TribeMeet South 2018 (Yakday)

Sorry for the flying visit, OP updated.

Still no word on which country I will be in on Saturday Night, but I’ve spent most of today packing various bits of equipment for the job so it doesn’t look promising :cry:. As soon as I know I’ll let you guys know.

All hail @radulykan for resurrecting this event! :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
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There was twang, a scream and then much laughter. The King sighed, absent mindedly punching the chained captain at his side in the stomach. It was time to roll out, but herding his troll army was proving difficult. Yet another Zombie Troll had just “accidentally” been fired from the Trolbuchet into the Hive outer wall much to the stage four Trolls amusement.

The King had had enough, they would just have to roll with those who had already answered his call. It was time to take the Agent Orange to another hive and infect moar!!

The King gestured at the Big Troll stood at at the Hive gates, with one mighty blow of his axe he broke the lock and pushed open the double height bulkhead doors. The Troll drummer commenced his beat, blood goblets splattering from his Captain skin drums. The Trolls looked up from various deranged acts, and then the King reached out with his right hand and pointed at the open gate. The vastness of the Ash Wastes making even this mighty Troll hoard look insignificant. One of the Necromunda suns shone on the horizon, it’s rays turned orange by dust.

The Kings wagon rolled through the gate, flanked by two chariots, all pulled by hardy Ash Waste Yaks fed on a special diet of Agent Orange. Some Trolls rode the Yaks alone, those Trolls not lucky enough or too stupid to ride ran in between the others.

There was a bang, and then the sound of an engine starting reluctantly. The Troll Hot Air Ballon dropped from the outer hive wall parapet, it’s base grinding on the floor as it’s fall was just stopped before it became a crash. Black acrid smoke followed its erratic path.

The gates swung shut behind this tide of glorious ORANGE!

The Trolls are on the road. Muhahahaha!

The Trolls are on the road!

S**t just got real!

Jealous? :)
Happy Yakday gentlemen. May all your successes be gloriously cinematic, and all your failures be hilarious. I look forward to seeing pictures and reading accounts of the events of the weekend.
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Well myself and @NewbieOne didnt get back till late Saturday night so I’ve only just unpacked everything - happy to say it all seems to be intact with just a few minor repairs required.

For those who attended Yakmeet South especially @radulykan, @Ironslag69, @headcase14 and @spafe thanks for a very enjoyable day!

And @headcase14 I do hope you get over your fear of tiny orange was only three massacres Muhahaha

Is it too soon to start discussing the next one? I’ll happily organise it and I’ve a few ideas.

A Troll Crawler is really tempting.
It certainly isn’t too soon to talk about tribemeet in late February, I vote for Nottingham like last time as it was fairly cheap at the best western, it’s a fair bit more north than Northampton despite the name so hopefully people from t’north can make it down.
I felt splitting into two meant neither had enough attendees to make a room fee viable?
Recombining the two would sort that out.

Some ideas for a theme that were sounded out during yakday were

Mixed tables, have hive tables at one end of the room with maybe lesser shanty tables in the middle and ashwastes at the other end, each house bands together into teams and the objective is to move contraband from outside the hive all the way in.
This would allow people who built crawlers/trucks/buggies/bikes/yak chariots/trollbuchets/metal hot air balloons/yak knights etc to still use all their stuff and people who haven’t or don’t want to build vehicles to still be involved.

Food shortage in the hive, there is a scramble to get up hive where there is more food. May involve a lot of arbites with some armoured support

Yakatomi plaza, this campaign may or may not involve a super villain by the name of Grubby Hands (Hans Gruber?)

PS @ClockworkOrange i forgot to give you one of the yakatomi plaza floors :(
Nope, that was @Ironslag69 and @headcase14 I am Kettering way, pm me your address and I will post it?

For anybody interested I have acquired some large cuboid metal frames, I had the idea that any yakker that volunteers can model one of the many floors that will be placed in the frame creating a community terrain project known as yakatomi plaza. I can store it and bring it to each yakday for use as a vertical table. Any volunteers can pm me.