TribeMeet South 2018 (Yakday)

@ClockworkOrange my fear of the trolls is real and will endure!

There were some great moments over the weekend, even when I was getting mauled.
I had an awesome time, thanks to @radulykan for sorting this all out last minute.

I think the idea of a mixed board type, ie hives and wastes around the room would be more inclusive. Also simpler vehicle rules are a must I think. Those old ones we were using were really clunky.

Myself and @Ironslag69 were thinking up some new ideas on the way home.

Happy to help out for the next one!
It is too early. We who couldn't make it want to hear more about the battles that already happened. ;)

I hope everyone had a good time.

But I think we should have themed boards. Representing fixed places with a description and some special rules that players can agree on before each battle begins. Then have a vote for the board that was most interesting to fight on, best looking and best supported the tribemeet theme. Winner gets a prize.
Thanks for an awesome weekend gents. What could be better than beer, fried chicken and Necromunda? Here's how I remember day 1 going down for me:

+++ The recollections of 'Queen Furiosa' - found on the back of a 'Second Best' label and recorded by Field Archivist Quintus Mallus of the Ordo Xenos +++


After the Thundercube incident I got out of the hive – smuggled in an Orlock shipment of corpse starch. I took a new name and changed my hair – thinking I could lie low out in the wastes, but I can't shake the feeling that someone's following me. I still wake up in a cold sweat sometimes, thinking of those clammy dead hands clawing at my flesh. For now, I've taken a job running security in Petroltown for Swine Joe – some local celebrity drag racer.


Couldn't stand Swine Joe any more so I stole his War Pig. A few of his 'wives' came along and the rest of the security detail, including Maxine who stole his racer 'The Speed Hog' and ran him over. She's my kind of crazy. I think I'll make her my lieutenant. The Iron Slags are back! We're heading out into the wastes where I've heard about a river you can actually drink from. Think I'll call myself Queen Furiosa now.


Low on fuel. Found a fuel dump out in the wastes, but some Goliaths found it at the same time. Most of the gang were out scouting in the Speed Hog. Me, Maxine and Big Rebecca could only watch from the War Pig as they rolled towards us in what looked like a mobile warehouse. Maxine wasted the driver with a plasma bolt but her sun gun overheated and Big Rebecca's stubber rounds just bounced off the thing. When the War Rig caught fire, we were forced to run for it. I took a blow to the head and Big Rebecca got cut down as she ran.

Capable and the other girls turned up a few hours later with some fuel and we recovered the War Pig. I guess the Goliaths didn't have the fuel to steal it. We left Big Rebecca for the rats. Can't hear anything out of one ear.


There's something wrong with the War Pig. We charged headlong into a Delaque outpost because I couldn't steer or stop the thing. The Iron Slags did well for themselves in the fire-fight that followed. We must have taken them by surprise 'cos they ran off. Capable somehow managed to run herself over with the Speed Hog, but she was fine. Helped ourselves to their stash. Things looking up.


Found a safety pin jammed in the controls of the War Pig. Seems to be steering ok now. We raided a gang of Eschers, looking for fuel. They looked more like farmers than fighters. Must have been local. Capable and Toast were in the Speed Hog. When we tried to make our getaway, one of the farmers blew its wheel off with a shotgun. The Speed Hog flipped end over end and landed on the farmer turning her into paste. It kept on rolling down a slope. We found Capable and Toast out cold inside.

A missile hit the War Rig's controls. Can't steer again. Toast complaining that her chest hurts.

* * *


More to follow when I get a chance.
Game 1 - Orange Tide vs Mining Unit 7 Alpha Tango - @headcase14

Loot and Pillage

The Trolls had a lower gang rating so got to pick the mission, it was time to take back what was rightfully ours! Anybody else’s loot being rightfully owned by the Trolls obviously.

The Trolls deployed in one corner and then advanced on the Mining Units tower in the centre of the board. Only two of the Yak Riders, the Rocket Troll Chariot and Trolbuchet were selected for this daring mission.

The Troll Chariot skirted round the tower and then the Troll gunner Honey Badger took out the Mining Unit Truck with one lucky shot from his bent rocket launcher. The resulting fireball was blasted right past the tower nearly taking out one of the gang.

Once his chariot had zipped past Honey Badger encountered the Mining Unit Crawler that was “rushing” to the aid of the Miners held up in the tower. Some would say that the next shot was very “lucky” as it found the exhaust inlet valve whilst a ghostly orange form whispered “Feel the Orange, Honey Badger, Feel the Orange”. But hit it did, and the Crawler exploded taking out all on board.

Meanwhile the Trolbuchet peppered the Mining Units position with Orange Zombies causing mass panic. Berserk Troll astride his mighty Yak then charged the tower throwing in a Tox bomb for good measure, the Mining Unit promptly fled out into the wastes in terror. Unfortunately in their panic they forgot the downed form of Buzz who was destined for the Troll Hot pot.

Result - Massacre and the Trolls took all 5 loot counters, earned 116 credits and captured Buzz the miner. Berserk Chip purchased for Berserk Troll.

Game 2 - Orange Tide vs Mining Unit - @headcase14

Rescue Mission

Technically a success for the Mining Unit - Buzz was rescued from the Troll Hotpot however in the panic and general confusion of the escape the alarm was sounded - both the Mining Units Terry the Harpoon gunner and Ralf were then overrun by the Orange Yak Riders led by Berserk Troll and killed (injury chart dead) The remaining escaping escapee wimps voluntarily bottled rather share the same fate!

It is thought that the Yaks fed well on this worthy sacrifice of two dead miners. The Trolls hope Buzz appreciates their sacrifice but they prefer live prey. It should also be noted that the Trolls did originally offer to sell Buzz for the cost of a good feed @headcase14 Muhahaha

Result - Massacre, I suppose this was loss because Buzz escaped. However they only managed it by bottling, three miners went down in HtoH to to the Troll Riders in one turn and the other two wouldn't have been able to escape the 16” charge of death. The stash also took a hit due to feeding the Orange masses.

Game 3 - Orange Tide vs The Muscle Men - @spafe

Loot and Pillage

Yet again the Trolls would be the underdogs, it was therefore bravely decided that since the first Loot and Pillage had gone so well why not do it again! The gods of fate were also still on the Trolls side as it seemed the whole gang was interested in the fight, in fact double 6 interested!! in beating @spafe again!

The Trolls deployed all across the deployment line with the Kings Cart nearest the tower and settlement. The Rocket Chariot and Trobulchet chose the far left again, where they had deployed for the first game against the miners.

Spafe deployed four of his gang in the tower leaving the Crawler and the rest in reserve. The three loot counters were placed as close to the tower as possible.

The Trolls went first so the Kings Chariot made for the tower at Combat Speed flanked by the five Yak Riders who rushed for the loot.

Berzerk Troll started the party by blasting one of Spafe’s Goliaths out of the 1st floor window of the Tower with a well aimed Tox Bomb. Rather unfortunately he then fell into the path of another Troll Rider and was impaled on one of the Yaks mighty steal plated horns and taken out of action.

Following a brief skirmish with a Pit Slave one Troll Rider went down and out, before another did for the evil murdering Pit Slave.

Meanwhile the Kings Cart and Hot Air Ballon did some high speed drive bys, both crews taking a few pot shots at the Goliaths cowering in the tower with little effect. The crew of the Hot Air Ballon then hit the Goliath Crawler with a Tox bomb, sadly also with little effect. The Warlords and watching Hivers debated whether a Tox bomb should stick to a vehicle, it was agreed that it does.

The Goliath reinforcements started to appear on the table, three even making a “daring” attack on the Trolbuchet. Nothing much could be gained from hanging around so the Trolls made a tactical withdrawal to the table edge with the loot and took the win.

Result - 3 x Loot counters worth about 50 credits. Unfortunately one of the Troll Riders received multiple injuries from either Spafes Pit Slave or Hunting Rifle. Due to the nature of his injuries the poor Troll had to be retired, only missing the pot himself because of the unlucky Goliaths sacrifice. A new Troll was therefore recruited and given his Yak, Massive Spear and Stub gun. The Goliaths Autogun went to the Hot Air Balloon Pilot.
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Game 4 - The Big Fight including gangs from @radulykan @headcase14 @Ironslag69 @NewbieOne you may have read some of this before but I’m just adding here for record purposes.


Shots of the opening moves

The Trolbuchet Shot of the day - I hope those farmers have good windscreen wipers!

Early carnage on the east side. A lucky shot from @radulykan detonates the @NewbieOne crawler whilst the @Ironslag69 look on from the safety of their own.

View attachment 66420
View attachment 66423

Further carnage on the west side @ironslags69 ancient buggy attempted to occupy the bridge, only to forget that you can’t stop straight away....the resulting colllison also destroyed @headcase14 truck. Undeterred @headcase14 tried to fortify his position, there was something Orange on the horizon.

View attachment 66421

The brave heroic charge of the Orange Brigade commences! To glory for the Orange drums!

View attachment 66422

@headcase14 was no match for the Trolls, and Mining Unit Something Something were overrun by the tide for the third time in a day muhahahaha

The horde had reached the bridge.

Fear the Tide!

View attachment 66424

Berserk Troll delivers his payload! A glorious Orange Tox bomb! Whilst vehicles burn.

View attachment 66425

Then things happened with the @Ironslag69 ladies, obviously exhausted from there long long ride, glorious exploits, the hands of the dice gods and fighting many many enemies the tide was stopped! Strangely no photos were taken....

I believe other things happened after that and @radulykan won, but this Troll lost interest.