a counts as truck, it’ll be towed by 2 Yaks so it’s exact definition is beyond all but the most skilled of tech-priest anyhow!!!
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I'm assuming that single-mount beasts basically count as bikes, and larger beasts with/pulling platforms would count as trucks? I'm not affected - Metal is Best for the Pit Slaves, none of this "organic" nonsense - but I'm thinking it would be a good clarification, or if there are new rules inbound to cover it.
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There’s rules for beasts at the bottom of one of the early posts, I’d try for bikes = bikes and beasts = beasts just to avoid confusion they have different movement stats points cost etc.

I haven’t built the truck/skimmer/yak cart yet so I’ll try to make it look more truck like.
I come with good news and bad news, good news first, I am booked in to the holiday inn express hotel across from the Marriott :) bad news is @horuswaspretty Won't be coming, something about a wedding.
Well it's that order of good and bad for me, others might like to swap them around :)
As Horus won't be coming there is a spare bed in my twin room if anybody wants to split the costs?
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@MancInventor id like to use lances on my beasts and these;


Just wondered if you would be willing to make up some house rules and a credit cost for them?
Awesome, thanks. My mate will be coming also (not sure what he's called on here). Attempts to make a war rig have so far met with frustration:
Plan A: buy toy truck supposedly 40K scale: FAIL truck size of small rodent
Plan B: buy WW2 model kit: FAIL would have to remortgage house.
Plan C: Scratch build war rig out of old biscuit tin and whatever lying around: LETS DO THIS.
got pics of the failed option a? might be able to suggest something...

Also check out 1:35 scale kits, you can get a lot out there for not huge sums (tenner, maybe 15 quid) that would be a great base for a model. Also consider looking on ebay for some battered/knackered 40 vehicles, if you are going to customise them for ash wastes, their condition matters little and I've seen a fair few 2nd ed rhinos go for under a fiver.
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Hey - friend of Ironslag69 here.
Count me in, really looking forward to coming, really sad I missed out last year.

Thinking I will bring some kind of boring Orlock miners. Gives me an excuse to look into the Goliath truck kit that I have had my eyes on for a while...
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I can’t be the only one who thinks that Yakdays and Tribemeets need dedicated albums with gang photos and game in process photos...

(gang photos could be taken and even uploaded before the events )

edit: I can’t be there!!! I wanna see!!!
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