TribeMeet South 2018 (Yakday)

Morning - Are we using the full Ashwastes rules or just the ones at the start of the thread? Don’t mind but I’m deciding between making my Troll gang a counts as Scavvies or counts as Orlocks gang. If it’s Scavvies they’ll need another Chariot...
Quick question, can I have an Orlock heavy with a scavie harpoon/spear gun? Sure it is terrible, but the new plastic model is cool.
Well I regret to say that @DarkNwss has decided (rather strangely tbh), that a friends wedding is more important than playing with little toy soldiers with people from the internet, so is backing out (boo hiss!). I however and going to be attending... how much I am attending remains to be seen.

@radulykan are you getting there Friday or Sat? and is that offer of sharing a room still going? Mrs Spafe is competing in horse cross country on the Sunday, so I might head up friday (if you are there, if not Sat morning) for just the sat (but might still beg to use your room for a shower after that long a bike ride), or I might stick about for Sunday... still upin the air a tad
That sounds perfect then, I'll confirm with Mrs Spafe tonight and let you know, but I will be angling for joining you friday night then departing Sat evening to both play with toy soldiers and win brownie points with she-who-organises-my-life.

now to work out how many models I can fit in a bike...
You know we expect you to bring a 4x4 game board as well right? :)
When I was on holiday in the Dominican Republic my eyes were opened to the carrying capabilities of the simple moped.
Need to carry a pig? Moped
Need to transport 6 8x4ft plasterboard sheets? Moped
Family of 5? Moped
Multiple gas canisters? Moped
Truly insane but you have a real bike so you’ll be fine right? :)
You know we expect you to bring a 4x4 game board as well right?


anywho. I have permission, I am a go. Mrs Spafe hasn't actually decided if she is competing that Sunday yet (apparently she had told me this already but I never listen...). So I'll be coming for sure, once she has decided, that will knock onto whether I come up Friday (might either way, depends on brownie points), and if I stay Sat night or head home then.

Happy to have cash on the weekend or paypal before mate, whichever works for you.

Now... do we need a truck converted up as well for the race? If so I best go diving into my ork army for fodder...

And am I right in assuming we'll be sticking to pretty much the ash wastes rules? (this is me sneakily lining @radulykan up for main organiser/rules master lol)
Let me have a word with @MancInventor to see where we are at rules wise
Cash on the day for the bed is fine £20 per night ok? (Includes breakfast)
All gangs need a truck, no matter how big you build that glorious crawler I can't see it making any jumps :)
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This all still a goer? I now have a gang more or less ready and a reluctant pass from Mrs Troll (something about us having a another child Troll by this point, dunno wasn’t listening).

@Newbie one is also coming although I haven’t built him any vehicles yet and he’s about as reliable as, I dunno something unreliable, a fox?
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Is this an acceptable way of spending my 300 scrap?

Troll King’s Cart - Truck - FOC
Chariot 1 - 1 buggy with wheel slashers - 125 + 30 = 155 scrap
Chariot 2 - 1 buggy with Trolbuchet* 125 + 45 = 165 scrap
Hot Air Ballon - 1 skimmer = 150 scrap
5 Yak Riders - 5 small beasts x 25 = 125 scrap

Sub Total - 600 scrap

Divide by 2 because we are Scavvies and everything takes one damage roll.

Total - 300 Scrap!

*45 scrap for the Trolbuchet which will fire Troll Zombies. I chose that amount because it’s all I have left. Rules - guess range, measure to target, roll artillery dice and that’s where the Troll Zombie lands and moves as normal from the next turn. They are so high on Agent Orange they don’t notice any damage the “landing” causes. I’ll leave it up to my opponents “fun” level if we use it or not. Troll Zombies are counts as Scavvy Plague Zombies and are paid for from the gang starting credits as usual.

I’m also assuming that the weapon costs for the truck mounted Stubber and buggy mounted missile launcher will come from my starting gang credits of 1000?
Me and @NewbieOne are coming and staying over Sat night but are also worried that there is little confirmed interest?

I’m bringing one 6x4 foot sanded cork tile table, with enough terrian to build a small settlement or similar in the middle. Prob also the fussion reactor and billboard cuz they look cool.
Sorry for the flakeyness but I’ve been holding on and holding on, in the hope that I’ll be able to attend, but unfortunately it’s not going to happen for me. :(
Got my house move planned in two weeks and a lot to do once I’m in, so I’m opting for the easy life and keeping mrs noodle happy(basically, doing as I’m told)
Im gutted, as I was really looking forward to the meet and catching up with my yak brothers. I just hope it’s not my only chance to have witnessed the orange tide in person.
Good luck guys, if it’s anything like the last meets your sure to have a riot.
Catch you all next time! :)